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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DARK

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Astrology, 149:the versatile and volatile mind (unstable and dark) and as sex. Astrology, 160:great contest or battle between the Lords of the Dark Face (as they are called in The SecretAstrology, 180:must eventually climb. He walks no longer in the dark, for he sees what he has to do and heAstrology, 260:periodic developments which take place in the dark and yet which lead to light. It is the "blindedAstrology, 274:Son of God through the experiences of the dark time wherein the personality becomes the Mother inAstrology, 276:activity of the Great Wheel. It precedes the dark night of the soul wherein the man stands pendantAstrology, 277:I stand alone, bereft yet unafraid. I see the dark of form; I see the dark of distant spirit. AndAstrology, 277:yet unafraid. I see the dark of form; I see the dark of distant spirit. And all the light of soulAstrology, 326:rings forth and, ringing, penetrates into the dark and distant places within the worlds of form.Astrology, 329:is the diffused light of substance itself, the "dark light" of matter, referred to in The SecretAstrology, 330:This is the light which ever shines within the dark and cleansing with its healing rays that whichAstrology, 330:rays that which must be purified until the dark has gone. Pisces - The Light of the World. This isAstrology, 336:magical light which guides the soul into the dark place of experience." Similarly, it is theAstrology, 338:as the result of this energy relationship. The dark night of the soul becomes radiant sun. [339]Astrology, 343:yet lit? Is it a lighted house? or is it a dark prison? If it is a lighted house, you will attractAstrology, 343:isolation and loneliness, treading alone the dark way of the soul. Yet this isolation, thisAstrology, 343:this loneliness and this separation in the dark night are all part of the Great Illusion. It is,Astrology, 384:appears to view and not the life. "Out of the dark, they cried aloud, the holy Sons of Mind. InAstrology, 537:climax of the conflict between the Lords of the Dark Face and the Lords of the Shining Countenance.Astrology, 543:to turn their backs upon the dawning light." A dark period of civilization will ensue. Instead ofAstrology, 543:of civilization will ensue. Instead of the dark cave of initiation wherein the light of theAstrology, 543:and so demonstrates his command of light, the dark cave of materialism and of physical, animalAstrology, 562:wholes; this leads from form to soul, from dark to light and thus around the Wheel. Retracing thusAstrology, 588:about the elimination of the influence of the dark forces from our planet must come the active,Astrology, 594:Old Commentary has it: [594] "He who sees in the dark light of Shamballa penetrates to that whichAutobiography, 101:meet human need, and to be "a strong hand in the dark" to other fellow pilgrims. I have stood byAutobiography, 132:slowly weathering the storm. I was still in the dark, spiritually, but was too busy earning moneyAutobiography, 147:of what people think of me, and afraid of the dark, and afraid of being looked up to by otherAutobiography, 148:but which is always with me, I am afraid of the dark at night if I'm alone in the house orAutobiography, 148:up my three girls not to be afraid of the dark, but I had an experience then which did something toAutobiography, 211:walked the Grand Duke, to my amazement, in the dark blue lounging pajamas which he so often wore.Autobiography, 221:for the dresses were the stars and stripes, dark blue skirts striped with white and white bodicesAutobiography, 303:we are now doing, could not take place. In the dark days of 1939, when it seemed that so much wasBethlehem, 50:the growth of the Plan, we come from a distant, dark and ignorant past to a present point whereinBethlehem, 68:Bible. The long and trying journey ended in a dark cave. The long and weary journey of humanity hasBethlehem, 68:the utmost difficulty and hardness. But in the dark, and through difficulty, Christ is to be found,Bethlehem, 78:not break or crack when difficulties come and dark places in life are encountered. We have, if weBethlehem, 102:development we know nothing. All lies in the dark. Only this is sure: at his baptism the secret ofBethlehem, 111:where, forsaken of all, He went through the deep dark night of the soul - utterly alone. Yet it isBethlehem, 113:of human existence - good and evil, light and dark, life and form, spirit and matter, the self andBethlehem, 151:affairs, shedding the light when needed into the dark places of the world, elucidating problems,Bethlehem, 219:interlude. From the Cross, alone and in the dark, He symbolized all that was embodied in thisBethlehem, 219:Then for three long hours He wrestled in the dark with the problem of the relation of God and theBethlehem, 221:which the mystics have justifiably called "the dark night of the soul," can we truly enter into theBethlehem, 221:intensity of that light, the night appears more dark. But it is in the dark that we know God. FourBethlehem, 221:the night appears more dark. But it is in the dark that we know God. Four Words of Power had nowBethlehem, 236:guilty head; Then shalt Thou die, but from the dark abode Shalt rise victorious and be twice aDestiny, 147:Himself of this period and came to us in the dark of the year and initiated a new era in whichDestiny, 147:everywhere lights are to be seen and the pitch dark nights of olden times are fast disappearing.Discipleship1, 50:pure light of the mind must pour into all the dark places of the lower nature. [51] These are theDiscipleship1, 74:of disciples