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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CYCLIC

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Healing, 126:that he may do and feel. He realizes that the cyclic condition is related to the pairs of oppositesHealing, 244:the loss of verdure in the grass, and those cyclic manifestations which indicate not alone death,Healing, 244:vitality within a form. "Times of perishing" are cyclic manifestations of the "destroyer aspect"Healing, 245:This radiatory activity of the planetary life, cyclic in nature and eternally present, is closelyHealing, 247:planet or as the releaser of that life, under cyclic law, to its general reservoir of livingHealing, 247:life. This weakening process is a part of a cyclic law, as the old adage "the days of a man areHealing, 247:and ten" hints. When the average of a general cyclic period is normally run, a point of weakeningHealing, 248:has arrived. Return to me. Thus, under cyclic law, do all forms act. The reference here is to theHealing, 252:disease are forever with us; others seem to be cyclic in their appearance; some diseases areHealing, 341:meditation so He in His high place, has His cyclic point of contact. This produces the pouring inHealing, 417:so inadequately expressed) are the source of all cyclic evolution, and hence the importanceHealing, 418:By the slowing down and gradual cessation of the cyclic rhythm, the adequate vibration is achievedHealing, 426:and thus in unison produce the eternal flux, the cyclic ebb and flow of life in manifestation.Healing, 428:and process as those activities, (rhythmic and cyclic in nature) which govern the average man'sHealing, 431:processes of war, is under the directive and cyclic intention of the planetary Logos, workingHealing, 433:preserves it intact, stabilizes its rhythm and cyclic life processes and relates its varied partsHealing, 434:eventually produces synthesis. The many cyclic integrations which are carried forward in the greatHealing, 436:consciousness and with understanding of [436] cyclic purpose. This will naturally end the fear atHealing, 436:why the occult sciences lay the emphasis upon cyclic law, and why there is a growing interest inHealing, 436:there is a growing interest in the Science of Cyclic Manifestation. Death appears frequently to beHealing, 535:has arrived. Return to me. Thus, under cyclic law, do all forms act. Rule Five The healer must seekHealing, 633:has arrived. Return to me." Thus, under cyclic law, do all forms act. Two aspects in the nature ofHealing, 633:spirit of substance are involved, plus their cyclic relation. These we shall attempt to consider.Healing, 636:are also conditioned by the point in time of the cyclic influence of the planetary spirit and byHealing, 686:that if he shoulders his phase or part in this cyclic dharma and works understandingly at its rightHealing, 686:share in lifting the world karma, working out in cyclic dharma. Instinctual service, the fulfilmentHercules, 31:Zodiac. At this sign the great wheel begins its cyclic turning. It is, therefore, the sign ofHercules, 207:life of the race are [207] recurrent and cyclic; they can be of an emotional or an intellectualInitiation, 179:of Initiations Therefore man must recognize the cyclic nature of initiation, and the place of theInitiation, 181:fact that within the planetary Scheme, during cyclic evolution, a minor ray may be temporarilyMagic, 10:and the development of consciousness through the cyclic taking of form. In this book, however, theMagic, 56:under the following words: Egoic Communication. Cyclic Meditation. Coordination, or At-one-ment.Magic, 57:student here. This meditation is rhythmic and cyclic in nature as is all else in the cosmos. TheMagic, 61:of physical incarnation. This meditation is cyclic in nature, the pitri involved sending out to hisMagic, 62:I said, "The soul's meditation is rhythmic and cyclic in its nature as is all else in the cosmos.Magic, 62:being", or are they being subjected to a cyclic inflow of forces? In this case the worker must seekMagic, 63:and of more vital [63] importance to us, these cyclic impulses in the life of the disciple are of aMagic, 63:grasps the fact he is watching the effect of the cyclic impulses and the effect of the soul'sMagic, 64:Let him aim to live as a soul. Then the cyclic impulses, emanating from the soul, are known to beMagic, 64:of his meditation work, whilst the idea of a cyclic response to soul impulse lies back of theMagic, 64:in mind. May there be a full and steady play of cyclic force from the kingdom of spirit upon eachMagic, 65:of light, love and service and [65] producing a cyclic response from each one! May there be aMagic, 109:The work proceeds in ordered stages and with cyclic activity. The light of the soul is thrownMagic, 242: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Eight - Cyclic Ebb and Flow Cyclic Ebb and Flow Let us considerMagic, 242:White Magic - Rule Eight - Cyclic Ebb and Flow Cyclic Ebb and Flow Let us consider now the wordsMagic, 243:I seek, however, to elaborate somewhat the cyclic experience of a soul in incarnation, indicatingMagic, 244:and for many lives and series of lives this cyclic force spends itself. Within the aspirant thereMagic, 244: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Eight - Cyclic Ebb and Flow The life of the aspirant begins toMagic, 245:alternation has been the rule, and that the cyclic ebb and flow will continue just as long as theMagic, 247: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Eight - Cyclic Ebb and Flow You ask for a clearer definition