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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DANGER

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Fire, 472:be imparted is perforce withheld owing to the danger arising from superficial knowledge,Fire, 473:contact. I have dwelt on this point, for the danger is real, and near at hand. The deva evolutionFire, 480:That it is not done as yet is due to the danger of imparting the necessary knowledge. The adeptsFire, 481:bravely dealt [481] with by H. P. B.58, 59 The danger still persists, and greatly handicaps theFire, 482:deeper into the arcana of knowledge. The danger consists in the very fact that the whole matter ofFire, 491:the purpose of the plan, and the magician is in danger, under the Law of Karma, and through theFire, 597:it is needful that we all recognize the extreme danger of dogmatizing about these matters, and theFire, 621:the bodily functions. This is the basis of the danger to man in tampering with these forces. He isFire, 652:of the lesser evolved men, through the stress of danger and experience, had this fourth spirillaFire, 891:subhuman forms of existence. There is a distinct danger in all tabulations, for they tend to theFire, 910:present happenings in the deva evolution, much danger may be averted. Hence the decision to extendFire, 932:of the statement is not possible, owing to the danger of the knowledge to be reached. With them isFire, 947:certain angles of vision, a source of very real danger to man. We might embody that which can beFire, 993:vibration is not sufficiently high, he is in danger of over-stimulation when brought in contactFire, 994:a steady negation of all lower desire. The third danger which menaces the unwary student of magicFire, 995:that can be said on this subject, owing to the danger involved, but it suffices for the conveyanceFire, 1004:and to pledged chelas, owing to the great danger involved. Occasionally, too, they are ascertainedFire, 1021:and here the worker in magic is in critical danger of failure should he not be cognizant of theFire, 1024:RULE XIV The sound swells out. The hour of danger to the soul courageous draweth near. The watersFire, 1024:creator and naught could drown nor drench him. Danger from fire and flame [1025] menaces now, andFire, 1025:into too close juxtaposition, the creator is in danger of burning and destruction. Secondly, theFire, 1025:For the magician, the moments of the greatest danger in the work of creating are at certainFire, 1025:junctures on the astral plane, where he is in danger of occult drowning, and at the transition fromFire, 1026:must blend. This is the moment of the greatest danger, as far as the thought form itself isFire, 1026:is creating must be protected. The nature of the danger is hinted at in the words: "Where fire andFire, 1026:in steam. The fire ceases to be." This danger is hid in the karmic enmity existing between the twoFire, 1066:did possess this knowledge but (realizing the danger of their conclusions) refused to put inGlamour, 31:and one-pointedness which is divorced from the danger of a negative receptivity and is responsive,Glamour, 142:be apparent to you that there are elements of danger in this work. Unless the members of the groupGlamour, 227:serve in this way but it also lays them open to danger, and for this a protective formula will beGlamour, 254:of a dubious success; hence, in these cases, no danger exists. Many occult groups exploit theHealing, 101:patient. There is consequently some real [101] danger in this work of occult healing, and for thisHealing, 101:of energy projected is too strong, there may be danger to the patient. The impact of the forceHealing, 125:him into the realm of glamor and consequent danger. He goes out in consciousness towards those heHealing, 162:over-activity which in other cases brings about danger; it is the failure of the physical mechanismHealing, 162:spiritual expression supervenes and freedom from danger and emancipation from difficulty andHealing, 182:of this center, on account of the extreme danger involved in any premature work on the basicHealing, 184:of the main concept which has produced so much danger. The initiate-student seeks to grasp theHealing, 217:change, the reverse is frequently the case. The danger involved in a large number of physical illsHealing, 222:and national standards are removed, when danger of death is constantly faced and the larger valueHealing, 223:will of the man is called into play to surmount danger; the will-to-live, with its adjunct, theHealing, 280:many cases, they constitute a definite and real danger to the public. It is largely their ownHealing, 362:of the mechanism of thought in man. There is no danger involved for the server if he becomes awareHealing, 502:form and the protector of substance; it warns of danger; it indicates certain definite stages inHealing, 561:character condition in which he was in constant danger of disease. They have not wrought a cure,Healing, 562:dwell. I have here indicated enough to show the danger of a sense of frustration and a morbid (evenHealing, 604:his training. For the present, and because the danger is not at this time so great (owing to lackHealing, 645:to the patient. In this fact lies both hope and danger. There are other principles, but inHealing, 645:and the perceptiveness of the healer. The danger in both radiatory healing and magnetic healingHealing, 702:of the difficulty and the chance of a cure. The danger of death