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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DAY

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Hercules, 147:The urge to acquire material goods may some day be transmuted into the desire to amass knowledgeHercules, 154:are difficult. but I will get a crown some day." Hercules, the disciple, is not concerned about theHercules, 162:which I shall release myself." Remember, the day is coming when we shall talk about the soul as weHercules, 166:superior standpoint of saving "poor thing, some day he will be where I am", but from the standpointHercules, 181:as a foolish king. If you, within a single day, shall do what you have promised, one-tenth of myHercules, 181:purged of all its fetid murk. Within a single day the task impossible had been performed. WhenHercules, 182:in that time now. We are not facing a judgment day in which the sheep and goats will be divided andHercules, 191:completion. What if I told you that now, in your day and mine, for the first time humanity is aHercules, 192:every phase of human thought. We shall be some day. Let me ask a question. Are you able to enterHercules, 202:that he [202] is training people now so that the day will come when this group will be so potentHercules, 202:will be recognized as the Savior; but not in our day. Editor's Note: (written in 1958) When A.A.B.Hercules, 215:when the divisions marked the hours of the day and night." Astrology, the Link between Two Worlds.Hercules, 217:beginning of the Zodiac. In this way, the great day of precession, comprising over twenty-fiveHercules, 227:of his mistake has been delay, but the day of restoration and of renewal inevitably recurs. InInitiation, 4:aeons an ordered harmony will eventuate, and the day will dawn when (if we dare speak of eternitiesInitiation, 26:ever more clearly, let us persist until that day dawns when the light which shineth in darknessInitiation, 31:and a rudimentary germ of mind which might some day form a nucleus of a mental body. Left toInitiation, 33:the newspapers and the current literature of the day, but the location of Shamballa will be one ofInitiation, 44:and spurs on the aspirant until the momentous day dawns when they stand face to face with the oneInitiation, 62:time of the coming of the Christ. Great is the day of opportunity, for when that time comes,Initiation, 74:some may think. There is no moment of the [74] day that that goal may not be visioned, and the workInitiation, 92:are "very good and altruistic" suddenly some day [93] they will stand before the Great Lord. TheyInitiation, 102:of consciousness which we undergo normally every day, and call "learning" something or other, haveInitiation, 114:good and clear from birth, yet there comes a day wherein the conscious recognition of that which isInitiation, 125:shineth ever more and more unto the perfect day. In the earlier stages he sees the glory of hisInitiation, 129:Power In the scepter of a ruling monarch at this day is hidden the symbolism of these various Rods.Initiation, 136:existence is only relatively permanent, and the day dawns when the life which expresses itselfInitiation, 156:God. To control his speech every minute of every day. This is a statement easily made, but mostInitiation, 182:- Chapter XVII - Diversities of Initiations The Day of Opportunity The question might here be askedInitiation, 183:application will come, for the occidental, his day of opportunity. By availing themselves of theInitiation, 183:By availing themselves of the present day of opportunity, and by conformity to the rules forInitiation, 183:involves the very thing that is done from day to day by any who are consciously endeavoring toInitiation, 183:involves the very thing that is done from day to day by any who are consciously endeavoring toInitiation, 184:accustomed himself to pass lesser tests every day of his life; tests then come to be regarded asInitiation, 199:will be important changes in the life of every day. These changes might, for the sake of theirInitiation, 199:for initiation he will, three times a day, keep a written account of the investigations he pursues,Intellect, 23:and rare individuals were produced, who, to this day, set their mark upon human thought. For thisIntellect, 26:the art of clear synthetic vision, may some day stand to the intellect as it, in its turn, standsIntellect, 26:equally unexpectedly into the light of every day consciousness... The impulses of instinct and theIntellect, 28:though not by the popular opinion of the day..." "The new education has for its great end,Intellect, 37:world, and this the foremost scientists of our day are beginning to realize. Religion starts withIntellect, 37:respectable, and it seems possible that some day our [38] educational systems may regard theIntellect, 45:illumination with them into the life of every day. For the bringing about of these conditions andIntellect, 75:in the work of spelling out truth until the day dawns when, exhausted, we retire within ourselvesIntellect, 105:and to cultivate the habit every day of making these distinctions. They must distinguish alwaysIntellect, 107:be given: Be concentrated in all that you do all day every day. Concentration will be rapidlyIntellect, 107:Be concentrated in all that you do all day every day. Concentration will be rapidly developed if weIntellect, 107:concentration exercises, carried forward each day, with perseverance. This involves the fixing ofIntellect, 109:the mind being used is lost, but there can be no day-dreaming and no following of chance