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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DAYS

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Discipleship1, 646:order and rhythm in your environment; in these days of turmoil and difficulty, every rhythmicDiscipleship1, 649:propaganda. Serve with all that is in you these days of world agony, and remember that if you areDiscipleship1, 653:willingness - to that need. Are you? These are days when the unit either counts for very little andDiscipleship1, 658:this not so? When you can realize that in these days of human crisis (when the call has gone out toDiscipleship1, 670:rests upon you, my brother. In these hard days remember with joy that the Hierarchy of spiritualDiscipleship1, 730:working on some one ray or rays. In the early days of the present cycle of hierarchical effortDiscipleship1, 731:is brought to your attention. In these days of world strife, it is this bringing about of rightDiscipleship1, 737:for dedication to the needs of humanity in these days of human agony; this involves a sensitivityDiscipleship1, 771:acute discrimination is also required. These are days when the lines of demarcation between theDiscipleship2, 17:make a careful record every full moon - from two days before until two days after the full moon -Discipleship2, 17:every full moon - from two days before until two days after the full moon - of all experiences andDiscipleship2, 26:in connection with your full moon contact. Two days before the time of the full moon, I will askDiscipleship2, 26:Make a most definite effort during these two days to step up your consciousness a little higher atDiscipleship2, 27:of any realization must be noted for the two days succeeding the time of the full moon, for theDiscipleship2, 31:of the past teaching. The pressure of life these days is very great; everybody is tired; you willDiscipleship2, 34:you. The pressure of life has been great these days; to that pressure many of you have succumbed.Discipleship2, 46:is no time for any of you to be lonely these days, for there is no time for you to think aboutDiscipleship2, 48:that disciples in all Ashrams consider these days what humanity's problems are, what they mean andDiscipleship2, 54:of inner activity, divided as follows: The three days prior to the full moon were to be dedicatedDiscipleship2, 54:upon the success of the previous three days' work by the group) became a definitely provenDiscipleship2, 54:symbolic of humanity's future contact. The three days succeeding the full moon period then wereDiscipleship2, 54:full moon period then were considered. In these days, it was pointed out, the personality couldDiscipleship2, 56:period was divided as follows: There were two days of intensive preparation. This involved theDiscipleship2, 58:sensed. This stage is followed by: 4. Two days of intensive recollection by the group in theirDiscipleship2, 69:to serve which confronts every disciple these days, that your own personal development, your uniqueDiscipleship2, 71:used. It is less potent in effect, but in these days of crisis everything must be used. EveryDiscipleship2, 83:need for it to be put to practical use in these days of dire world need, two other modes of workDiscipleship2, 127:At the time of the Full Moon (covering five days) picture to yourselves an ocean of blue and uponDiscipleship2, 127:If you will each of you do this on the five days of the Full Moon (as earlier detailed), you willDiscipleship2, 160:but to the light of the intellect. In Atlantean days, as a result of the strife between the LordsDiscipleship2, 171:I am with you always, even until the end of the days." His Presence, however, is not recognized byDiscipleship2, 218:control as it was known in old Atlantean days, only this time on a much higher turn of the spiralDiscipleship2, 226:at least once a week and upon different days. These two forms of invocative appeal can be used byDiscipleship2, 231:as it now exists, is of relatively modern days. In this instruction we will consider the relationDiscipleship2, 252:more penetrative than was the adept in Atlantean days, and the initiate who will achieveDiscipleship2, 309:This has been an occult platitude ever since the days of H.P.B., during whose time it was decidedDiscipleship2, 314:the old concepts - profoundly useful in their days - should be forgotten and the newer methods andDiscipleship2, 318:to the usual and apparent meanings. In the olden days, as you well know, [319] the Master would sayDiscipleship2, 402:of a much higher substance than in primeval days. It must also be remembered that a great processDiscipleship2, 445:these instructions... Life is difficult these days but you lack not courage, and the sense of innerDiscipleship2, 478:one day in the middle of the week. On the other days you will simply carry forward the groupDiscipleship2, 478:with your group brothers. In this way the days of your personal orientation in meditation will beDiscipleship2, 499:futile or inadequate to the task, for in these days of urgent distress the aid given to - andDiscipleship2, 523:will know what these are if you will take three days of quiet retirement and during that timeDiscipleship2, 524:[524] shutting out (at least for those three days) every kind of reaction to human happenings. AimDiscipleship2, 524:you will find it necessary to write if these days are productive of renewed contact withDiscipleship2, 529:close lately during these difficult postwar days. Disciples such as you react not only to their ownDiscipleship2, 551:morning, every Friday morning, and for the five days which come at the time of the Full Moon eachDiscipleship2, 570:seek to make clear to you. Nothing matters these days (when the bulk of humanity is in such direDiscipleship2, 586:remembering that it will take you at least seven days to reach me. Ask A.A.B. to tell you