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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DARKNESS

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Externalisation, 535:say. This problem of the apparently impenetrable darkness of intention as grasped by Shamballa, ofExternalisation, 540:enlightenments and reactions in the face of the darkness which evil initiated; problems ofExternalisation, 550:any way to endorse those fighting on the side of darkness. The Hierarchy is a great fighting bodyExternalisation, 593:Sons of God Who, down the ages, have passed from darkness to Light, from the unreal to the Real,Fire, 16:work had turned a point. From the pit of outer darkness, They gathered forth the Stone, translucentFire, 20:and all around the gloom enveloped. Pitchy the darkness that surrounded it. To the innermost centerFire, 20:Light, crept in the icy cold of uttermost darkness. Above the cavern dark shone all the light ofFire, 39:nila-pit-ambara, blue and yellow vestures, are darkness and light; the kaustubha jewel indicatesFire, 175:Solomon; the kernel of wheat has to lie in the darkness of mother Earth before the golden perfectedFire, 316:some Entity, and manifests as: Abstract Being. Darkness. Unity. Fire, 342:What is this downpouring fire that animates the darkness of matter? Fire, 345:is literally the coming together (out of the darkness of abstraction), of the two factors of SpiritFire, 417:he looks into it from within the Circle of Darkness, which he will not cross; nor will he quit hisFire, 614:of the plan of evolution. The Brother of Darkness, knowing himself to be positive force in essence,Fire, 629:awakened. They are esoterically the "Spirits of Darkness." Sevenfold solar fire. The seven HeavenlyFire, 747:His approach, and none may say Him nay. To the darkness of our sphere He rideth alone, and on HisFire, 748:to the portals of gold, forth from the gloom and darkness back to the splendor of day, rideth theFire, 765:quick destruction. The lamp, set in the midst of darkness, makes the thick blackness manifestFire, 799:produce solar fire; it flashes forth from darkness, yet a darkness which is potent with energy.Fire, 799:fire; it flashes forth from darkness, yet a darkness which is potent with energy. Will-desire isFire, 810:the pairs of opposites, good and evil, light and darkness, male and female, etc. He is a duality.Fire, 820:violet, indigo and yellow. THAT disappears. Then darkness reigns. Yet the Lord of Life persists,Fire, 837:who throw out for us flashes of light on the darkness and mystery of human life, where theFire, 837:mysterious Chaos, thereby making visible the darkness, so that we are enabled to see a few steps ofFire, 985:desires of the planetary Logos. The Brother of Darkness occupies himself with that which liesFire, 988:works with the soul of things. His brothers of darkness work with the material aspect. The whiteFire, 996:between the white brother and the brother of darkness, and in this summation we will conclude theFire, 1060:from which radiate streams of dynamic energy. Darkness is light to the illumined Seer, and theFire, 1130:the irradiance of the entire personality life, darkness gives place to light, and the Sun ofFire, 1130:and the Sun of Knowledge arises and dispels the darkness of ignorance. The minor centers areFire, 1141:The symbols standing for cosmic facts. i.e., Darkness. Light. The cross. The triangle. SystemicFire, 1151:that the gradual emergence of a plane out of the darkness which exists between systems is producedFire, 1276:stood before the Prince of Doom, and hath seen darkness descend upon the fivefold sons of flesh.Fire, 1279:and sheathed by that which moves. Profound the darkness, lost in the heart of being; dense are theFire, 1279:aeons. Time ends; space disperses; naught is. Darkness reigns and silence on the waters. TheGlamour, 44:he must follow if he is to clear his path from darkness and confusion and follow on to light andGlamour, 106:and participator - produce a condition of darkness, a state of bewilderment which makes clearGlamour, 129:the future and lead the modern generation out of darkness into light. None of you as yet reallyGlamour, 137:what should be done to lead humanity out of darkness into light, beginning with the situation as itGlamour, 198:Upanishad 1, 3, 28) : "Lead us, 0 Lord, from darkness to light; from the unreal to the real; fromGlamour, 198:real; from death to immortality." "Lead us from darkness to light" refers to the mind as it becomesGlamour, 205:the realm of life which is, as yet to us, pure darkness. It will be obvious to you that thisGlamour, 229:say in unison: "As a soul I work in light and darkness cannot touch me. I take my stand within theGlamour, 231:we see light. This is the light that turns the darkness into day." OM - O M - OM The processes ofGlamour, 232:Thus with the light we work and turn the darkness into day." As they say this, the group visualizesGlamour, 234:glamor by the penetration of the light into its darkness. They endeavor to see it disintegratingGlamour, 238:in unison: [238] "As a soul I work in light and darkness cannot touch me. I take my stand withinGlamour, 238:we see light. This is the light that turns the darkness into day." OM - OM - OM The Formula ThenGlamour, 238:Thus with the light we work and turn the darkness into day." [239] As these words are said, theHealing, 22:to understand. Nowhere in human thought is the