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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DAYS

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Astrology, 4:at any particular time or season. In ancient days it was believed that the earth was the center ofAstrology, 13:even Lemuria and constituting in Lemurian days simply an ancient tradition, the moon appeared to beAstrology, 28:solar system and which, from the most ancient days, have always been related in myth and legend toAstrology, 46:the "Serpents or Dragons of Wisdom," in Lemurian days. It had to do with solar and planetaryAstrology, 69:the mental plane by the Hierarchy in Atlantean days and they have steadily gained in power everAstrology, 159:of experience in Capricorn. In ancient days, as you may perchance have heard, there were only tenAstrology, 159:of the Zodiacal Constellations In Lemurian days, during the early period of animal man and beforeAstrology, 160:marked the circle of experience. In Atlantean days, man had become so responsive to the planetaryAstrology, 175:this constellation. Earlier, in Atlantean days (from which period we have inherited what we knowAstrology, 203:my words. I am exceedingly anxious that in these days wherein the influence of Scorpio and of theAstrology, 230:of life and the reversed [230] wheel. In the days before Leo-Virgo were divided into two signs,Astrology, 238:place in the first instance in mid-Atlantean days and in the sign Libra. The major conflict of thisAstrology, 242:there were only ten signs, and in those ancient days as in the present time, there was a divergenceAstrology, 397:such men are greatly needed in these serious days of readjustment and strain. Astrology, 408:been no true accuracy since ancient Egyptian days. Anything now possible along these lines can onlyAstrology, 441:effect. The last major intervention in Atlantean days came via Shamballa and resulted in theAstrology, 612:have our being. This great Life, the Ancient of Days, the Lord of the world, Sanat Kumara, theAstrology, 638:do not give the correspondences of the days and planets and colors correctly. There is white andAstrology, 673:II, 36) "Humanity (which appeared in Lemurian days)... is said to be under the direct influence ofAstrology, 683:as ebbs and flows all life force. In Lemurian days came a period of close interaction which broughtAtom, 44:body of the man. What is needed in these days of religious upheaval is that these fundamentalAtom, 49:will also come into being. We are standing these days on the verge of wonderful discoveries: we areAtom, 64:a physical form, and in those early rebellious days, when a man is full of desires, aspirations,Atom, 86:is called "the fall of man." There are few these days who believe the story of the fall as it isAtom, 110:of trance. There is much misconception these days as to what meditation really is, and there is aAtom, 135:seances of a low order are rampant these days, and are driving thousands into insanity, or intoAutobiographyon the job. This she did. Even during the last days in the hospital in [X] New York in 1949, sheAutobiography, 9:last analysis, predominate. They are the hours, days, weeks and months in which character forms,Autobiography, 16:(consumption, as it was called in those days). The fear of tuberculosis lay like an imminent threatAutobiography, 19:is of greater importance in these democratic days. Both William and Peter Fairbairn started life asAutobiography, 19:Britain was democratic even in those far off days and people had their chance to rise if they hadAutobiography, 24:it. The only one I remember in those early days was called by the peculiar name, Miss Millichap.Autobiography, 25:a little more recollection of divinity these days. Then from 9.30 till noon we worked at ourAutobiography, 26:There was never any time in those Victorian days to do anything which we, as individuals, mightAutobiography, 27:pony carriage. It was what was called in those days "a governess cart," designed, I presume,Autobiography, 27:presume, specially for small children. On summer days my sister and I used to take it out,Autobiography, 27:sometimes if my sister ever thinks of those days. After my grandfather's death, Moor Park was sold,Autobiography, 28:it was; there was much leisured beauty those days and very real culture. There was time to read andAutobiography, 30:me - why I cannot imagine. At the end of three days I went to her and told her what I had done,Autobiography, 33:for two hours each Sunday morning. During those days and until I was 22 and became the mistress ofAutobiography, 43:in those comfortable and relatively inexpensive days. I had a firm belief in Christ, for was I notAutobiography, 44:and could dance. After I had been there two days, one morning, after breakfast, a very well-knownAutobiography, 45:of girls of my class in those Victorian days, but also the fact that some very fast men are veryAutobiography, 46:to the Church Missionary Society, as in those days I needed no money. But the time had now comeAutobiography, 46:the world and to justify my existence. In those days I expressed this urge in terms of "Jesus wentAutobiography, 49:answers. That was my condition in those early days and I had not then the sense to be amused atAutobiography, 50:a static condition is impossible. But in those days of which I write, I was a dyed-in-the-woolAutobiography, 51:oldest [51] prayer in the world. I had, in those days, to learn that "the love of God is broaderAutobiography, 52:writings. I realize all this now but in those days the English Bible was infallibly [53] correctAutobiography, 59:than most people. Those were happy, busy days. I adored Miss Sandes, as who did not? I loved herAutobiography, 64:at all." Travel to