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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DAWN

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Astrology, 237:and taught in our schools, so it is beginning to dawn upon the public consciousness that theAstrology, 293:when the nature of the Fixed Cross begins to dawn upon the consciousness of the man and theAstrology, 300:the true nature of the spirit aspect begins to dawn upon the liberated, intuitive perception of theAstrology, 590:mind of God since the beginning of time and the dawn of creation. In God's mind, that idea is seenAtom, 47:is something which is only just beginning to dawn upon the human intelligence, and to assume itsAutobiography, 7:of human progress from the primeval age to the dawn of the impending new civilization is ofAutobiography, 139:Now, to my amazement, light was beginning to dawn. I discovered three new (to me) basic ideas andBethlehem, ix:not watch with me one little hour Until the Dawn! So many sought my crib at Bethlehem Heeding aBethlehem, 205:possible with his fellow men. It is beginning to dawn upon the race today that the only real sin isBethlehem, 225:is the wonder of His sacrifice beginning to dawn upon the minds of those whose intuition isBethlehem, 235:places of the Temples of the Mysteries, from the dawn of time. The Saviors of the past were allBethlehem, 252:of the true resurrection, as it begin to dawn on the eyes of the man who is awakening to the gloryBethlehem, 280:humanity is likewise true. But since the first dawn of human history men have always suffered forDiscipleship1, 231:and find the open door. Sixth month - The rising dawn; a cool breeze and a shaft of light. A wearyDiscipleship1, 513:See your garden sleeping, in the darkness of the dawn - no real light, no sound or movement and noDiscipleship1, 535:on the waters of the lake, slowly you watch the dawn awaken in the east behind the mountain tops.Discipleship1, 599:full light of the sun can shine at the time of dawn, there has to be the dissipation of the mist -Discipleship2, 46:have been successful, it will be beginning to dawn upon you that there is a great distinctionDiscipleship2, 309:from the jungle to the open space, from night to dawn. From point to point he moves and at eachDiscipleship2, 377:the product of human desire, evinced at the very dawn of human intelligence; this desire has builtDiscipleship2, 694:may refer to the preconceived need which may dawn increasingly upon the disciple as he draws closerFire, 132:vibrate to another key than it did at the first dawn of manifestation. We can work this out inFire, 157:1. Inertia. This characterizes every atom at the dawn of manifestation, at the beginning of a solarFire, 333:which is a gradual growth from a dim and distant dawn through an ever increasing splendor of lightFire, 333:steadily dimming twilight to final obscuration. Dawn, day, midday, twilight, night - thus is theFire, 413:but as hinted at earlier His day is about to dawn. Second. They act as transmitters of a particularFire, 747:AVATAR "From the zenith to the nadir, from dawn to fall of night, from the emergence into being ofFire, 825:of the refusal of the Monads to incarnate at the dawn of manvantaric opportunity. No real "sin" wasFire, 1209:involved and difficult but light will begin to dawn before long when science recognizes the nature,Glamour, 181:will produce two results: There will suddenly dawn upon the disciple's waiting mind (which stillHealing, 365:of service but looks forward steadily to the dawn of the "clear cold light" into which he will someHealing, 421:vibrate to another key than it did at the first dawn of manifestation. We can work this out inHercules, 126:by hour went by, and still he waited till the dawn drew near. Out from its lair the boar emerged,Hercules, 132:Looking above, he sees the vision, the golden dawn gilding a snow-capped mountain-top; gazingHercules, 158:the city of the Cyclops. In Gemini it began to dawn upon him that he was dual; he was engrossedHercules, 182:"The end of the world". It is just beginning to dawn upon many of us that what was really meant wasInitiation, 4:ordered harmony will eventuate, and the day will dawn when (if we dare speak of eternities in theInitiation, 155:Great Word committed to the Solar Logos at the dawn of manifestation. [156] 2. All the Words ofIntellect, 60:world is gradually perceived, and it begins to dawn upon the aspirant that his life-focus and hisIntellect, 134:between meditation and contemplation, as the dawn is between the night and the day, possessesMagic, 142:we read those words our minds go back to the dawn of the creative process when, through the mediumMagic, 150:dark night of the soul " - the moment before the dawn, the hour before the light streams forth. InMagic, 340:of attention and investigation and the day will dawn before so very long when an experimentalMagic, 613:The veil of illusion resembles the moment before dawn when the world of familiar things is seenPatanjali, 18:the light of the sun. If he use it in the early dawn (of his endeavor. A. B.) let him remember thatPatanjali, 317:forerunner of discriminative knowledge, as the dawn is of sunrise. On the production of intuitionalPatanjali, 400:which have governed him from the earliest [400] dawn of his individuality until the presentPatanjali, 419:flame. The darkest place receives the light. The dawn appears on earth. The dayspring from on high,Problems, 66:In a unique sense we stand today at the dawn of an entirely new economic age. This is increasinglyProblems, 128:Churches Today men's minds are recognizing the dawn of freedom; they are realizing that every manProblems, 156:are already to be seen on the horizon, and the dawn of true thinking is revealing them; thePsychology1, 56:of a possible subjective unity begins dimly to dawn on the thinker's mind. When the stage ofPsychology1, 165:this ray was already in operation before the dawn of Christianity; also that the seventh subrayPsychology1, 285:day of opportunity. Hence the wonder of the dawn which can be seen brightening in the east. IPsychology2, 90:that eternal and cosmic Intent is beginning to dawn in the consciousness of Those who have takenPsychology2, 93:which he made with deliberation in the early dawn of time itself and which, at some point in hisPsychology2, 236:the basic, subconscious urges since the dawn of evolution. Today humanity can consciously adjustPsychology2, 241:does the outline of God's stupendous objective dawn on my mind. This Plan can only be sensed,Psychology2, 284:performed by our planetary Logos at the dawn of the creative activity of God. Seeking to impress,Psychology2, 351:Later, upon the Path of Initiation, there will dawn upon his vision, the Whole of which humanityPsychology2, 720:of the problems before the Council may dawn upon our minds. It is not possible to enlarge uponRays, 154:and not simply theoretical, it begins to dawn on him that he is an inalienable part of a groupRays, 203:of the Great White Lodge begins faintly to dawn upon Their entranced and amazed understanding. ItRays, 207:to accept. It is these great goals which slowly dawn on the consciousness of the initiate as heRays, 234:and that joy cometh in the morning." Only the dawn is with us as yet - the dawn of the AquarianRays, 234:morning." Only the dawn is with us as yet - the dawn of the Aquarian Age. The full tide of light isRays, 567:of the manifested world, begins progressively to dawn upon the initiate. In the higher fourRays, 607:all forms are made is already - from the very dawn of the creative process - tinged with karma.Rays, 652:potency of life and of evolution, from the very dawn of the evolutionary cycle. The initiate inRays, 664:initiation; the analogy holds good from the very dawn of history, where humanity is considered. InRays, 763:Know when its tone steals through the misty dawn, or in the mellow sunlight strikes soft upon theRays, 763:the spheres comes to you note by note, in misty dawn or sunny noon, at cool of eve, or soundingSoul, 151:- Conclusion We stand expectantly awaiting the dawn of that day when religion will stand upon a
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