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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DAY

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Astrology, 13:in space - an undesirable form which must some day disappear. In esoteric astrology, the effect ofAstrology, 30:are in circulation. This will suffice for our day and generation. We are concerned with energiesAstrology, 32:the horoscope of the planet (which will some day be possible) it will be found that the line ofAstrology, 82:veil, mounts the major Cross and passes into day, the final day. The wheel for him stands still.Astrology, 82:the major Cross and passes into day, the final day. The wheel for him stands still. The sun andAstrology, 111:illumined by the soul as well as by the light of day) and this dual life will consist of ourAstrology, 155:treatise which has never yet seen the light of day but which will be some day discovered when theAstrology, 155:yet seen the light of day but which will be some day discovered when the right time has arrived,Astrology, 183:and over this event Libra presides. Some day it will be of interest to make a scientific researchAstrology, 216:the opposition to occultism is waning and its day of power approaching. These subtler senses willAstrology, 226:for astrologers to investigate and study. Some day they will arrive at a clear decision as to theAstrology, 232:and will take place and constitute the Judgment day, referred to above. Of this, the "point ofAstrology, 273:womb of time and of the flesh into the light of day and of manifestation, then the task of thatAstrology, 286:this, it is because the exact hour, moment and day of birth has not been accurately ascertained.Astrology, 330:by a moving up and down. Scorpio - The Light of Day. This is the place where three lights meet -Astrology, 353:fact to be borne in mind and will be some day of real service to the astrology of the future, forAstrology, 353:service to the astrology of the future, for some day astrology will be lifted up to a higher plane.Astrology, 379:who likewise see. That which is gold will some day, too, respond, passing from East to West in thatAstrology, 385:Self; it is then lifted up into the light of day in order that man may reach complete union withAstrology, 400:different constellations and around them some day the astrology of the form will be built. There isAstrology, 401:deeply hidden in darkness to reach the light of day; it is the struggle of the hidden soul toAstrology, 422:you have not yet accomplished but which some day inevitably you will. Once man is impersonal andAstrology, 425:this statement I give you a clue which may some day revolutionize the present approach toAstrology, 430:the Father brought from chaos into the ordered day His purpose and His plan. The seven supreme GodsAstrology, 431:the cycles passed and passed again. Late in the day of time, Shamballa sent a call, relayed fromAstrology, 432:Sun, having seen her Son, and from [432] that day the Sun has never left her. There is no darkness.Astrology, 437:of karma" which heralds the vision of the new day from the top of the mountain. Here in pictorialAstrology, 447:thus revealing and bringing to the light of day the inner, hidden, spiritual Man. It is in Leo thatAstrology, 454:to the planetary solar plexus and some day will shift the focus of its receptivity to the planetaryAstrology, 500:men and new goals will be revealed. And the day will come, in the experience of humanity, when menAstrology, 521:within the continent of Africa one will some day be found and later still (many millions of yearsAstrology, 531:order to understand the microcosm, man will some day establish an intelligent relation to the wholeAstrology, 546:by her rulers to the world, Germany may some day regain the expression of soul life. To this end,Astrology, 627:the will-to-manifest and bring into the light of day the hitherto Hidden Christ. This sign and thisAstrology, 668:stimulated." (C F. 357) "Occultism must win the day before the present era reaches... Saturn'sAstrology, 668:Jehovah... to whom is dedicated the seventh day or Sabbath, Saturday or Saturn's day." (S.D. Vol.Astrology, 668:the seventh day or Sabbath, Saturday or Saturn's day." (S.D. Vol. III, 115) "The sign of theAstrology, 671:in a triple form - two of which are the 'Day-Sun' and one the 'Night-Sun'." (S.D. Vol. III, 212)Atom, 22:darkness and disaster that which we shall some day recognize as beautiful, right, and true. It isAtom, 27:cosmic process we have our tiny share, and each day of activity should see us playing our part withAtom, 67:atom, man; the planetary atom will also some day demonstrate its basic purpose, and the great IdeaAtom, 67:which lies back of the solar system will some day be revealed. Is it possible for us in a few briefAtom, 69:them is added instinct, or that which will some day blossom into mentality. Finally, we come to theAtom, 87:him the love aspect of the Deity will some day perfectly manifest, and he will be able to say withAtom, 91:the same sense as the atom of substance may some day achieve the consciousness of a human being?Atom, 103:is working out the image of God, and will some day produce it in perfection. He is the one who isAtom, 116:to the total we are piling up, which will some day bring us to a great revelation, and everyAtom, 127:He did before, He might live His life amongst us day after day and we would not notice anything soAtom, 127:He might live His life amongst us day after day and we would not notice anything so very differentAtom, 128:is the great achievement [128] which will some day be ours. We shall then know what we do everyAtom, 