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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DAILY

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Discipleship2, 506:[506] concepts and in their working out in the daily life within the ring-pass-not of the threeDiscipleship2, 509:again three times, and then proceed about your daily work. My blessing continues to rest upon you. Discipleship2, 511:of initiation in the fire and heat of the daily life battle in the world of the present. They graspDiscipleship2, 535:view and of a planned and reasoned approach to daily living is in a measure a great releasing - aDiscipleship2, 541:show itself forth in the quality of your daily activities. Love more, my brother. You only deeplyDiscipleship2, 543:contact on the emotional nature and on the daily life on the physical plane. I give you theDiscipleship2, 547:pure light shines. Not distant is that light but daily, hourly drawing nearer. The light that is myDiscipleship2, 555:was perfected and the result in your daily life will be "as if" all concealed glamorous and allDiscipleship2, 557:living as if the soul were visible in your daily life, what will happen to the astral body?Discipleship2, 557:your physical brain and consequently your daily activities, in what way would it alter your mode ofDiscipleship2, 562:what specific end? You know that such a mode of daily life should not and must not last for severalDiscipleship2, 563:and of conscious withdrawal from the pressure of daily life out in the world of business and of menDiscipleship2, 570:times is oft to evade the issue and find in the daily task and [571] karmic responsibilities asDiscipleship2, 571:nature. I take not the time to search into your daily activities. There is a symbol which flashesDiscipleship2, 576:- owing to your training and the field of your daily work - you are equipped to provide thatDiscipleship2, 611:in the life and to become a recognized factor in daily living is sacrifice. Compensation comesDiscipleship2, 619:repulsing contact from the inner side of daily living (and consequently on the outer side also). ItDiscipleship2, 621:the cause of your "aloneness" by registering daily your effect upon people. That means that youDiscipleship2, 621:turning them into the ascertained facts of your daily experience and expression. More I cannot sayDiscipleship2, 628:and during periods wherein the pattern of a daily life is altered, there is a temporary loss ofDiscipleship2, 639:to them. Orient yourself to your chosen daily work and consider where opportunity there arisesDiscipleship2, 695:you to D.H.B. and J.S.P. Take them into your daily meditation upon the plane of the soul, andDiscipleship2, 700:light and music enter more definitely into your daily life. Spurn not this practical suggestion,Discipleship2, 704:off certain karmic relations has increased your daily contacts, and at the same time has left youDiscipleship2, 728:to bring that illumination into your personality daily life upon the physical plane. What measureDiscipleship2, 729:Your task is to demonstrate discipleship in the daily life, and not to duplicate the discipleshipDiscipleship2, 733:the flow of your spiritual life downward into daily life, and I seek not to see you raising yourDiscipleship2, 733:and preoccupation is the perfecting of your daily living in the place where you are and in theDiscipleship2, 739:of the home, the bringing of joy to those you daily meet, and the keeping of the mind upon thingsDiscipleship2, 739:that this concept form the background of your daily thinking. As [740] you keep that chain in mind,Discipleship2, 742:do not believe this, but that is because your daily life is full of the non-essentials -Discipleship2, 750:you conscientiously and laboriously stand and daily work. Such a state of affairs leads to a staticDiscipleship2, 752:on the eve of expression upon the plane of daily life. I refer not here to character expression orDiscipleship2, 754:adequate results. I would ask you to do it twice daily, when convenient. I set no regular time. ADiscipleship2, 755:because the detail and the minute aspects of the daily expression attract attention and the surfaceDiscipleship2, 759:from the angle of practical expression in your daily life. I am anxious for you to make the gradeDiscipleship2, 763:I would have you add to this monthly work a daily practice, founded upon the theme of a chosenDiscipleship2, 764:who speaks of "isolated unity." Solitude and the daily life. Solitude and the soul. Solitude as aEducation, 39:- uncorrelated facts - most of them unrelated to daily living. These facts could serve (if used asEducation, 85:wholes of life as well as with the details of daily individual living. The child, as an individual,Education, 140:a definite part of the recognized facts of daily life would, a few hundred years ago, have beenExternalisation, 19:normal busy lives, remembering in the press of daily duties and service who they are essentiallyExternalisation, 146:the use of the Great Invocation but also to the daily and constant use of the Sacred Word by occultExternalisation, 146:Word by occult students and aspirants in their daily meditation. They could change their lives,Externalisation, 167:is the sacrifice, day by day, in the process of daily living which can save the world of men - theExternalisation, 176:sides. The momentum of this struggle is gaining daily. Fresh areas of the world are being sweptExternalisation, 212:world will settle down again to the processes of daily living. The immediate opportunity andExternalisation, 219:an individual, work out your own problem in your daily life, you are helping to solve the worldExternalisation, 243:of theories, and of words into the hard arena of daily and public