darkness greater than in connection with the lawsHealing, 226:factors mentioned to lift humanity out of the darkness of disease into established and radiantHealing, 251:to the dry heat of the sun's rays. Moisture and darkness foster disease as it emanates from and isHealing, 437:more sound and beautiful, than the present darkness and sick hope, and the unhappy speculation andHealing, 468:know too that light ascends and leaves in darkness that which it - in time and space - illumined.Hercules, 12:of the unreal to the Real, and from the outer darkness of phenomenal existence into the light thatHercules, 25:that shaft of Light which could irradiate the darkness of his path, when needed. Thus equipped,Hercules, 44:linked in symbolism. Scorpio is 'the monster of darkness', who stings to death, and yet preservesHercules, 55:turned towards the south and in the place of darkness continued with his search. At first heHercules, 73:the portal on to the Path that leads from darkness to the Light, and from the unreal to the Real.Hercules, 79:is o'er", he chanted loud. "Into the northern darkness I was led, and found no doe. Into the deepHercules, 86:the manifestation of God and of man. Out of the darkness flashes the bird and flies across theHercules, 86:light of the day, disappearing again into the darkness. Our word, "goose", comes from the sameHercules, 141:have their due effect. The monster, strong in darkness and in sloughy mud, soon lost its power whenHercules, 170:of form. The atmosphere grew stifling, the darkness steadily more intense. And yet his will wasHercules, 185:muscles and enables us to emerge out of darkness into light. Hercules, 204:One whose mission it is to lift humanity out of darkness into light, from .the unreal into theHercules, 205:of the Study of the Hercules Myth In days of darkness and apparent spiritual deadness, this revivalInitiation, 7:the one [7] ray of light that shines through the darkness of the surrounding ignorance. H. P.Initiation, 26:and profit not at all, leading us only into darkness, time will nevertheless not have been lost,Initiation, 26:that day dawns when the light which shineth in darkness will have illuminated the heart and brain,Initiation, 34:spiritual. The problem of good or evil, light or darkness, right or wrong, was enunciated solelyInitiation, 35:world. The forces of light, and the forces of darkness, were arrayed against each other, and thisInitiation, 169:with the involutionary forces, the brothers of darkness, employ this method for the startling andInitiation, 171:Light that Guides through the triple caves of Darkness. The Clue to the Energy uniting Fire andInitiation, 209:its latter part stretches before me into the darkness of a stormy night. Beyond that sphere ofIntellect, 17:secret door is found and opened which leads from darkness to light, from death to immortality andIntellect, 170:of psychic events ordinarily covered with darkness. The fact that, in connection with this, theIntellect, 189:at the center of the being...), it dispels the darkness (of ignorance veiling the [190] singleIntellect, 243:and sane methods along the way that leads from darkness to light, from death to immortality, andMagic, 7:and the truths which have guided so many out of darkness into the light of knowledge [8] andMagic, 8:Life - Form Father - Mother Positive - Negative Darkness - Light Students must clearly have thisMagic, 58:have trodden ahead of him the path, leading from darkness to light, from the unreal to the real. HeMagic, 60:and there is no short or easy road out of darkness into light. Magic, 105:of the cosmic intermediary, it awakens from darkness the rush light of anu, the speck." The "cosmicMagic, 121:lieth ahead, like a point of light seen in the darkness of a winter's night. That point of lightMagic, 144:light to those who need it, to those who walk in darkness. I deal not here with light as the soul,Magic, 184:of his own aura burst on his vision. The darkness which is in him is intensified by the light whichMagic, 185:the pure light of day drives all shadows and darkness away and little by little the life isMagic, 216:forms of mind. A ray of light streams out and darkness disappears; distortions and evil forms fadeMagic, 223:sometimes in the dark (and the illusion of darkness is very real); he may travel sometimes in aMagic, 225:easily recognized by the average man. Light and darkness interact, as do pleasure and pain; goodMagic, 242:between periods of light and periods of darkness. We have with us always that symbolic dailyMagic, 243:illumination [243] and apparent betrayal into darkness, characterize the growth of all forms,Magic, 269:and substance together work out the way of darkness. Substance and purpose blended indicate the wayMagic, 308:so long will he have his moments of despair, of darkness, of doubt, of dire distress, and ofMagic, 326:adequate as an expression of Reality. Out of the darkness of time there have emerged the greatMagic, 368:contrast will be yours, for knowing the past of darkness you will revel in the light of fruition;Magic, 533:are many, and they lead the human soul out of darkness into light, out of bondage into liberation,Magic, 538:source of light and outwards into the "fields of darkness". When he has thus attained he willMagic, 538:He will act as a transmitter of light in the darkness. He will dispel the glamor around him and let
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