ofMagic, 249: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Eight - Cyclic Ebb and Flow It might here be asked what are theMagic, 251: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Eight - Cyclic Ebb and Flow It is in meditation that this work ofMagic, 323:that under the law, this training will be cyclic, and will have its ebb and flow, as all else inMagic, 458:the impact of the life force, they deal with the cyclic impulses to which the evolutionary processMagic, 461:pulsation of the one Life, and its rhythmic and cyclic activity - never ending and never resting -Magic, 465:and out of manifestation according to a rhythmic cyclic beat, initiated in still earlier solarMagic, 479:form which produces the use of form and causes cyclic and constant rebirth in form. It was theMagic, 512:of diastole and systole, of ebb and flow, of cyclic activity, of the day of opportunity and theMagic, 514:The inner life, slowly developed during the cyclic interludes, becomes the dominating factor. TheMagic, 515:and therefore there is little that can be called cyclic in their expression. They include theMagic, 535:the summit of achievement, to the fulfilment of cyclic destiny, to the emergence of the radiantMagic, 610:effect, using the word transient in its cyclic sense; but these effects must in due time cease, andMagic, 615:it is only in time and in space and through the cyclic misuse of the magical and psychic powersMeditation, 27:to the inherent ray of the Spirit or Monad, to cyclic changes, to diversity of forces playingMeditation, 83:it responds to the same law that governs all cyclic growth in the macrocosm: First comes thePatanjali, 77:plans of the hierarchy as they demonstrate in cyclic evolution. The science of the breath, or thePatanjali, 196:of sound, The purpose of evolution, The present cyclic stage, The nature of form, The manipulationPatanjali, 224:first entity" (Secret Doctrine I, 583.) and that cyclic manifestation is the law of life. [225]Patanjali, 225:physical plane is dependent upon the rhythmic or cyclic outgoing or indrawing energy of the greatPatanjali, 428:the West. This is owing to the fact that - under cyclic law - the fifth root race (in its fifthProblems, 90:to think, to read and to plan. All evolution is cyclic in nature; nations and races pass throughProblems, 149:Let us call it the truth concerning the great Cyclic Approaches of the divine to the human; ofProblems, 169:hearts or to benefit the people. Now, under cyclic law, political ideologies and national andPsychology1, xxv:demonstrate an activity which is progressive and cyclic and evidences increasing momentum. They arePsychology1, 4:purpose and effects. The seven rays, being cyclic in appearance, have continuously passed in andPsychology1, 17:"matter is spirit at the lowest point of its cyclic activity" and "spirit is matter on the seventhPsychology1, 64:death to form, but ushers in great periods of cyclic pralaya; the first ray is the controller ofPsychology1, 101:in the realm of natural science has been the cyclic change in the fauna and flora of our planet.Psychology1, 122:process of passing out. Simultaneously with the cyclic birth and emergence of a new ray is the slowPsychology1, 133:in its directing and forceful work, we have the cyclic destruction of forms, so that thePsychology1, 142:nature is colored by the ray Life which - in its cyclic appearance on the physical plane at anyPsychology1, 142:change from life to life, according to its cyclic need and the environing group condition. ThisPsychology1, 190:is out of manifestation as regards its minor and cyclic influence. I fully realize that thisPsychology1, 227:"matter is spirit at the lowest point of its cyclic activity" and spirit is matter at its highest,Psychology1, 246:Plan. It must be remembered that these are the cyclic influences dominant at this time, and thatPsychology1, 265:Two - II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature d. Cyclic Manifestation So the work proceeds. ThePsychology1, 266:before a true understanding of this basic cyclic law will be possible. Cyclic appearance,Psychology1, 266:of this basic cyclic law will be possible. Cyclic appearance, therefore, governs the rays as wellPsychology1, 266:and so do all lives in form. Reincarnation or cyclic activity lies behind all phenomenal activityPsychology1, 284:as critical as today, for - apart from the great cyclic opportunity to which I have earlierPsychology1, 285:power and regenerating force, and apart from the cyclic return of the seventh ray energies, we havePsychology1, 348:and that which concerns the racial, national and cyclic rays, provide an interesting hypothesisPsychology1, 350:side light upon the vast importance of these cyclic happenings. Ray five is the latest of the raysPsychology1, 350:when we take up our fifth point: The Rays in Cyclic Manifestation. The interplay, therefore, andPsychology1, 350:the stage of revelation and so continue their cyclic work. Only one ray is today really out ofPsychology1, 352:points in mind as they study the rays and their cyclic influence on mankind. If they will rememberPsychology1, 355:the threshold of consciousness. In the great cyclic recapitulations which go on ceaselessly, we seePsychology1, 355:to dancing and to physical culture. It is the cyclic effect of the same ray forces, playing uponPsychology1, 357:Two - III. The Rays and Man 5. The Rays in Cyclic Manifestation We come now to a consideration ofPsychology1, 363:various aspects of the Plan, and of the varying cyclic activities of that Plan. Where these rituals
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