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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CYCLES

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Fire, 1194:makes its appearance under a peculiar series of cycles concerned with a group of Monads who wereFire, 1208:lives which compose a Hierarchy pass in ordered cycles into the next above, though the word "above"Fire, 1274:and - rushing into forms prepared - pursue their cycles. * * * The twelve-pointed play Their partFire, 1276:by those whose ears have been deaf for seven cycles and whose lips have been sealed for nigh uponHealing, 61:the secret of right understanding of times and cycles, and of periodic reproductive creation, willHealing, 89:exists at this time no such thing, except in the cycles through which the female passes, and littleHealing, 89:The male, however, is not governed by any such cycles, and has broken in also on the rhythm toHealing, 89:of these mental laws, particularly of the Law of Cycles, which determines the tides, controls worldHealing, 90:physical plane), and can determine the proper cycles for the various manifestations of the lifeHealing, 90:and the establishing, as habits, the correct cycles of physical functioning, will bring about a newHealing, 181:these, in their turn, are succeeded by other cycles of movement, of change and of a renewed releaseHealing, 233:and an automatic response to the great Law of Cycles which continually institutes the new and endsHealing, 244:this soul can be withdrawn according to cycles, undetermined yet by science but fixed and certainHealing, 247:and death supervenes. The length of the cycles and their determining cause are a deep mystery andHealing, 248:[248] aggregates of living processes. These cycles are known as yet only to the Masters and toHealing, 278:of the future) is that I think in terms of cycles and you think in terms of a few brief years. WhatHealing, 279:significance of time and [279] the meaning of cycles. It will be simplified when true astrologicalHealing, 334:temporarily enforced. But there are other life cycles and incarnations wherein the disciple'sHealing, 339:the future will concern itself with the law of cycles, lunar and solar. It will then beHealing, 341:definitely mental, can profit by these full moon cycles; those who are definitely unbalanced,Healing, 341:and psychically upset by these same cycles. The veil of illusion is lit up at that time with aHealing, 342:the solar Lord, the sun god, the Soul, then the cycles of the moon will steadily lose their balefulHealing, 391:healing, but upon [391] timing and upon the cycles of work or of physical plane living, and theHealing, 391:of work or of physical plane living, and the cycles of restitution or physical plane death. ThisHealing, 417:physical sense attached to rhythm, vibration, cycles and heartbeat, lie their subjective analogiesHealing, 418:(as the true note and rate are sought) cycles of chaos, of experiment, of experience and ofHealing, 420:(the synthesis or the aggregate of the tiny cycles of the cells of His body) pursues the sameHealing, 500:the incarnating soul and for the majority of the cycles of life experience, the soul is veryHealing, 506:over a long period of time. For many cycles of incarnations, a man is not a personality. He is justHealing, 514:familiar process of death, intervening between cycles of experience, goes on. However, all theHealing, 642:The Monad then, and not the soul, controls the cycles of outward expression, and the initiate thenHealing, 710:line would be useless until the fourth ray again cycles into manifestation. Hercules, 226:sensitive and difficult to find. In his previous cycles of life experience, he has transmutedInitiation, 23:back the knowledge which was theirs in earlier cycles (having been mercifully withdrawn inInitiation, 39:which man is now striving to perfect. In earlier cycles in this system they began to demonstrateInitiation, 42:to sudden eventuation, but all moves in ordered cycles and under rule and law, though within karmicInitiation, 97:of those greater devas who have in earlier cycles passed through the human kingdom and are nowInitiation, 115:divine ancestor, the "Watcher" who, through long cycles of incarnation, has poured himself out inInitiation, 124:His egoic ray as it pours down through many cycles of time. His Planetary Logos as he functions inInitiation, 125:the plan - involving maybe several of his tiny cycles called lives - which the Planetary LogosInitiation, 156:different matter. It involves a realization of cycles; of times and of seasons; it supposes aInitiation, 174:The mathematical formula which sums up all the cycles of manifestation. The triple nature of fire,Initiation, 198:the key to manifestation, the clue to the great cycles, and the revelation of the purposeInitiation, 219:of consciousness. Kali yuga "Yuga" is an age or cycles. According to the Indian philosophy ourInitiation, 219:our evolution is divided into the four yugas or cycles. The Kali-yuga is the present age. It meansInitiation, 220:term is frequently applied to the greater solar cycles. It implies a period of universal activity.Magic, 16:it has succeeded in accumulating during the cycles wherein it has [17] been wrestling with itsMagic, 57:things, advanced human beings, for it takes many cycles of lives to train a magician. The soulMagic, 61:to the ego or the solar angel until many cycles of incarnation have transpired. The solar pitriMagic, 62:by the student of humanity to the great racial cycles