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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DAWNED

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Autobiography, 35:The Buddha was a stone [35] image; and it never dawned on me then that the images of the BuddhaAutobiography, 52:of the trouble with Germany lies right there. It dawned on me then how intensely difficult a thingAutobiography, 139:spiritual Leaders was the Christ and when this dawned on me, I felt that He had been given back toAutobiography, 142:was man-made interpretations of the truth and it dawned on me how silly it was just because someAutobiography, 142:in the world he exploits the unthinking. It dawned on me, too, that there was really no reasonBethlehem, 76:to admit. The extent of this mission slowly dawned upon His young mind and He began, as all trulyBethlehem, 102:of the way which lay ahead of Him could not have dawned upon His consciousness in their fullnessExternalisation, 410:to initiation and of the Way of Sacrifice first dawned on the human consciousness; from that momentPsychology1, 29:of divinity hitherto unknown. Has it ever dawned on you that there may be qualities andRays, 113:In the occult age which has now definitely dawned, the neophyte will be taught to see the pictureRays, 173:said that as He uttered this phrase this mission dawned on Him and He made a preliminary effort toRays, 290:Idea as it existed in the mind of the "Father," dawned on His soul (not on His mind, but on HisReappearance, 26:(as it existed in the mind of the Father) [26] dawned upon His soul - not on His mind, for the
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