life. He must be willing to fightExternalisation, 295:becomes possible between the outer world of daily living and the inner world of spiritualExternalisation, 327:out of industrial plants and the mechanics of daily life, the sinking of the ships which distributeExternalisation, 327:will take form upon the physical levels of daily existence. There are many enlightened thinkersExternalisation, 336:upon for the clarification of your minds. The daily meditation, both personal and in relation toExternalisation, 336:not true that a point of fusion achieved in the daily meditation by an individual brings aboutExternalisation, 336:individual brings about right expression in the daily life and a right handling of life conditions?Externalisation, 339:of wishful thinking but should condition man's daily life and control all his planning for theExternalisation, 359:the realm of human thinking and in the arena of daily living, the present world order (which isExternalisation, 381:not getting the maximum of results out of their daily lives, and this for several reasons.Externalisation, 444:attainment which can and will condition your daily life and service during the ensuing year. LetExternalisation, 473:Themselves to the purificatory fires of daily living, working out their own salvation as men andExternalisation, 486:side of life, on [486] into the outer world of daily living, where thinking, loving men and womenExternalisation, 488:the course of the war. I would ask you to use it daily and as many times a day as you can rememberExternalisation, 497:values are taught, emphasized and applied to daily living. This "saving force" has now been madeExternalisation, 558:in all faiths and all beings, and rule your daily life with Love. A.A.B. Externalisation, 570:the individual national languages in daily use in any country. Externalisation, 579:or other, and that all we see, all with which we daily work (including our own material natures,Externalisation, 600:a new and better way of life. They want love in daily living, right human relations, and anExternalisation, 612:who must be found in the market [612] place of daily life; these are the people who must be trainedExternalisation, 613:oneself from those details as they deluge one's daily life with perplexities and anxieties, theExternalisation, 647:have enough teaching from me to guide you. Your daily actions will be those of goodwill, directedExternalisation, 672:(as oft I have told you), but It is approaching daily and yearly closer to humanity. The power ofExternalisation, 682:also an unique problem to the Christ. The daily physical life of the Masters, of the Christ, and ofExternalisation, 682:than I could possibly have reached had I walked daily in the midst of the noise and chaos of humanExternalisation, 684:the day or night; the ears of other millions are daily and hourly attuned to the voice of theExternalisation, 690:live among men in the ordinary intercourse of daily life, has necessitated much discussion andFire, 280:in relation to a human being, and can be seen in daily demonstration in his contacts with otherFire, 288:The school of Yoga - Union. The rule of daily life. Mysticism. The school of Ceremonial Ritual. -Fire, 857:force currents, what is needed to replace the daily wear and tear. It is the medium whereby manFire, 882:The school of Yoga - Union. The rule of daily life. Mysticism. The school of Ceremonial Religion -Fire, 970:regular meditation, cultivates the habit of a daily and hourly recollectedness of the higher Self,Fire, 1103:and the "individualized" [1103] Idea becomes daily more dominant. The "Ahamkara" principle, 17 asGlamour, 12:of the meaning you ascribe to the events of your daily life, and your ability to really meditate. IGlamour, 34:you so lightly use. Watch yourselves and your daily life with discrimination, so that you learn toGlamour, 70:and good and the unchangeable place of their daily life. Others have caught faint glimpses of aGlamour, 92:upon each other and upon those you contact in daily life. I will elaborate in detail the trainingGlamour, 97:today in the economic field and in the field of daily living and of government. World tension todayGlamour, 98:it is and who have wrestled with it in their daily lives? How can there be success in removingGlamour, 141:emotion and astral reactions to the facts of daily life, are not natural to the soul and constituteGlamour, 149:what factor or factors inspires the daily life. This is a statement worth careful consideration. IGlamour, 166:the realm of human thinking and in the arena of daily living, the present world order (which isGlamour, 179:intelligent reflection, carried on whilst the daily avocations and duties are being performed andGlamour, 179:the silent places and away from the pressures of daily living and constant contact with others. TheGlamour, 190:encompassing the three worlds of our familiar daily living) are seen to be but symbols of an inwardGlamour, 215:They are closely connected with aspects of his daily living, with his sex life or with hisGlamour, 215:of the ways in which this glamor affects the daily life and all relationships. The three stages ofGlamour, 243:no wandering down the bypaths of daily living, no seeing others through distorted and prejudicedGlamour, 254:is so weak that he is incapable of persistent, daily, unchanging compliance with the requirementsHealing, 18:come to a man in the line of duty, through his daily contacts, or through a widespread condition ofHealing, 224:on the case. It has happened and is happening daily and will materially bring about far-reachingHealing, 341:moon period each month; just as you have your daily meditation so He in His high place, has His
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