are Seed Groups; they are in the dark or growing stage and in the process of expansionDiscipleship1, 100:may turn to you as to a beacon light in the dark night of life which seems in this century to haveDiscipleship1, 132:and down them light can flow, irradiating dark places. I would like to point out that creativeDiscipleship1, 151:are the verses: "One star shone forth within the dark blue vault of heaven. Then another and stillDiscipleship1, 220:one of the Light bearers. The light shineth in a dark place. [221] Make a conscious alignment thenDiscipleship1, 256:of the life rhythm with its high moments, its dark and depressed hours (I speak not in terms ofDiscipleship1, 392:the path of revelation; to cross the sea of dark illusion, and face the lighted way of earth.' GodDiscipleship1, 392:is the way of manifested life: the path of dark illusion leads to the light which scatters everyDiscipleship1, 392:leads back to thy Presence. As yet that way is dark. What shall I do?' God said, 'Draw near andDiscipleship1, 394:Path of Revelation. [394] b. Cross the sea of dark illusion. c. Face the lighted way of earth. 2ndDiscipleship1, 394:on the Way and with them find the secret of the dark light which reveals? How can I discover theDiscipleship1, 532:3rd and 4th months - As a beacon light in a dark place, I radiate the light. I stand in spiritualDiscipleship1, 536:no light apart from others. If they are in the dark, into that dark I go. 2nd month - I am a windowDiscipleship1, 536:from others. If they are in the dark, into that dark I go. 2nd month - I am a window through whichDiscipleship1, 555:blend and fuse can last. The isolated Way is dark. 6th month - Let the radiance of the heart leadDiscipleship1, 599:own company of souls. You are not walking in the dark, for there is a light upon your way. StayDiscipleship1, 640:issue) which can make you a strong hand in the dark to others. Forget this not, but battle on,Discipleship1, 651:may we be content to be in the light or in the dark, to be active or passive, to work or to wait,Discipleship1, 663:reaction wherein it seemed that all was dark, and that aridity and stern struggle were the curiousDiscipleship1, 675:opening. Let the light shine. Stage IV. Into the dark the life proceeds. A different voice seems toDiscipleship1, 675:"Enter the cave and find your own; walk in the dark and on your head carry a lighted lamp." TheDiscipleship1, 675:on your head carry a lighted lamp." The cave is dark and lonely; cold is it and a place of manyDiscipleship2, 14:vision. Vision reveals both the light and the dark, a thing which is oft forgotten. Disciples areDiscipleship2, 15:and turns the other way. "He faces towards the dark and then the seven points of light withinDiscipleship2, 15:receives that light. For them, the way is not so dark. Behind the warriors - twixt the light andDiscipleship2, 15:dark. Behind the warriors - twixt the light and dark - blazes the light of Hierarchy." I have beenDiscipleship2, 22:of evil and of [22] aggression back to their "dark habitation." As time goes on I will conveyDiscipleship2, 29:- to which has been given the name of the "dark night of the soul." This dark night takes differentDiscipleship2, 29:the name of the "dark night of the soul." This dark night takes different forms and differentDiscipleship2, 29:emerges if careful thought is given to this dark night as pictured by the mystics down the ages.Discipleship2, 29:the angle of the facts, that is not the true dark night. The real "dark night" is that of the soulDiscipleship2, 29:that is not the true dark night. The real "dark night" is that of the soul as it participates inDiscipleship2, 30:I would ask you to be a strong hand in the dark to your fellowmen because you are affiliated withDiscipleship2, 30:Be not unduly disturbed. There is no light or dark to the soul but only existence and love. RestDiscipleship2, 51:4. This pathway of light leads to the heart of a dark blue disk at the very center of which youDiscipleship2, 52:Finally, at the center of that sun, a point of dark blue, or a small indigo disk, appears. This is,Discipleship2, 101:all disciples, she had at first to work in the dark; she knew nothing in her physical brainDiscipleship2, 127:we move, beckoned thereto by thee. Out of the dark we come, driven thereto by the soul of all. UpDiscipleship2, 160:of the Shining Countenance and the Lords of the Dark Face (as they are called in the ancientDiscipleship2, 160:upon our way and for light to flow into the dark places of the Earth; it is also a cry for moreDiscipleship2, 253:blind nor does he move forward entirely in the dark. There is enough light in him to bring to himDiscipleship2, 287:the Central Spiritual Sun begin to penetrate the dark places of the Earth; when this happens allDiscipleship2, 309:the Way moves upward all the time - out of the dark into the light, from the jungle to the openDiscipleship2, 393:The disciple or aspirant works always in the dark, particularly in the [394] early stages of hisDiscipleship2, 394:then becomes a Master and walks no longer in the dark. Aspirants usually bitterly resent the manyDiscipleship2, 394:complain of the difficulty of working in the dark and of seeing no light anywhere; they forget thatDiscipleship2, 394:they forget that the ability to work in the dark or in the light is all one inherent capacity. TheDiscipleship2, 394:the soul knows nothing but being, and light and dark are - to the soul - one and the same thing.Discipleship2, 450:with equilibrium, and be a strong hand in the dark to all you meet. Discipleship2, 463:the clearest light of all. The lessons of the dark have likewise been revealed. Pass out between
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