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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DAMAGE

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Discipleship1, 360:a sense of failure which - if persisted in - may damage the beautiful thing you are building. SuchDiscipleship1, 662:- the repercussions of which must hurt and damage. Face life steadily, like an adult who has learntDiscipleship2, 14:part to carry the brother through with the least damage to the group. In this group work you needEducation, 75:start and begin life basically handicapped. The damage done to children in the plastic and pliableExternalisation, 19:of the requisite tension, and they only damage themselves. Let them lead normal busy lives,Externalisation, 20:God. A harmlessness that speaks no word that can damage another person, that thinks no thoughtExternalisation, 578:methods of learning; this will lead to no damage to the acquisition of academic knowledge or theHealing, 694:the [694] Om has prevailed, that a great deal of damage might be looked for as a result. SuchHealing, 694:of damage might be looked for as a result. Such damage has not, however, occurred. The relativelyHealing, 705:force and - in the wrong hands - could work real damage. May I remind you here that the Black LodgeHercules, 27:ravaged up and down the land, wreaking great damage, killing all the sons of men who crossed theirHercules, 30:wild, devastating the countryside, doing much damage and subsisting on the flesh of human beings.Hercules, 167:hidden in the brush, in the undergrowth, doing damage, but they could not be located. As usual,Magic, 318:because possessing so little equipment wherewith damage can be done. It is the harmlessness thatMagic, 318:energies must go somewhere, and should they damage another person, is not the one who reversedMagic, 448:mind, these desire forms fail to do the damage they otherwise might. Their effect is felt largelyMeditation, 135:of these forces of involution they at times damage the furtherance of our work. [136] Oft too theProblems, 41:Time alone will indicate the extent of the damage done. Much can, however, be offset and evenPsychology1, 323:so that the purely selfish interests do no real damage to others, until we arrive at... The averagePsychology2, 456:sciences; they are willing to sacrifice or to damage anyone who seems to them inimical to theirPsychology2, 501:sometimes search for and find those he seeks to damage, and find occasion to hurt those he hates;Psychology2, 603:has, for this one life, done himself irreparable damage. The healing influence of death, and theRays, 110:themselves, whilst the ordinary man would damage himself. This exegesis of Rule IV is necessarily
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