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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DAUGHTERS

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Autobiography, 26:more or less success, I have tried to give my daughters a happy life and when they grumbled overAutobiography, 47:far more important than blood ties. I want my daughters to like me because I am their friend andAutobiography, 72:are not worn so much these days and two of my daughters, who have been in India for years withAutobiography, 98:for them. One of them was Colonel Leslie, whose daughters were my friends and contemporaries. IAutobiography, 101:other fellow pilgrims. I have stood by one of my daughters as she went through a terribleAutobiography, 106:and we greatly enjoyed his visit. One of my daughters asked him if he was married. I well rememberAutobiography, 143:friendship. It would be so good if mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, valued friendship inAutobiography, 184:it is perhaps simply my good luck that today my daughters seem to like me. They all had a far moreAutobiography, 186:that of coeducation. The amazement of my own daughters when [187] they first arrived in England andAutobiography, 203:and girl problem. I have three most attractive daughters and the boys began to gather around soAutobiography, 204:a girl to her home. This used to annoy my daughters extremely but I have always felt that theAutobiography, 215:the years of my own girlhood and those of my daughters, I know now what a difficult timeAutobiography, 215:to the world, particularly if they are launching daughters. Sons free themselves earlier and keepExternalisation, 118:Had the sons of God not "come in unto the daughters of men" (which is the Biblical and symbolic wayIntellect, 217:to his wife meditating, or vice versa; sons and daughters are [218] inconsiderate and thoughtlessPsychology2, 320:fall of man. The "sons of God came in unto the daughters of men". (The Bible) The "corn of wheat
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