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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DAY

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Magic, 423:contributions of the various schools will some day be unified into one synthetic presentation. Magic, 423:being during the entire twenty-four hours of the day. As yet this is far from being the [424] case.Magic, 426:sun pass into its appointed place, and in this day and generation attend ye to the roots ofMagic, 436:may understand. The birth month indicates the day of opportunity. The door stands open. TheMagic, 463:lies hid in past universes - all, in their day, the "forms indwelt by God". For us there can be noMagic, 472:and which will indeed shut out the light of day, darken his world, and imprison him in a wall ofMagic, 474:and so bring death. If spoken in the light of day, just retribution will they bring; when spokenMagic, 477:height, and we have speeches at all hours of the day and night; we have the utilization of theMagic, 478:the subjective hearing has recorded. But that day is not yet, even though the radio and televisionMagic, 478:Electric light has superseded it, and some day the true telepathic communication and vision willMagic, 490:give place to the greater truth. The fact of the day is seen later as part of a greater fact. A manMagic, 498:It involves sometimes a knowledge of the very day of death, coupled to a preservation ofMagic, 503:This is a rule that can be applied to the every day affairs of life. [504] Learn to render heartMagic, 507:1021-1022. It is apparent therefore that the day of opportunity is with us, and that the comingMagic, 512:of ebb and flow, of cyclic activity, of the day of opportunity and the night of inactivity, ofMagic, 512:all lives in all kingdoms and dimensions. This day and night cycle which is the inevitable mark ofMagic, 546:the square, passing from mouth to mouth. "Each day of man the words take form and different seem.Magic, 558:words are used and because of [558] their every day connotation their true significance andMagic, 561:I urge upon all workers the remembrance that the day of opportunity is with us and that it has itsMagic, 565:"clothe itself and disappear into the light of day." The spiritual man is now veiled by a mental orMagic, 567:no persistent living existence "in the light of day," because there was not sufficient energy toMagic, 581:throughout the twenty-four hours of the day. The field of our occult training is the field of theMagic, 586:exponent of the Ageless Wisdom who lives each day in the place where is the life of the disciple;Magic, 596:which has four petals, one half of eight. In our day and in the Anglo Saxon mode of writing, theMagic, 626:of life, the medical knowledge of the day, and the achievements of civilized comfort have all grownMagic, 634:need, but the disciple must inevitably some day make good and retrieve his past failures. I needMagic, 638:of the work and in the burden and toil of the day's labors it is an encouragement to know thatMagic, 638:Let all students make up their minds in this day of emergency and of rapid unfolding opportunity toMagic, 638:effort of the Great Ones. They are working day and night in an effort to relieve humanity and toMeditation, 28:just shineth ever more and more unto the perfect day." It is in the fourth period that meditationMeditation, 43:intuition. It is the serving perfectly each day - with no thought or calculation about the future -Meditation, 49:groups. All this is possible and will some day be recognized, but the period of laying a foundationMeditation, 61:and the work to be done if he would some day pass through the portal of Initiation. In this wayMeditation, 113:following of specific forms for many hours each day for many days. The occidental has in view theMeditation, 114:been the privilege of the oriental. Great is the day of opportunity, and in the sweeping onward ofMeditation, 124:the subject of [124] insanity for another day. These causes are four in number and each responds toMeditation, 127:be to keep him there. Educative work during the day and protective measures at night for longer orMeditation, 130:permitted; they demand service to the race every day throughout the scope of life before a man mayMeditation, 144:not achieved by simply giving thirty minutes a day to certain set forms of meditation. It involvesMeditation, 145:It involves an hour by hour attempt, [145] all day long and every day, to keep the consciousness asMeditation, 145:by hour attempt, [145] all day long and every day, to keep the consciousness as near to the highMeditation, 145:a constant watchfulness every hour of the day to prevent the falling back into the lower vibration.Meditation, 145:development of the habit of meditation all the day long, and the living in the higher consciousnessMeditation, 162:the discussion on the forms that will some day be in common use among the students of occultMeditation, 165:now - are based on the use of mantrams and some day when there is an Initiate Head to all theseMeditation, 166:complete without a reference to what will some day supersede all preliminary meditation. When theMeditation, 177:elemental, runs a risk, and may bitterly rue the day. But, as a man approaches adeptship and hasMeditation, 181:student is ready, and the work requires it. Some day the lesser forms will be gradually given outMeditation, 198:festival, kept so universally in India to this day, when the Hierarchy forms itself into a channelMeditation, 202:indicated the broad