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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CYCLES

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Fire, 86:for one of the Logoi; the Earth now is, and the cycles change continuously. The center of escapeFire, 86:loosed at the time appointed; but the times and cycles, their commencement and termination are hidFire, 103:takes place likewise in the system at the stated cycles. [104] 45 In the Secret Doctrine, Vol. I,Fire, 107:(or the planetary entity) likewise has his cycles, and in the absorption of [108] planetary prana,Fire, 111:solar Logos likewise does the same during stated cycles, which are not the cycles succeeding thoseFire, 111:the same during stated cycles, which are not the cycles succeeding those which we term solarFire, 111:those which we term solar pralaya, but lesser cycles succeeding the "days of Brahma" or periods ofFire, 111:of the solar ring-pass-not in Their stated cycles. This is a profound mystery and its complexity isFire, 128:physical sense attached to rhythm, vibration, cycles and heartbeat, lie their subjective analogiesFire, 129:(as the true note and rate is sought) cycles of chaos, of experiment, of experience and ofFire, 131:(the synthesis or the aggregate of the tiny cycles of the cells of His body) pursues the sameFire, 145:revolution of the wheel of existence in ordered cycles for a specific purpose, and the progressionFire, 154:matter till, at the close of the greater solar cycles, destruction (as it is called) will ensue,Fire, 164:and the sixth and seventh root-races in those cycles are always synthetic; their function is toFire, 173:slow and gradual thing, and proceeds in ordered cycles varying according to the ray of a man'sFire, 214:The World Teacher - takes office cyclically. His cycles do not coincide with those of the Manu asFire, 214:religious impulses. The duration of his cycles are not given out. The Buddha held office prior toFire, 231:is Evolution and how does it proceed? 1. Life Cycles I do not propose to deal here with theFire, 256:forth: First. Rotary motion. His life as it cycles through a day of Brahma, can be seen spiralingFire, 273:of time of differing length - greater or lesser cycles - but (according to their length) of uniformFire, 273:certain length, and so is a mahamanvantara. The cycles wherein an atom of any plane revolves uponFire, 274:in earlier solar systems. We have, therefore, cycles in order, and repetition in an ever-ascendingFire, 275:law. This leads [275] to two general types of cycles, and is involved in the very nature of theFire, 275:may be attributed all that occurs in the world cycles. Thus we have the production of harmony;Fire, 276:Spirit throughout the greater cycle. In lesser cycles, Spirit temporarily attracts matter. TheFire, 276:and form is seen, and the result is the ordered cycles of the planets, of a human being, and of anFire, 277:third idea involved is that of the Two Types of Cycles 1. Rotation on the axis: This is to be seenFire, 277:a round in which the life of the Heavenly Man cycles through all the seven globes. In connectionFire, 279:or the consciousness of a Heavenly Man as He cycles successively through the scheme. CausalFire, 279:of the units involved during their small cycles. Atomic consciousness, demonstrating throughFire, 284:of a Logos or an ant, or a crystal. There are cycles of activity in matter, due to some energizingFire, 284:and then Time and space are known. There are cycles of non-being when Time and Space are not, andFire, 284:which includes both the greater and the lesser cycles. It has to do with the response of theFire, 284:but must be included in our enumeration of cycles if exactitude is to be achieved. [285] Fire, 286:Experiment in due course of time and after many cycles of incarnation is transmuted intoFire, 291:on the fourth and fifth. The work, as in all cycles, overlaps and it might be explained thus: He isFire, 297:an embryonic condition, and two and a half more cycles must transpire before He has accomplishedFire, 300:out perhaps a little more clearly the place of cycles in the evolution of all these Entities from aFire, 300:Doctrine that there are greater and lesser cycles in the evolution of a solar system, so it can beFire, 300:us, therefore, to another statement: i. The cycles in the evolutionary process of all theseFire, 301:[301] In connection with a solar Logos the cycles might be called: One hundred years of Brahma. AFire, 301:with a Heavenly Man we have the corresponding cycles to those of the Logos: The period of aFire, 301:are the differentiations of the three great cycles of incarnation of a planetary Logos, areFire, 301:of a planetary Logos, are numerous lesser cycles or incarnations but they all fall within one orFire, 301:other of the three main divisions. Such lesser cycles might be easily comprehended if it wereFire, 302:Questions In connection with Man the cycles are equally threefold: The Monadic cycle, whichFire, 302:The Personality cycle. In these thoughts on cycles we have opened up a vast range of thought,Fire, 302:if we link the idea of egoic and personality cycles to the vaster periods in connection with aFire, 303:carefully considered and contemplated. [303] The cycles in a man's personality manifestationFire, 303:of the average man, the astral incarnations or cycles