128:We shall then know what we do every hour of the day, and not for just about fourteen hours out ofAtom, 128:are, nor the condition of his environment. Some day we shall utilize and employ every minute ofAtom, 128:and employ every minute of every hour of the day. Another purpose of evolution is a threefold one,Atom, 134:shineth ever more and more unto the perfect day. Atom, 136:strenuous meditation does this occur. But some day we shall govern our entire lives, not from theAtom, 137:powers of the physical body, which we use every day, put us in contact with individuals, but whenAutobiographyshe made the decision to refuse invalidism. Each day therefore, as it had been her life's custom,Autobiography, 12:I was brought up in the usual luxury of my day and class; I was watched over with the greatest careAutobiography, 16:the great Law of Rebirth and she and I will some day work out, more satisfactorily, our definiteAutobiography, 17:to the British Government and responsible in his day for several of the municipal water systems ofAutobiography, 19:statue of a plain old man with a beard. The next day my husband went to look at it and I discoveredAutobiography, 21:comfortable and I decided to postpone the happy day. The last time, I tried to drown myself in aAutobiography, 23:to Tasmania from Australia. I remember well the day when word came to my grandparents of his deathAutobiography, 25:practicing scales for an hour or preparing the day's lessons if it was my sister's turn for theAutobiography, 25:at 9 for family prayers. We had to start the day right with a recollection of God and, in spite ofAutobiography, 25:under the anxious eyes of our governess. To this day I can remember going off into a reverie or dayAutobiography, 25:day I can remember going off into a reverie or day dream (as all children do) with my elbow on theAutobiography, 28:she must have been very good looking in her day, as a portrait of her, painted at the time of herAutobiography, 29:a keynote for living so that I feel to this very day that any achievement which I may have had canAutobiography, 30:book in which, every evening, the record of the day's failures was entered and somewhat morbidlyAutobiography, 30:to life) she analyzed her words and actions each day in the light of the question: "What wouldAutobiography, 30:Jesus have done?" I had discovered this book one day in the course of my inquisitive prowling andAutobiography, 31:of such true spiritual significance that to this day I attempt to live by the note that theyAutobiography, 32:proceed to investigate the country side. To this day, I remember our intense excitement when theAutobiography, 34:in attending the early communion service every day, if possible, and in trying to save people. ThatAutobiography, 36:for a minute to give me a look which to this day I remember very distinctly. I did not know what toAutobiography, 39:vital importance to all Buddhists and the first day of this month is the national holiday known asAutobiography, 39:national holiday known as the Hindu New Year's Day. This tremendous event takes place each year inAutobiography, 49:Himalayas. It looked so close, almost as if a day's walking would bring me to its foot but I knewAutobiography, 49:and that as They are, so shall we all be some day. I can no longer say with assurance and aplombAutobiography, 53:But I prayed and waited and believed that some day I would get "a call" and would know what IAutobiography, 58:green country and I shall never forget the day I arrived there. In spite, however, of the beauty,Autobiography, 58:buns - hundreds of buns - often later in the day to load them into a pony cart (only the pony was aAutobiography, 58:huts where were gathered the men at night. One day that donkey greatly humiliated me. I wasAutobiography, 62:prevented from visiting the canteen that day by his solicitous comrades. Anyway, picture toAutobiography, 67:to do with him. Waiting for the train that day in the big Bombay railroad station, scared stiff andAutobiography, 68:looked and that he had an idea that I would some day discover that I was a human being. He was atAutobiography, 71:problem is solved, India will be free. Some day we shall all be free. Racial hatred will die out;Autobiography, 72:and 45 below zero in the winter. Yet, in my day, even in the bitterest cold, we had to wear sunAutobiography, 72:wore them and laugh at my ideas. But in my day they were de rigeur. Quetta is the largest town inAutobiography, 73:I have seldom seen equaled anywhere and in my day they blazed in every garden. In the spring theAutobiography, 74:Woodcock Spinney. It was a lovely, hot, clear day and the fact that the place was then infestedAutobiography, 76:to smile," which were the popular songs of the day. The men had their own versions of the words ofAutobiography, 77:and current chaperone. I candidly admit to this day that I do not understand the feminine mind.Autobiography, 79:would ask you to remember this wasn't done in my day and my conduct was really quite outrageousAutobiography, 80:and got fed up with his constant threat, so one day I fetched the carving knife and begged him toAutobiography, 81:of cake which I knew would be there. During the day she was just the upper servant, standing when IAutobiography, 81:to everyone else. But in the evenings, after her day's work was done and I had gone to bed, sheAutobiography, 82:for my room and bringing me my breakfast every day. [83] I was standing one day on the verandah ofAutobiography, 83:my breakfast every day. [83] I was standing one day on the verandah of our quarters in Mumballa,
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