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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DARKNESS

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Astrology, 78:his lower nature passes into the smoke and darkness of Pluto, who governs the lesser burningAstrology, 143:Taurus - Desire is transmuted into aspiration, darkness gives place to light and illumination, theAstrology, 156:us into the creative life of Earth and into the darkness of matter. This is the blue of midnight.Astrology, 157:The Bull becomes the bestower of light, and the darkness of the earlier cycle is lightened by theAstrology, 187:the first ray, focused in Pluto, brings change, darkness and death. To this intensity and potencyAstrology, 209:becomes spiritual aspiration in Scorpio. The darkness of the experience in Scorpio becomesAstrology, 260:Zodiacal Constellations Virgo symbolizes depths, darkness, quiet and warmth; it is the valley ofAstrology, 282:she disappears from view and vanishes into the darkness. Neptune, the expression of the sixth RayAstrology, 330:the light of life itself. It ends for ever the darkness of matter. A study of the above thoughtsAstrology, 338:The final victory of soul over form. Death and darkness demonstrate as life and light as the resultAstrology, 374:of hate, of cruelty, of materialism and of darkness may be driven back (wherever found) before theAstrology, 381:wheel. Blindness - leading eventually to sight. Darkness - leading finally to light. Death -Astrology, 384:Bull will be unimpeded" and carry light into the darkness. Astrology, 385:and liberation; old things pass away and the darkness becomes light. Sex is then seen to be inAstrology, 401:the struggle of that which is deeply hidden in darkness to reach the light of day; it is theAstrology, 432:that day the Sun has never left her. There is no darkness. There is always light. And then theAstrology, 543:light of the initiate's own nature illumines the darkness and so demonstrates his command of light,Astrology, 665:of the feud between the forces of light and of darkness...can be traced back to the moon." (C.F.Atom, 12:which were earlier [12] considered lands of darkness, is a guarantee of success in the future. WeAtom, 15:when followed alone, lead into byways and into darkness, and leave the central mystery stillAtom, 22:good out of seeming evil; and out of darkness and disaster that which we shall some day recognizeAutobiography, 1:and for the task of leading mankind out of darkness into Light, from the unreal to the Real andAutobiography, 50:the ability of that soul to lead a man "out of darkness into light and from the unreal to the Real"Autobiography, 288:and followed, have led countless thousands from "darkness to light" and out of the fourth kingdomBethlehem, 17:soul, which, like the rising sun, disperses the darkness, reveals the life-situation, andBethlehem, 34:hour of the racial Christ, and out from the darkness of the womb of matter the Christ child canBethlehem, 46:p. 59.) Deep calls unto deep, and from out the darkness of those depths, and through pain andBethlehem, 68:fulfil Himself and return. The cave, a place of darkness and of discomfort, was for Mary the placeBethlehem, 69:have brought comfort to so many: "Challenge the darkness, whatsoe'er it be, Sorrow's thick darknessBethlehem, 69:the darkness, whatsoe'er it be, Sorrow's thick darkness or strange mystery Of prayer or providence.Bethlehem, 69:waylay the wrestler in the night. In the thick darkness, at its very heart, Christ meets,Bethlehem, 123:glamor which descended upon Him like a great darkness in the Crucifixion assailed Him now. Was HeBethlehem, 168:the illumination He carried should "lighten our darkness." Christ sounded with clarity the noteBethlehem, 178:They were, however, vanquished by the Powers of Darkness. And descended into Hell or theBethlehem, 217:of the spiritual kingdom, yet released from the darkness and ignorance of the human kingdom. Bethlehem, 219:of His life on earth. We read that there was "darkness on the face of the earth" for three hours.Bethlehem, 221:Christ entered thus into the place of outer darkness, and felt entirely deserted of all that hadBethlehem, 221:shown us that only through this place of outer darkness, which the mystics have justifiably calledBethlehem, 221:to understand and help, which constitutes the darkness. The light of the Transfiguration isBethlehem, 222:had been completed, and there was silence and darkness for three hours. Then was uttered thatBethlehem, 224:Only one more Word of Power came forth from the darkness which shrouded the dying Christ. TheBethlehem, 252:life of unselfish love, the transition from the darkness of selfish individualism to the light ofBethlehem, 254:is the resurrection. Let us penetrate into the darkness with what light we have, and see humanityDiscipleship1, 77:and you have faults, limitations, points of darkness and much inertia and at the same timeDiscipleship1, 100:the Forces of Light have penetrated the world darkness will demonstrate the nature of the undyingDiscipleship1, 151:of the stars revolved and kept its place and darkness was around on every hand. Each star withinDiscipleship1, 213:the light of the soul direct. May I be led from darkness to Light, from the unreal to the Real,Discipleship1, 306:the light of the soul direct. May I be led from darkness to light, from the unreal to the real,Discipleship1, 460:II. For the emotional nature. "There is no darkness and no fog. There is no night or day. There areDiscipleship1, 460:sustains. I see this golden light transform the darkness into day. I see the blue of life divineDiscipleship1, 462:Phrase Two. Third and fourth months. "Within the darkness of the