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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DAY

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Autobiography, 86:that which I have committed unto Him until that day." But I was not sure any more about there beingAutobiography, 86:not sure any more about there being a judgment day; I was not at all sure what it was that I hadAutobiography, 90:She knew me well and trusted me completely. One day towards the end of the season and when theAutobiography, 90:that I would be quite alone in the house. The day before I was to leave Ranikhet, I sent for WalterAutobiography, 95:major anticlimax. I worked myself up during the day into a terrible state; I felt a fool or anAutobiography, 96:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter II The next day I went to Edinburgh to my beloved aunt, MargaretAutobiography, 97:would work out; making up my mind to live one day at a time and not to look ahead into the future.Autobiography, 99:for myself, I was a beautiful needlewoman. Each day I got up and went for walks upon the moors andAutobiography, 110:of strong coffee he left me. Wearily I sat all day in the station, trying to keep a restless babyAutobiography, 110:beside me. "You worried me this morning and all day," he said, "and I decided I had better put youAutobiography, 113:Walter Evans really was. I was up on the ninth day after Mildred's birth, without any nurse or helpAutobiography, 113:The church warden's wife discovered me that day, to her horror, doing the washing, and knowing thatAutobiography, 114:with him. The church warden's wife came in one day and found my face badly bruised. I was so illAutobiography, 115:field next the rectory was constantly plowed, day after day, and when (from curiosity) I asked aAutobiography, 115:the rectory was constantly plowed, day after day, and when (from curiosity) I asked a man who wasAutobiography, 115:me to bring the three children over for the day, saying that she would fetch me. I went and we allAutobiography, 116:I remember so well a blazing hot summer's day, during that dreadful time. Ellison was lyingAutobiography, 122:inwardly shocked by the publicity) from that day on he never laid a finger on me. He sulked andAutobiography, 126:as somebody else's. I remember pondering one day on the verse in the Bible, "The very hairs of yourAutobiography, 127:of understanding. The climax of this came on a day when I was quite desperate and, leaving theAutobiography, 128:I think everybody saw that I was scared, for one day the man who threw the cans of sardines onAutobiography, 130:I handled an average of ten thousand sardines a day and packed hundreds of cans. Visitors to theAutobiography, 130:more fully this attitude of human kindness. One day when the lunch bell went, a great, hulking,Autobiography, 135:At noon I would be eating my lunch when the day was fine on a strip of beach. Usually by 4 or 4:30Autobiography, 135:sleep a night and he was entirely right. To this day I am usually up at 4:30 a.m. and (afterAutobiography, 136:to iron with a book in front of me and to this day I can read and iron simultaneously withoutAutobiography, 137:them. When she was through writing for the day Mr. Wright and her other helpers would collect theAutobiography, 138:it. Then these two old ladies took me in hand. Day after day, for weeks, they taught me. I movedAutobiography, 138:these two old ladies took me in hand. Day after day, for weeks, they taught me. I moved over into aAutobiography, 141:ladder of evolution, life after life, until some day for each of us it would be equally true, "AsAutobiography, 143:orders, so she could absorb my vitality. Day after day by careful watching, by never permitting herAutobiography, 143:so she could absorb my vitality. Day after day by careful watching, by never permitting her to takeAutobiography, 157:double meaning). I had washed [157] my hair one day in England and was sitting out in the garden atAutobiography, 159:articles. I shall never forget my horror one day when a man in Los Angeles said to me, "If you wantAutobiography, 160:mine. The children adored him and do to this day and the relationship between them has always beenAutobiography, 160:my friend, Mrs. Copley Enos, and I spent the day rolling her in cold sheets trying to bring theAutobiography, 175:and once I timed myself as regards a current day's correspondence and it took me forty-eightAutobiography, 175:you can understand my saying to my husband one day that upon my tombstone there should be theAutobiography, 178:saw no future ahead. Our joint finances on the day when we sat down to size up the situation and toAutobiography, 179:I found there the needed cash and, within a day or two Foster Bailey got a letter from Mr. ErnestAutobiography, 182:telling an audience of around 800 people, one day in New York, that all of them could attain aAutobiography, 187:the American girl, brought up with boys every day, sitting in class with them, sharing luncheons,Autobiography, 187:proper attention. I remember asking Mildred one day why she was not doing her homework, "Well,Autobiography, 190:a pupil of H.P.Blavatsky came to my class one day and the next week turned his entire SecretAutobiography, 199:profoundly conscious [199] of a cycle in which day after day, week after week, month after month, IAutobiography, 199:conscious [199] of a cycle in which day after day, week after week, month after month, I did theAutobiography, 199:people every twenty minutes right through the day. I never flattered myself that this was because IAutobiography, 204:private school, and they attended there every day until we left Stamford. I cannot remember all theAutobiography, 205:dishes and tidy up the sitting room