outlines of what will some day be facts in physical plane demonstration. TheMeditation, 212:with the four other colors interweaving. Some day some student of color and of the Divine WisdomMeditation, 223:revealed, waiting for the still greater "Day be with us" to flash forth in perfect radiance. ThisMeditation, 231:and of the holding forth of an ideal some day to be attained. Only by pointing out the goal and byMeditation, 244:not be so much danger of error in the future day of healing, but what I seek to point out is thatMeditation, 250:the handling of great weights will some [250] day be understood in terms of sound. The cycleMeditation, 258:and as he laboriously reiterates from day to day the arduous task of concentration and of mindMeditation, 258:and as he laboriously reiterates from day to day the arduous task of concentration and of mindMeditation, 284:be in the attitude of meditation all the day. [285] Meditation is the means whereby the higherMeditation, 289:part of his meditation form. Then comes a day (usually when astrological conditions are fit and theMeditation, 293:his usual form of meditation. He perseveres from day to day and works on all the three planes overMeditation, 293:form of meditation. He perseveres from day to day and works on all the three planes over the workMeditation, 297:with prophecy, pointing out what will some day be possible and present, and not what is as yet inMeditation, 301:becomes a power in the world. Then will come the day of the occult schools that will definitelyMeditation, 309:in Southern Africa or Southern America. Their day is not yet, but comes in the next cycle. Now, IMeditation, 310:If these things are done great will be the day of opportunity. Meditation, 320:up to the average educational standards of his day and generation and must show aptitude for someMeditation, 326:to hold the gain of the earlier weeks. Each day will be likewise divided into set times, theMeditation, 326:data will be given, the latter part of the day being given over to a more practical type of work.Meditation, 326:soul grows in the silence. Therefore, during the day there will be for every pupil in the schoolMeditation, 327:the practice of occult meditation three times a day, and during his final year he will be expectedMeditation, 327:year he will be expected to give five hours a day to meditation. When he can do this and getMeditation, 327:after thirty minutes of careful revision of the day's work and the filling in of certain chartsMeditation, 334:and because he enters into the problems of the day in a manner more thorough than an Ego from anMeditation, 345:of time into action, and comprehending that each day contains but twenty-four hours and that hisMeditation, 346:and white, limpid as a pool on a still summer's day. In fitting the mental body for service thePatanjali, 27:the spiritual man live the life of the soul each day upon the physical plane. Charles Johnston inPatanjali, 43:along this path and out into the clear light of day. Patanjali, 162:objective forms in the physical world of every day. With these the seer has for long identifiedPatanjali, 171:inner ruler) and seeks in the affairs of every day to discriminate between the form and the life,Patanjali, 171:manifestation. He seeks in the affairs of every day to cultivate a consciousness of the real and aPatanjali, 177:Doubt no longer controls. The full light of day or completed illumination takes place and floodsPatanjali, 177:shineth ever more and more until the perfect day." [178] Patanjali, 201:can make practical application of the law each day, and he knows well what he has to do for thePatanjali, 255:endurance, the achievement of a little every day, are of more value to the aspirant than thePatanjali, 262:is that of being in a state of realization all day every day. The ability at will to draw upon thePatanjali, 262:of being in a state of realization all day every day. The ability at will to draw upon thePatanjali, 285:to his life experience and he knows that the day of liberation is at hand. Through meditation andPatanjali, 296:shineth ever more and more until the perfect day." It is that which produces the halo or circle ofPatanjali, 316:of complete illumination and the full light of day. Ganganatha Jha in his brief commentary touchesPatanjali, 317:until the aspirant walks in the full light of day. When the intuition begins to function, thePatanjali, 398:grow and flower forth into the clear light of day. There [399] is nothing hidden or concealed whichPatanjali, 420:the depths of darkness, away from the light of day. Wherefore this step, 0h! Son of God? To gatherPatanjali, 423:liberated man stands forth in the full light of day, these methods and modes of disciplined livingPatanjali, 425:that path which "shineth more and more until the day be with us." When a man can detach his eyesPatanjali, ix:are studied, it will become apparent why the day of opportunity has only just arrived. The East hasPatanjali, x:will be increasingly shown. Thus comes the day of opportunity. There are three books which shouldProblemsaddition, new problems are arising under present day conditions, although these can usefully beProblems, 10:every nation. This spirit and attitude will some day characterize the attitude of nation to nation.Problems, 13:at the expense of other people will seem some day to a more mature race of men like nurseryProblems, 13:The challenging cry of "This is mine" will some day no longer be heard. In the meantime, this
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