soul, prisoned within the form, aDiscipleship1, 479:months. Today, you walk not all the time in the darkness of self-pity and of self-interest. You areDiscipleship1, 513:Sunday morning. See your garden sleeping, in the darkness of the dawn - no real light, no sound orDiscipleship1, 548:the light of the Soul direct; may I be led from darkness to light, from the unreal to the real,Discipleship1, 559:which leads into the sun. Phrase II. There is no darkness and no fog. There is no night nor day.Discipleship1, 677:are many, and they lead the human soul out of darkness into light, out of bondage into liberation,Discipleship2, 41:a great crisis of materialism and the powers of darkness have very nearly assumed control. But weDiscipleship2, 41:which will see the dawning light and the fading darkness is my earnest wish for you. Discipleship2, 166:will enable humanity to move forward out of darkness into light. With this fundamental attitude,Discipleship2, 171:to human progress. People recognize the present darkness and misery, and consequently welcomeDiscipleship2, 235:Maybe - owing to the work of the Brothers of Darkness - there was no way to avoid this dangerousDiscipleship2, 258:when Christ experienced the "great void of darkness" and chanted aloud the occult mantram "My God,Discipleship2, 275:with the monadic significance of the words "from darkness to Light," leading to vision andDiscipleship2, 305:are inevitable: [305] Formula I - Lead us from darkness to Light. Formula II - Lead us from theDiscipleship2, 311:spiritual culture and out of the relative darkness in which it at present moves. Discipleship2, 316:it marked the beginning of an interlude of darkness, of aridity and a cycle of "blank abstraction,"Discipleship2, 365:creative Aspect Formula 1. The transition from darkness to Light. Creation in the Light. Formula 2.Discipleship2, 389:of ecstasy and of supreme recognition; then darkness follows and almost despair when the revelationDiscipleship2, 394:influences of the Master, he moves forward from darkness to light; he discovers that obedience toDiscipleship2, 394:usually bitterly resent the many cycles of darkness through which they seem to go; they complain ofDiscipleship2, 417:identification, and the light is ever merged in darkness. These seven hints are all hints of whichDiscipleship2, 620:light of his consciousness, thus dispelling the darkness and the blindness. This is done byDiscipleship2, 627:such as you can know is a light that lights the darkness. Seek that out. Upon the pinnacle ofDiscipleship2, 634:needs go forth [634] into the world of men, of darkness and of pain; then he can return to theDiscipleship2, 648:asleep, you again sound the OM and say: "From darkness lead us to light. I tread the way of lifeDiscipleship2, 649:a year which seem to stand out because of their darkness and to be overcharged with blackness andDiscipleship2, 654:flame. Beyond, a radiant sun. Behind, a world of darkness, gloom and heavy rain - a rain of tears.Discipleship2, 767:Leave this High Place and, in the outer realm of darkness, toil and serve; bring forth the Real;Education, 115:can recognize them and wrest them out of the darkness into the light of day. Thus will the trueEducation, 132:there is the process of birth into the darkness of physical incarnation which - in its turn - isExternalisation, 75:the beneficent nature of death. The Forces of Darkness are powerful energies, working to preserveExternalisation, 83:with world forces or with the forces of light or darkness, so called. (I would remind you thatExternalisation, 83:(I would remind you that there would be no darkness without the light and no light without theExternalisation, 88:major [88] hold and should lie behind "in the darkness of that which has been outgrown and whichExternalisation, 126:on earth, directing the forces of light or of darkness and bringing into being a direct line-up ofExternalisation, 128:that the battle was [128] between the Forces of Darkness (the so-called "Black Lodge of Adepts")Externalisation, 128:makes no appeal at all and they are still in darkness and blinded to the true issues. This is aExternalisation, 128:karma are the descendants of the Lords of darkness; their actions and ideals make possible theExternalisation, 129:may not agree, upon the side of the Forces of Darkness. The issue is, in the last analysis, theExternalisation, 326:profits of aggression? Will men be led into a darkness which - though not interminable - willExternalisation, 401:in any given period, leading mankind cut of darkness into light, from death to immortality and fromExternalisation, 412:soul, which (like the rising sun) blots out the darkness and irradiates the lower nature. This isExternalisation, 424:Certain great Forces or embodied Energies of darkness and of evil organized themselves and took theExternalisation, 430:of Light is growing; the power of the Forces of Darkness may be waning but is still vastly strong -Externalisation, 439:Great Flood. Today, once again, the Powers of Darkness are attempting to destroy humanity and theExternalisation, 464:plane, have driven the forces of evil and of darkness backward, and are bringing the war to an endExternalisation, 465:between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness to an end - not only physically, but throughExternalisation, 485:- ready at this time to lead humanity out of darkness into light, from the unreal to the real, andExternalisation, 485:Lead us, O Lord, from death to Immortality; From darkness to Light; From the unreal to the Real.Externalisation, 516:avert the possible difficulties that lurk in the darkness of the present chaos. The living organism
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