count for little, but they are by no means toFire, 303:the physical. In due course of time the astral cycles will be better comprehended and theirFire, 303:rightful place. It is so again with the mental cycles and so with the causal. The causal cycles orFire, 303:mental cycles and so with the causal. The causal cycles or the egoic cycles, which include all theFire, 303:with the causal. The causal cycles or the egoic cycles, which include all the groups of lesserFire, 304:which include all the groups of lesser [304] cycles in the three worlds correspond to a completeFire, 304:worlds correspond to a complete round in the cycles of a Heavenly Man. There are seven such cycles,Fire, 304:cycles of a Heavenly Man. There are seven such cycles, but the number of lesser cycles (includedFire, 304:are seven such cycles, but the number of lesser cycles (included within the seven) is one of theFire, 304:is one of the secrets of Initiation. The egoic cycles proceed in groups of sevens and of threes,Fire, 304:groups of fours and sevens as do the personality cycles, and the same ratio must be predicated ofFire, 304:the same ratio must be predicated of the central cycles of a Heavenly Man and of a solar Logos. TheFire, 304:a Heavenly Man and of a solar Logos. The monadic cycles proceed in groups of ones and of threes asFire, 304:in groups of ones and of threes as do the basic cycles of those great Entities of which man is theFire, 306:must pass, but holds the key to the three major cycles previously mentioned. Primarily this numberFire, 318:accomplished by the cosmic Entity, involving cycles which have passed into the dim mist ofFire, 328:prime importance in connection with the greater cycles, and marks the end of a cycle and theFire, 334:only through manas and not through wisdom. His cycles are consequently soon run, and gone like aFire, 334:manas and works through wisdom, has longer cycles, and from the angle of vision of man endures forFire, 334:basis of the comparative permanence of the egoic cycles of man. The cycle of objectivity of a solarFire, 355:consideration which are connected with the life cycles of the Heavenly Man of our scheme, andFire, 359:of evolutionary development; The secret of the cycles, or the periods of stimulation orFire, 360:certain Entities or Beings, Who occupy them for cycles of definite duration in order to attain aFire, 364:to physical incarnation, between different egoic cycles (a totally different thing to periodsFire, 365:First, through passing the interim between egoic cycles of physical incarnation on the particularFire, 371:again - with reverence may it be said - the nine cycles which cover the gestation of a HeavenlyFire, 372:scheme, and must carefully differentiate other cycles for the other Logoi - a thing as yetFire, 372:Man, in the full beauty of His completed seven cycles, and prior to His merging into HisFire, 372:(on a larger scale) with the particular cycles through which our [374] planetary Logos passes, andFire, 374:through the seven schemes, during stupendous cycles, of logoic kundalini. Next, the vitalization ofFire, 376:initiate, for it involves ability to study the cycles of the earlier solar system, but it might beFire, 380:embodied in the investigation of all these vast cycles. The cosmic angle. This involves the studyFire, 381:and Their rational interdependence, and with the cycles wherein each in turn, or in dual formation,Fire, 382:connection with a human being and his forty-nine cycles. A chain, 37 in its totality corresponds toFire, 383:to the causal body with its seven great [383] cycles mentioned elsewhere in these pages, and hintedFire, 404:only during manifestation and only through the cycles of objectivity, is such an entity as manFire, 408:the vastness of the subject and the enormous cycles of time involved tend to obscurity and lack ofFire, 408:apparent confusion caused by the overlapping of cycles, both great and lesser, and againstFire, 418:these a little and note wherein in days and cycles to come they will be seen working out. a.Fire, 424:them has swung into power during earlier world cycles. One of them, being the influence of our ownFire, 427:body; then the phenomena of the Rays, working in cycles, will be comprehended, and vastFire, 427:man to bring about specific ends during specific cycles. 49 The Trinity. "Mahavishnu presides overFire, 436:may be of value in the contemplation of Ray cycles in general. [437] These Ray influences workFire, 437:The radiation or vibration passes in ordered cycles from its originating source, the One Ray, orFire, 440:be apparent how the knowledge of these cycles, and of the force manifestation or obscuration of aFire, 440:laid in all occult books on the study of cycles, and on the differentiation of the one hundredFire, 449:the matter that evolves through the seven cycles of solar systems. Their relation to the Words ofFire, 506:at-one-ment, [506] and (after due evolutionary cycles) the place of balance, or of equilibrium. ItFire, 524:tend to hinder the evolutionary process. As the cycles pass away, the balancing of these fieryFire, 606:the cyclic calculations which concern the egoic cycles, and the cycles of Vishnu, as distinguishedFire, 606:which concern the egoic cycles, and the cycles of Vishnu, as distinguished from the cycles dealing
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