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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DAY

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Problems, 13:but also from the purely selfish angle. Some day the principles of cooperation and of sharing willProblems, 33:the process and humanity has paid the price. The day has now come when the practical mystic and theProblems, 44:be pointed out and the ancient causes of present day prejudices and dislikes can be shown and theirProblems, 45:and on the high seas and in our own time and day they gave us the Atlantic Charter and the FourProblems, 60:but that they require new emphasis. Now is the day of opportunity. A better educational systemProblems, 62:impossible, as history itself has proved. Some day an analysis will be made of the contribution ofProblems, 62:highest possible point of attainment for their day and generation - men who have united withinProblems, 72:every land are aroused and awakening and a new day is dawning. A war is starting between theProblems, 107:and an esoteric understanding which may some day make Africa the seat of the purest form of occultProblems, 124:enough men of vision in the churches to save the day - a vision of [125] meeting the need of manProblems, 128:truth and he will interpret it for himself. The day of theology is over and that of a living truthProblems, 130:good. All have steadily deteriorated since the day of their inception and today the following sadProblems, 140:Christian or believer of any faith. The day is dawning when all religions win be regarded asProblems, 163:and the Expression of the love of God. On this day, the spiritual Hierarchy which He guides andProblems, 164:He was the perfect expression. It will be the day pre-eminently on which the divine nature of manProblems, 170:is being dragged out into the light of day; abuses are being shouted from the housetops, as thePsychology1, xvii:for speed is an essential factor, if the present day unfoldment is to be rightly utilized and thePsychology1, 49:with full intelligent activity, though some day each will do so. None are as yet manifesting LordsPsychology1, 49:true goal towards which all are striving. Some day all will. But potentially every human unit isPsychology1, 49:every human unit is all these three, and some day the appearances which were called personalities,Psychology1, 66:of thy search. Pull forth into the light of day from out the night of time the one thou lovest.Psychology1, 68:apparent how potent and influential in our day and time is [69] this particular ray Life, and howPsychology1, 69:Father, chanted these injunctions to Him on the day of His renewed activity (on what we call thePsychology1, 69:day of His renewed activity (on what we call the day of creation): Produce the dual form and veilPsychology1, 77:hell, and found their place in prison." On that day souls [78] were born. A new kingdom ofPsychology1, 79:and out of darkness into the pure light of God's day. I mention this as I am exceedingly anxiousPsychology1, 81:Why stand between the forces of the night and day? Why thus unmoved and calm, untired and unafraid?Psychology1, 91:needs (physical, emotional, and mental) of the day and hour. Of what does this speak? Of the sumPsychology1, 96:is secret, and the emergence into the light of day of that which has hitherto been concealed andPsychology1, 116:the attention of the aspiring man for many a day? When a man is beginning to live as a soul, andPsychology1, 180:wrest them out of the darkness into the light of day. Thus [181] will the true patterns be madePsychology1, 188:I beg of you to see to it that every day is for you a new day, in which you face new opportunity.Psychology1, 188:you to see to it that every day is for you a new day, in which you face new opportunity. Lose sightPsychology1, 227:enter into the secret of initiation. When the day comes when the history of the mineral kingdom canPsychology1, 262:on an upward pointing triangle, will some day present a truer picture of the creative andPsychology1, 263:of the dark prison of matter into the light of day. These are the five life-giving forces thatPsychology1, 264:life-giving energies seen working upon the third day of revelation" or, speaking still morePsychology1, 264:the chamber of death, the blue light of dawning day reveals the group of workers who seek to raisePsychology1, 264:again. In the third room, and on the third dark day, the Master disappears. He dies; is lost toPsychology1, 280:great impulse which will bring into the light of day all that is to be found clothed [281] withPsychology1, 285:Hence the increasing problem. Hence the great day of opportunity. Hence the wonder of the dawnPsychology1, 297:an unfulfiled ambition to be satisfied; yet the day of ordained and desired births is drawingPsychology1, 300:to make his adjustments in the life of every day upon earth, which provides an adequate heaven andPsychology1, 320:deva kingdom. Humanity now walks in the light of day, symbolically speaking, on Earth, and thesePsychology1, 389:is not yet to be noted, but Germany some day will give out to the world a sound form ofPsychology1, 398:of disciples, the representatives (in their day and age) of the race, passed through the ancientPsychology1, 398:to enact each year, on the return of the day when they might have entered into light, the story ofPsychology1, 418:Sun, substituting for the veiled planet Vulcan. Day: Sunday. Exoteric Color: Orange. S.D., III. p.Psychology1, 418:the heart. Ray II - Love-Wisdom Planet: Jupiter. Day: Thursday. Exoteric Color: Indigo with a tingePsychology1, 419:Intelligence or Adaptability Planet: Saturn. Day: Saturday. Exoteric