when the day was over. Autobiography, 209:York that is called the [209] Nobility Club. One day a member of the club asked me to go down andAutobiography, 211:And so it was. I saw the obituary notice in next day's papers. Before he left America he had givenAutobiography, 217:hall and accumulated a very good library. One day in the fall of 1930 she turned up late one nightAutobiography, 218:the proposal of Olga Fröbe, she said to me one day, "Which would you prefer for your girls, that IAutobiography, 221:most patriotic and gay. I shall never forget the day when we wound our way up the Scheldt river andAutobiography, 222:and what [222] they do at different hours of the day. So we were going to stroll about and sit inAutobiography, 223:to the Italian lakes during the summer. Some day the place will be cleaned up and real spiritualAutobiography, 225:Ascona of Violet Tweedale. It was a red-letter day for me when she arrived there and I can see herAutobiography, 239:a ritual in this pamphlet in which the great day of the Buddha, the Wesak Festival (the VaisakhaAutobiography, 239:disciples with Him. The Masters will again some day be present upon earth as They were millions ofAutobiography, 267:the title of "disciple" and so be able, some day, to say, "I know this Master or that." At the sameAutobiography, 270:This is to live as a soul in the life of every day and to work consciously in relation to theAutobiography, 276:relations to his fellowmen in the life of every day. After a preliminary grounding in the ordinaryAutobiography, 296:us see the world as perfect as we hope it some day will be, nor will we see ourselves as perfect asBethlehem, 19:which we are, as a race, rapidly moving. Some day the great Communion Service will be held, ofBethlehem, 23:the initiations through which all men must some day pass. Humanity stands today upon the path ofBethlehem, 29:and there is reward at the end of the way. Some day, sooner perhaps than many may think, theBethlehem, 37:He will enable man to do so again today. Some day, as all Masons know, these Words which have beenBethlehem, 48:scribes, and be slain, and be raised the third day... If any man will come after me, let him denyBethlehem, 57:that shineth more and more unto the perfect day." (Prov., IV, 18.) This truth is still a livingBethlehem, 59:is it sacred to the Virgin Mary at the present day. She was also called Myrrha and Maria, as wellBethlehem, 60:"descended into hell and rose again on the third day." There are twenty or thirty of these storiesBethlehem, 60:Lent, or the arrival of Spring; of (9) Easter Day (normally on 25th March) to celebrate theBethlehem, 61:the twelve. Then later there is (17) Mid-summer Day, the 24th June, dedicated to the birth of theBethlehem, 61:disciple John, and corresponding to Christmas Day; there are the festivals of (18) the AssumptionBethlehem, 61:fact that the Church (21) dedicates the very day of the winter solstice (when any one may veryBethlehem, 62:opportunity to determine a Christian rite or a day of sacred remembrance. Even the establishing ofBethlehem, 62:remembrance. Even the establishing of Christmas Day on December 25th was so determined. The sameBethlehem, 62:St. Chrysostom, writing in 390, says: 'On this day (i.e. 25th December) also the birth of ChristBethlehem, 62:born at the winter solstice, after the shortest day in the year, at the midnight of the 24thBethlehem, 109:therefore perfect;" (St. Matt., V, 48.) and some day we too shall meet the temptations in theBethlehem, 110:Evil is thus constituted, and we shall all some day have to face this testing - this triple evil,Bethlehem, 118:light scarcely seen. But the Word is there. Some day each of us can say with power: "It isBethlehem, 143:human realization and the divine Totality. Some day we shall understand this more clearly. It is asBethlehem, 146:and we shall look forward to that momentous day when we, too, shall stand upon the Mount ofBethlehem, 157:body into the resurrection body; for on the day of fulfilment, when the perfected disciple hasBethlehem, 158:but it is an experience in which we shall some day share. This we have forgotten. We have taken toBethlehem, 158:become actively transfigured. But that must some day happen to us, and only after theBethlehem, 158:and natural phenomenon which humanity will some day - through self-expression and also under theBethlehem, 165:of men, and they shall kill him, and the third day he shall be raised again." (St. Matt., XVII, 22,Bethlehem, 177:They were born on or very near our Christmas Day. They were born of a Virgin-Mother. [178] And in aBethlehem, 184:is spoken of as the birth of the Virgin. Easter Day is always decided astronomically. These factsBethlehem, 187:ultimate victory is over death, and that some day death will be abolished. This we shall go intoBethlehem, 213:not what they do." (St. Luke, XXIII, 34.) "To day thou shalt be with me in paradise." (St. LukeBethlehem, 216:is ready to take advantage of the words, "To day, thou shalt be with me in paradise." In the firstBethlehem, 217:them for they know not what they do," and "To day thou shalt be with me in paradise," we have theBethlehem, 227:postulate a distant heaven which we may some day attain. But Christ founded a kingdom on earth,Bethlehem, 232:Their answer is unanimous: on the third day he rose from the dead." - The Valley and Beyond, byBethlehem, 235:the fact of the Resurrection. Yet on Easter Day, throughout the world, believers everywhere expressBethlehem, 237:ready for the rising of the sun on the third day. At the moment that the rays of the sun touchedBethlehem, 258:tells us, in order to bless the world. That day of blessing (the day of the full moon of May) is
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