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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DARE

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Autobiography, 86:badly. I could not think clearly and did not dare ask anyone about it. In 1906 I began to breakAutobiography, 96:putting up the situation to her. I did not dare mention the other two men because, with herAutobiography, 123:and thus found a more progressive theology. Who dare say that [124] they are not as right asAutobiography, 149:break down those very strong doors. They did not dare go to the verandah door for fear of beingAutobiography, 166:do) they would be all alone and that I did not dare take the chance. He accepted my decision butBethlehem, 92:truest that has ever appeared, but not because - dare I say it? - He was the greatest that everBethlehem, 92:He was the greatest that ever could appear. One dare not so limit God. Under the evolutionaryBethlehem, 92:unable to do more than He has already done. How dare we say that it is possible for us to envisageBethlehem, 93:respond, up to the present era. But how shall we dare to say that no more is possible to God, whenBethlehem, 158:to us, and only after the Transfiguration can we dare to climb Mount Golgotha. Only when we haveBethlehem, 226:the relation of Christ to the modern world, and dare to see the truth, without any theologicalBethlehem, 280:of initiation. But Christ was perfect, having (dare we say during some previous cycle of lives?)Discipleship1, 205:and expression. Your astral body is, as I dare say you have suspected, upon the sixth Ray ofDiscipleship1, 240:they are when looked at in the right light and - dare I say it? - with a sense of humor!)Discipleship1, 250:this statement, I ask myself how frank I can dare to be and how far I can go with my instructionsDiscipleship1, 409:a still longer period of adjustment before I dare give you either the meditation or the personalDiscipleship1, 721:the Avatar and render useless his intention. He dare not come until the disciples and aspirants inDiscipleship2, 60:which is going on in the thinking (if one dare use such a word for such a comprehensive process) ofDiscipleship2, 469:my explanation would be meaningless. All I dare say is that by the use of creative imagination, byDiscipleship2, 481:and continous effort is not yet possible. He dare not, consequently, incorporate the discipleDiscipleship2, 763:and sounds out no call to pride. Few too dare trust themselves to see their fellowmen as theyExternalisation, 214:ridden by fear and terror, feeling that they dare not move in any way against the forces ofExternalisation, 477:the side of right human relations. They did not dare to do otherwise, for - in their place andExternalisation, 666:because it is essentially this group which (if I dare so express it) is coping [667] with rawHealing, 26:or psychological expert of any kind! A disciple dare not subject himself to the auric emanations ofHealing, 284:basic and different techniques before a healer dare work. Otherwise he might greatly increase theHealing, 552:basis with the patient's soul - he cannot and dare not go. There are conditions, for instance, inHealing, 705:of the Book of Rules for Initiated Disciples. I dare not yet give the simple physical applicationHercules, 23:him the need of "the power to do, the power to dare, the power to be silent, and the power toHercules, 23:and the motto of that sign being "the power to dare," no danger affrighted him and no difficultyHercules, 107:to do in Leo, by demonstrating the power to dare, by facing the terrific struggle that lies aheadInitiation, 4:eventuate, and the day will dawn when (if we dare speak of eternities in the terms of time) theInitiation, 25:Courage, and silence. "To know, to will, to dare, and to be silent." Knowing the plan so well, andMagic, 232:Such is the path ahead of each and all who dare to tread it. Such is the opportunity offered to allMagic, 287:Rays The occult aphorism: "To will, to know, to dare, and to be silent", has a special significanceMagic, 287:has relation to the marriage in the Heavens. To Dare. These words give the clue to theMagic, 288:"To Know" is the function of the Soul, "To Dare" is the duty of the personality, and "To Be Silent"Magic, 578:Only those therefore, who have wielded the sword dare lay the sword down and stand with emptyMagic, 581:the work of a White Magician is told. But more I dare not give and it is not permitted to me toMeditation, 60:reached a point where he is willing to know, to dare and to be silent. The dangers involved in theMeditation, 60:in the misuse of the Word are so great that we dare do no more than indicate basic ideas andPsychology1, 150:of the word "life." But they cannot, and they dare not, pass on the knowledge gained. Their effortsPsychology1, 272:and by [272] indicating - as far as I can and dare - why and how the present peculiar and uniquePsychology2, 178:from the personal is found, then the Master can dare to make a contact and to establish a relationPsychology2, 220:trends beyond which no worker with the Plan will dare to go. We should be aware that there are
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