India was expensive in those days and Miss Sandes had to pay for Theo's return.Autobiography, 64:looked at me but made no comment. Two or three days later when we were having breakfast I heard,Autobiography, 67:and sodas. The voyage took three weeks in those days and I watched him with disdain all the time.Autobiography, 69:even though I have forgotten his name. In those days I was utterly fearless; I did not know what itAutobiography, 70:lovely little children and women (in those days) carrying water-pots on their heads; waterAutobiography, 72:find that sun helmets are not worn so much these days and two of my daughters, who have been inAutobiography, 74:for a picnic and drove to a place that in those days was called Woodcock Spinney. It was a lovely,Autobiography, 76:I had a very good mezzo soprano voice in those days with a wide range and exceedingly well trained.Autobiography, 78:law of rebirth and yet, even in those orthodox days, I was sure it was a question of passing on toAutobiography, 79:migraine headaches. These would lay me low for days at a time, but I would always stagger up and doAutobiography, 79:His young wife and I looked after him for ten days until I could arrange for his passage to GreatAutobiography, 80:the general discomfort of life in India in those days. We knew little psychology at that time andAutobiography, 80:took the boat back to India. I have spent many days and months, all told, on the ocean. I have lostAutobiography, 83:the trite argument that Christ, during the three days whilst His body was in the tomb went andAutobiography, 83:give them only one small chance lasting three days, after thousands of years in hell, because theyAutobiography, 91:the recollection of the soul, just as there are days in one's present life that are unforgettable,Autobiography, 94:room. Trains were not as comfortable in those days as they are now and lacked all kinds ofAutobiography, 97:went back to my aunt feeling better. In a few days' time I went down to London and took the boatAutobiography, 99:with ruffles (which we never mentioned those days) and corset-covers, never seen today and asAutobiography, 99:week saw me getting slightly better. Every few days brought me letters from Walter Evans from whomAutobiography, 110:for California. The tourist sleepers in those days were not as comfortable as they are today. AgainAutobiography, 112:the people of this little town. Mildred was ten days overdue; the temperature was 112 degrees on myAutobiography, 112:were terribly noisy; I had been very ill for days; and then the cesspool fell in. I picturedAutobiography, 113:and disappeared. I did not see Dorothy for three days. I did not much care; I was far too ill.Autobiography, 113:washing, and knowing that I had nearly died ten days before, she sought out Walter Evans and readAutobiography, 116:care of her too? Of course I did, and for three days I had two sick babies on my hands and a sickAutobiography, 120:is basically obsolete. I asked myself a few days ago what part of the Old Testament was worthAutobiography, 122:a finger on me. He sulked and would not talk for days on end and gave me the bulk of the work to doAutobiography, 128:around 4 in the afternoon. For the first three days the noise, the smells and the unfamiliarAutobiography, 131:I did what I could. Curiously enough, a few days later I went into a restaurant and sat down withAutobiography, 134:any sense to me. One reason was that in those days I took my date of the evolutionary cycle fromAutobiography, 135:talking and asking questions, a great deal. My days then became very long. I would get up in theAutobiography, 139:Master. I learnt that when I, in my orthodox days, talked about Christ [140] and His Church I wasAutobiography, 144:Hollywood was relatively unspoiled in those days. The movie industry was, of course, the majorAutobiography, 149:them under surveillance, for those were stormy days on the frontier. I knew that if they succeededAutobiography, 154:Karma, as the Theosophists call it. In the early days of primitive man, men were the victims of theAutobiography, 164:Alice A. Bailey is the lower self. Some of these days (if I ever have the pleasure of meeting him)Autobiography, 167:to the attention of the public. In the early days of writing for the Tibetan, I had to write atAutobiography, 175:about me; I have been able to arrange my days to suit myself except as far as the children wereAutobiography, 178:The facts are here. In these early days of which I write no one would have believed that the timeAutobiography, 178:were Foster's responsibility but, even in those days, he shared all things with me. We were drawingAutobiography, 191:proud that he stood behind me in those earlier days. In 1921 we formed a small meditation group ofAutobiography, 199:heavily for them. I never made any charge and my days were full of seeing people who had someAutobiography, 203:Foster and I used to commute to New York most days of the week as Craigie was there to look afterAutobiography, 207:was dying she had me on her mind and only a few days before her death I had a letter from her whichAutobiography, 210:with Foster and me to stop at Valmy for a few days. All of us had long, interesting talks. One ofAutobiography, 215:regarded as obsolete and try to remember my own days of revolt. I had seen so much and knew so muchAutobiography, 221:Hotel Des Flandes and had a good time the few days we were in Antwerp. The checked tablecloths inAutobiography, 221:with us at Ascona but was leaving us after a few days in Antwerp as she wanted to go down the RhineAutobiography, 222:take a walk to the suburbs. At the end of a few days the girls had absorbed an enormous amount of
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