and much of interest will be discovered.Magic, 88:and with this the man, working through his cycles on the physical plane, has had no concern. TheMagic, 240:for all these factors function under their own cycles and have their own ebb and flow. The thirdMagic, 242:the waters." In the understanding of the law of cycles, we gain knowledge of the underlying laws ofMagic, 243:the terms, the psychologists have sensed these cycles and call certain types, extraverts, andMagic, 243:the tiny life correspondences to the great soul cycles. This passing into, and passing out of, theMagic, 243:the web of incarnated existence are the major cycles of any individual soul, and a study of theMagic, 244:at the midway point and wants to control his own cycles, the "ebb and flow" as he himself mayMagic, 244:life of the aspirant begins to repeat earlier cycles. He is assailed by a sudden stimulation of theMagic, 248:work of the soul. The fundamental secret of the cycles lies in this withdrawal and the subsequentMagic, 279:Building Students would do well to study these cycles of creative building, of performance and ofMagic, 279:beauty lies in the right functioning of these cycles. The secret of all success on the physicalMagic, 341:and after night comes the day. In the great cycles affecting cosmic groups this also can be seen;Magic, 341:groups this also can be seen; in the lesser cycles, controlling the races, the same eventuates andMagic, 402:think in large terms and work in the wider cycles of evolutionary endeavor. The tiny and temporaryMagic, 402:of evolutionary endeavor. The tiny and temporary cycles, the small ebb and flow of the cosmicMagic, 404:have a time limit. This is based upon the Law of Cycles. It concerns the operation of certainMagic, 440:This took place twenty-one million years ago. Cycles passed and when at a later date the sun was inMagic, 465:mind. Instinct must give place to intellect. For cycles of lives, groups of souls incarnate throughMagic, 507:on White Magic - Rule Twelve - Interludes and Cycles RULE TWELVE The web pulsates. It contracts andMagic, 507:tuned to that which must be made. Interludes and Cycles We now come to the four rules which concernMagic, 512:energy of all forms. It flows, pulsating in its cycles, throughout all nature. This constitutes theMagic, 513:means of which our planetary Life utilizes the cycles of silence concerns Him alone, and it must beMagic, 513:on White Magic - Rule Twelve - Interludes and Cycles What does concern the student of theseMagic, 514:or eleven years. Still others work under shorter cycles and have months of strenuous endeavorMagic, 515:and service. They work consciously with cycles and understand somewhat their nature. They know theMagic, 515:on White Magic - Rule Twelve - Interludes and Cycles 3. The third type of interlude, and the oneMagic, 517:on White Magic - Rule Twelve - Interludes and Cycles Students of occultism who have demonstratedMagic, 519:on White Magic - Rule Twelve - Interludes and Cycles One other point might be of interest before IMagic, 533:of an active principle which we call the Law of Cycles. This is the principle of periodicMagic, 534:To these principles of Limitation and of Cycles is added another principle, that of Expansion. ThisMeditation, 40:according to the need of the period. All cycles are not as fundamentally important. The periods inMeditation, 100:by little as the aeons slip away and the lesser cycles run their course, fire will permeate theMeditation, 134:forces them back along the path of return in cycles far ahead. Anyone who over-exalts the concreteMeditation, 212:with each other, absorbing each other in stated cycles, and grouping themselves in groups of threesMeditation, 222:to the rounds and to the races, and to the cycles of his own individual life. When he can do thisMeditation, 222:his life systematically and in ordered occult cycles under those seven great influences, and soMeditation, 233:they contact matter) move in their own ordered cycles. These cycles we describe as the coming in orMeditation, 233:matter) move in their own ordered cycles. These cycles we describe as the coming in or the goingMeditation, 353:our evolution is divided into four yugas or cycles. The Kali-yuga is the present age. It means theMeditation, 355:This term is applied to the greater solar cycles. It implies a period of universal activity. ManasPatanjali, 52:that this process has gone on in the wheels and cycles preceding our planet Earth. The primevalPatanjali, 132:comes into form at the beginning of the ages and cycles of rebirth in a state of total unawareness.Patanjali, 132:as the material form, and this he does for many cycles. He has no sense of values or of proportionPatanjali, 265:carries in itself the evidence of the previous cycles and this can be seen in: Its rate ofPatanjali, 362:said that a complete understanding of the Law of Cycles would bring man to a high degree ofProblems, 90:nature; nations and races pass through the same cycles of childhood, growth, manhood, maturity,Problems, 90:as does every human being. But behind these cycles, the triumphant spirit of man moves on fromPsychology1, xxv:A. It will throw much light upon the times and cycles in the unfolding panorama of history. In thePsychology1, 26:since 1675 A.D. These are of course all lesser cycles within the influence of the sign Pisces. YouPsychology1, 52:ideals. It is on this ray primarily - as it cycles in and out of manifestation - that the work of
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