why. ButDiscipleship2, 603:unaware of this. The lot of disciples in these days is particularly hard owing to the fact thatDiscipleship2, 627:group brothers. Take each of them on successive days. Seek to establish a definite rapport and pourDiscipleship2, 643:around him. Much is happening to disciples these days for they bear the brunt of the world'sDiscipleship2, 649:of that sentence, my brother? Just as there are days in a year which seem to stand out because ofDiscipleship2, 671:is a thought worthy of attention. Men need these days to learn this new truth, and its perceptionDiscipleship2, 683:and the Hierarchy. Ponder on this. These are days of terrific stress and strain, far greater andDiscipleship2, 692:this time and which will be expressive of your days for the remainder of your life. To this desireDiscipleship2, 699:done, particularly orchestral music. In these days of radio programs this is easily accomplished,Discipleship2, 760:for the rest of your life to follow for three days a definite procedure... I ask this because IEducation, 43:education. It is true that the Church in ancient days was the educator of the time, but theEducation, 84:their surroundings and foster, from the earliest days, the recognition of a part to be played and aEducation, 89:child (so easily directed) can from its earliest days assume an unselfish attitude towards hisEducation, 139:The light which is in the parents, which in the days to come will be seen clairvoyantly by anExternalisation, 10:Mediumship of which there is far too much these days, and which is the cause of concern to the bestExternalisation, 16:Great Ones is to go forward as desired in these days of stress and of world need, it is imperativeExternalisation, 21:condition which was brought to an end in earlier days, when the Hierarchy (in order to furtherExternalisation, 25:should go is for you to decide. For the five days of meditation, I call you to a more completeExternalisation, 40:This department came into being in Atlantean days when the great controversy [41] took placeExternalisation, 72:ancient Lemuria; the second time, in Atlantean days in the great struggle between the Lords ofExternalisation, 82:[82] and interiorly quiet - and if you fill your days with vital occupation and true service,Externalisation, 86:know, focused in Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days (as He is called in the Christian Bible), theExternalisation, 107:was at the time of the struggle in Atlantean days between the "Lords of Light and the Lords ofExternalisation, 107:Kumara, the Lord of the World. The Ancient of Days. Melchizedek. Will or Power. Purpose. Plan.Externalisation, 121:of the nation. The Hierarchy was, in those days, present upon the earth as the priest-kings andExternalisation, 125:material expression of material tendencies. In days to come, the Ten Commandments will be expressedExternalisation, 125:qualities. There was no free will in Atlantean days. There is a tendency to free will (note thatExternalisation, 127:the two groups of opponents. In Atlantean days, it was stated that the battle was [128] between theExternalisation, 142:of the one which was used widely in Atlantean days during the period of the ancient conflict ofExternalisation, 165:for which the Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, has long waited. The patience and sustainingExternalisation, 196:solely due to man's selfishness that (in these days of rapid transportation) thousands are starvingExternalisation, 226:to an adequate temporary discipline. For the two days prior to the Full Moon, on the day of theExternalisation, 226:the Full Moon itself, and for the two succeeding days (five days) endeavor at sunrise, at noon, atExternalisation, 226:itself, and for the two succeeding days (five days) endeavor at sunrise, at noon, at five o'clockExternalisation, 227:demonstration. Repeat this activity for three days each and every month - the day prior to the FullExternalisation, 227:day. As a preliminary exercise to these three days, you could take an earlier three days ofExternalisation, 227:three days, you could take an earlier three days of preparation, and thus increase theExternalisation, 247:of Light. These are difficult and terrible days. Men and women are needed who have the courage andExternalisation, 259:cataclysm was the method employed in Atlantean days, as you well know from the tales of the flood,Externalisation, 277:side of life and was the goal in Atlantean days, where peace was a great spiritual issue. But peaceExternalisation, 287:Three are: The Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara, the planetary Logos,Externalisation, 319:The Four Freedoms January 6, 1941 In the future days, which we seek to make secure, we look forwardExternalisation, 356:the spiritual contact so prevalent in Atlantean days and so long lost, and the recognition of theExternalisation, 388:until the Full Moon of June including the five days after that Full Moon I ask you to use both ofExternalisation, 388:Full Moon of May and that of June and for five days thereafter) to seek to "dwell ever at theExternalisation, 420:and the Hindu has still another list of holy days. In the future world, when organized, all men ofExternalisation, 420:and intention everywhere will keep the same holy days. This will bring about a pooling of spiritualExternalisation, 438:the birth hour of the human soul. In Atlantean days when the power of the Black Lodge was so greatExternalisation, 450:is this conference being held during the five days of the Wesak Full Moon. It will be a time ofExternalisation, 450:the license of unruly men in the early days gave onlooking humanity a wrong slant on what wasExternalisation, 450:a wrong slant on what was happening. But those days are over. In the fires of suffering and through
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