ideasIntellect, 124:which we give to the complex questions of every day. His conclusions as to the basic situationIntellect, 129:information which is the common heritage of the day through books and the spoken word, it reorientsIntellect, 129:knowledge has prepared us. They have had their day. For many thousands, therefore, a new endeavorIntellect, 129:of the kingdom of the soul looms before man. The day when the word Psychology will return to itsIntellect, 134:as the dawn is between the night and the day, possesses something both of the one and of the other.Intellect, 156:a period of readjustment to the life of every day, and, frequently, a sense of depression andIntellect, 162:human beings, and it seems probable that some day the mind itself will lie as much below theIntellect, 171:light that shineth more and more until the day be with us." In this light in the head, which seemsIntellect, 206:the practice of concentration, regularly, every day, at some set time, if possible, make for theIntellect, 208:and to whom the finding of twenty minutes each day for meditation or an hour for study presentsIntellect, 216:attempted, and a certain time is set apart each day for this particular work. At the beginningIntellect, 216:hundred and forty minutes which constitute a day, that they are not interested? Fifteen minutes canIntellect, 216:movies, or from another gossip later on in the day. Let us be truthful with ourselves, andIntellect, 217:we have participated in the happenings of the day and in the general give and take of life, theIntellect, 217:states of consciousness. Again, if we start the day with the focusing of our attention on spiritualIntellect, 217:on the affairs of the soul, we shall live the day in a different manner. If this becomes a habit,Intellect, 218:meditation before the family disperses for the day's work, or before we ourselves betake ourselvesIntellect, 218:let us find some time for it later on in the day. There is always a way to be found out of aIntellect, 219:in the West. These postures are the remains of a day when the race was being trainedIntellect, 226:We think of what we are going to do that day, instead of thinking upon our "seed-thought," weIntellect, 233:A little consistent and faithful work done every day, over a long period of time, will bringIntellect, 245:or some great invention he is to present some day to a waiting world if he continues to be good.Intellect, 254:or delayed; he will inevitably enter some day into that world of which it is said "eye hath notIntellect, 256:with the practice of a little meditation every day, it should soon be possible to bring the workIntellect, 259:He, therefore, regularizes his physical every day life so that the man in the street recognizes theIntellect, 267:the life of the spirit in the world of every day. They know the meaning of meditation and they areMagic, 22:there is warrant for the usage. That some day we may think and express the truth differently mayMagic, 54:work. The organizing of the mind is an all-day affair, and the application of the mind to the thingMagic, 63:world of the senses into the clear light of day and into the world of reality. The form side ofMagic, 75:- one seen at night, the other in the light of day... "When fire and love and mind submitMagic, 136:- Rule Four - The Creative Work of Sound Present day troubles are largely due to the lack ofMagic, 143:this, however, ceaselessly and irresponsibly, day after day, we speak; we use words; we multiplyMagic, 143:ceaselessly and irresponsibly, day after day, we speak; we use words; we multiply sounds; andMagic, 162:understood and experienced in the life of every day, will bring about that right "condition of theMagic, 170:that he has forgotten himself), suddenly one day he sees the One Who has for so long seen him. ThisMagic, 185:be [185] lived through until the pure light of day drives all shadows and darkness away and littleMagic, 187:training which will make him an adept some day. Chelas train themselves and when ready for any workMagic, 202:- negating its own intrinsic life. The day comes, however, when the soul awakens to the need ofMagic, 206:attempt to impose rhythm upon the life of every day. The two activities must go hand in hand. TheMagic, 261:be of value if each student would link up every day at five o'clock by an act of the will with thisMagic, 280:of his aspect of the great plan and finds one day when the building is completed and he sees theMagic, 280:under law and with understanding. There is no day in any man's life, particularly if he is anMagic, 303:its implications into the life and work of every day, into [304] all intercourse whether betweenMagic, 340:object of attention and investigation and the day will dawn before so very long when anMagic, 341:succeeds the vision, and after night comes the day. In the great cycles affecting cosmic groupsMagic, 349:explained and demonstrated in the life of every day, may make the Master say eventually (yes,Magic, 349:We know your physical disabilities and some day may be able to help definitely in the building upMagic, 350:of service, given in pain and tension, not one day's labor followed with racked nerves, with headMagic, 358:the waters disappear. Cold, heat, the light of day, the radiance of the rising sun and perfectMagic, 375:all aspects of the soul in all forms until the day dawns when he realizes that there is nothing butMagic, 417:constitute the nucleus of what will be some day a dominant force. During the next twenty-five years
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