or not. The psychological conditionHealing, 706:the average unthinking man is concerned, the danger of "black" interference is nil; the dark forcesHercules, 23:motto of that sign being "the power to dare," no danger affrighted him and no difficulty turned himHercules, 51:certain dangers will be avoided. There is a danger in the method of many aspirants in inhibiting orHercules, 56:on the deed. "The second test is passed. The danger is surmounted. Success at this point marks hisHercules, 103:labor in Cancer and one that was quite free from danger and peril, Eurystheus imposes upon HerculesHercules, 147:life itself. A mother, snatching her child from danger, forgets her own fears. The motorist,Hercules, 227:never be off his guard, for there is always the danger of error and of mistake. His very virtuesInitiation, 2:new, adaptability is needed. We must avert the danger of crystallization through pliability andInitiation, 5:Introductory Remarks We must recognize also that danger lies in dogma and in the hide-bound factsInitiation, 197:through the newly stimulated centers, and dire danger to the brain, the spine, or the heart wouldInitiation, 200:one, and one which holds in it the elements of danger for the man who undertakes too early to treadIntellect, 11:be found. Someone has said that the danger which we must avoid is that of a "disintegratingIntellect, 221:and its practice leads to much difficulty and danger. It is possible for instance, to becomeIntellect, 246:of their being hallucinated. All of us are in danger of being deluded in just this way, when weIntellect, 254:If these things are developed, there is no danger of any student of meditation being sidetracked,Magic, 115:the use of the lower mind involves the danger of criticism, the employment of methods sanctioned byMagic, 158:the hints and thus will be preserved from danger and premature experience. Let us therefore take upMagic, 193:of understanding and of mental ability, there is danger of misapprehension, of credulity and ofMagic, 249:thought life. Another and rather potent danger is the result, literally, of the bringing togetherMagic, 268:existence. When the form controls then comes the danger that it may be turned in the wrongMagic, 481:the power of thought-forms, and concerning their danger, and the mode whereby they can be renderedMagic, 489:- Salvation from our Thought-Forms 3. The third danger against which the aspirant must [490] guardMagic, 504:inactive and there will not be so much danger of puncturing the web in that locality. Learn, as youMagic, 504:at the same time his positivity, there is danger in this work. The first steps must be taken withMagic, 541:the real interpretation be given. There is much danger in imparting the significance of these rulesMagic, 541:in himself that which may be lacking. Two: The danger of minute and detailed instructions consistsMagic, 541:law which governs mental substance will show the danger of wrong thought and the power of right.Magic, 565:RULE FOURTEEN The sound swells out. The hour of danger to the soul courageous draweth near. TheMagic, 565:creator and naught could drown nor drench him. Danger from fire and flame menaces now, and dimlyMagic, 565:or with the pranas of the Universe. This latter danger is that with which Rule XIV concerns itself.Magic, 566:fire by friction. At this point is the hour of danger for the soul courageous. It is the hourMagic, 567:or exteriorization of an idea. The moment of danger to the magician comes at this final stage. AMagic, 567:must ever burn at the center of all forms. The danger, therefore, is twofold: That of destructionMagic, 587:and vibratory activity. This stage involves no danger and there is no directed thought - inMagic, 593:where there is true spiritual growth, pain and danger are in this connection practicallyMagic, 596:rhythm of the centers, destroy without pain and danger the protective sheaths, and raise theMagic, 602:and grades of responsibility - then the danger of personality reaction to the terms "acceptedMagic, 623:ordinary well-meaning aspirant is not in such danger as the more advanced and active disciple. HeMagic, 623:the more advanced and active disciple. He is in danger in three directions and can be swept off hisMagic, 623:he is in touch, and this carries with it real danger, for he hardly knows as yet how to handleMagic, 625:instincts of the worker at the center. The danger here is so subtle that much care must be taken byMagic, 636:pointed out that there are three main points of danger in the life of service. I am not hereMagic, 636:training and his speech. The first point of danger is his physical condition. On this I cannotMagic, 637:himself unable to handle. The second point of danger is to be found in the astral illusion in whichMagic, 637:which will lead him to his goal." The third danger (and one that is very prevalent at this time) isMeditation, 48:is the bedrock of the life of the occultist, and danger lurks when it exists not, and occultMeditation, 65:sound the Word as well as may be, knowing that danger does not lurk where there is sincerity ofMeditation, 71:be withheld for they would be weapons of great danger in the hands of the unscrupulous. If then itMeditation, 77:the centers will be produced from necessity, and danger will be eliminated. When these trianglesMeditation, 88:of lower mind; they also contain elements of danger if submitted to the unready. Some instructions
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