Color: Black. Esoteric Color:Psychology1, 419:Intuition, Harmony, Beauty, Art Planet: Mercury. Day: Wednesday. Exoteric Color: Cream. EsotericPsychology1, 419:Venus. The Lords of mind came from Venus. Day: Friday. Exoteric Color: Yellow. Esoteric Color:Psychology1, 420:VI - Abstract Idealism, Devotion Planet: Mars. Day: Tuesday. Exoteric Color: Red. Esoteric Color:Psychology1, 420:Planet: The Moon. She is the mother of form. Day: Monday. Exoteric Color: White. Esoteric Color:Psychology2, 10:part; he makes his debut and prepares for the day of full personality emphasis. The soul comesPsychology2, 11:of man. But the dictator will some day be an anachronism, for when the many are at the stage ofPsychology2, 13:for they affirm prematurely that which some day they will be. When initiation becomes possible, itPsychology2, 37:in the shadows. Come forth into the light of day. Display the hidden glory of the Blessed One, thePsychology2, 47:have disappeared. The light and glory of the Day is here. That light reveals the Plan. The Whole isPsychology2, 58:adequate models as the pattern is visited. Some day, the model will be discarded, the pattern willPsychology2, 129:of service and must avail themselves of a new day of opportunity. There is a great need to stand inPsychology2, 146:of meditation, and learn to preserve, during the day, the attitude of inner spiritual orientation.Psychology2, 168:Then weave again, Weaver. Weave in the light of day. Weave, as you see the plan.' " Psychology2, 171:with many fellow-players, wide to the light of day. In the far distance stood a mountain blue, andPsychology2, 246:in the case of humanity [246] as a whole, some day; it will determine finally the life, purpose andPsychology2, 250:the phenomenal world usually veils but will some day indicate in truth. Psychology2, 262:clear knowledge and proceed to the task of the day. They are the key people in any age, and thePsychology2, 281:second initiation is enacted, and this will some day be given upon the astral plane [282] when thePsychology2, 301:Though the time is not yet, we shall some day be able to cast the horoscope of the soul, and makePsychology2, 330:and the man emerges into the light of day and runs his little cycle upon the physical plane,Psychology2, 355:but into the worlds of form that power must some day fail to penetrate. This is the first stepPsychology2, 368:the One who brought the form into the light of day, and preserves [369] it for His use, - The OnePsychology2, 400:express the presented attributes which must some day be as familiar to men (theoretically, atPsychology2, 449:unknown; by a recognition that now is the day of opportunity for all disciples, initiates andPsychology2, 474:times, but undesirable and unnecessary in our day. He is recovering - through stimulation - ancientPsychology2, 484:to work or to meditation practice, and some day the aspirant is led to believe that he will hearPsychology2, 503:less than the relation of the continuance of the day's activities, as they have been carriedPsychology2, 559:when He promised His [559] disciples that some day they would do greater things than He had done.Psychology2, 564:which arouses much antagonism among the present day exponents of these powers, both in and out ofPsychology2, 592:minute centers there are many hundreds. Some day the entire etheric body will be charted and thePsychology2, 600:indicating to him a goal to which he might some day attain, or existing in his consciousness as thePsychology2, 600:symbol of an inner reality which he would some day know, as it in truth was, he lived always withinPsychology2, 602:The mystic sees through a glass darkly but some day must Know, even as he is known. When, in thesePsychology2, 641:over, and fighting for their ideal. [641] Every day sees money spent like water in order to offsetPsychology2, 645:of good will by action in the affairs of every day life, in every country throughout the world. InPsychology2, 647:appeal to God at the time of the full moon. The day of appeal will be the expression of thePsychology2, 647:of God on the physical plane. To this future day of appeal or world prayer much thought andPsychology2, 647:necessity of a great group participation in a Day of Forgiveness and of Forgetting. This may bePsychology2, 649:channel is widened and firmly established, and a day of prayer is duly organized; if the dailyPsychology2, 649:of good will, leading eventually to a worldwide day of forgiveness, then the task of the New GroupPsychology2, 677:This stage can now be developed in our present day humanity for the first time in its history. OnePsychology2, 685:to act as a group channel of service on the day of the Wesak Festival and particularly at the hourPsychology2, 687:"days of renunciation and detachment". [687] The day of the Festival is to be known as the "day ofPsychology2, 687:The day of the Festival is to be known as the "day of safe guarding" whilst the two succeeding daysPsychology2, 687:upward striving for the first two days, on the day of the Festival itself we simply regardPsychology2, 687:We must regard the Festival itself as a day of silence (I refer to an inner peace and silentPsychology2, 687:serving with his speech and spoken interest), a day of service carried forward entirely on esotericPsychology2, 687:share our spiritual vision, each of us can that day and for the period immediately following andPsychology2, 688:dedicated attentive personalities. On the day of the full moon, we attempt to hold ourselvesPsychology2, 691:effort? Do you really believe that on that day there can truly come a release of spiritual energy
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