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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DAYS

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Externalisation, 451:distinguished an oligarchy of learning in the days of China's ancient glory will again distinguishExternalisation, 464:planetary Enlightener. I refer to the Ancient of Days (as He is called in the Old Testament), toExternalisation, 464:will be made by Them this year, during the five days of the Full Moon (April 25-30), and a majorExternalisation, 464:will be called into play during, those five days as the nucleus through which the Forces ofExternalisation, 466:I say "immediate" I refer to the coming five days of the Wesak Festival. This should have aExternalisation, 499:all the vested and monied interests - that their days are numbered, provided humanity governs itsExternalisation, 503:the synagogue and with His disciples in Judean days? The aspirants and disciples of the world mustExternalisation, 513:the same egos incarnate that were present in the days of old in Palestine. The numbers of thoseExternalisation, 519:plane (instead of the physical) during the days of ancient Atlantis and after the war between theExternalisation, 519:as a result of the triumph of evil in those days, the Hierarchy has stood in silence behind worldExternalisation, 541:of the Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, though they do not concern goodwill as youExternalisation, 555:to humanity, in reality covers three whole days, each with a different keynote: The keynote of LoveExternalisation, 555:at a solemn ceremony on each of the three days. At each ceremony the Christ will say the newExternalisation, 555:and the will-to-good (one on each of the three days) . Those disciples or initiates who happen toExternalisation, 556:several million. The result of this solemn three days of invocation will be followed by a climaxingExternalisation, 584:objective in work. They will not give up their days and efforts solely to the relief of humanExternalisation, 594:of succession from the throne of the Ancient of Days down to the humblest disciple (gathered withExternalisation, 594:group of disciples - "Lo! I am with you all the days even unto the end of the age" - has come andExternalisation, 598:of the Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, the Father of all, plus the Creative Energies andExternalisation, 600:Figures as the Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days; the seven Spirits Who are before the throneExternalisation, 608:who gathered around Him in those earlier simpler days, but those members of our human family whoExternalisation, 608:and not just their hearts (as in the earlier days), if the Will of God is to be intelligentlyExternalisation, 616:which saw His first appearance, only in those days these standards were localized and notExternalisation, 640:had been fighting totalitarianism. In the early days of the postwar period the Nations compromisedExternalisation, 682:Lodge have chosen to work ever since Atlantean days. It is not the solitude of a separative spirit,Externalisation, 683:rare centers of learning. It was easy in those days to withdraw into the desert and to disappearExternalisation, 685:long silence which has persisted since Atlantean days; the Masters can now begin to undertake toExternalisation, 687:teaching Their disciples of all grades, these days, as the first step toward the externalization ofFire, vi:this had been accomplished, and within thirty days after that period, Mrs. Bailey gained herFire, 29:rupa levels. The fire destroyed the lands in the days of the lesser Sixth. When the Sixth appearedFire, 41:periods are as follows: Mortal years 360 days of mortals make a year 1 Krita Yuga containsFire, 41:of Brahma will contain 8,640,000,000 360 of such days and nights make one year of Brahma, equal toFire, 77:The cosmos is not going in one groove all the days of Brahma, but it is going on a higher andFire, 78:of the powers of the physical elemental. In days to come it will be realized that the health of manFire, 103:Once in the history of the race (in Lemurian days) this was seen in the destruction of the race andFire, 106:and to basic mistakes (originating in Lemurian days) man's three pranic centers are not in goodFire, 111:solar pralaya, but lesser cycles succeeding the "days of Brahma" or periods of lesser activity,Fire, 171:beginning to be felt and thus to later Lemurian days. 3. The divided circle. At this stage theFire, 171:is achieved. This corresponds to Atlantean days. 4. The circle divided into four. We come now toFire, 201:not-self is contacted. Hence, its rarity these days owing to the intense individualization of theFire, 211:Initiator, called in the Bible, the Ancient of Days. This Rod lies hidden "in the East" and holdsFire, 212:it was nearly thus used, - once in Atlantean days, and once in the third year of the late war. ThisFire, 214:Asia where the Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, has His Headquarters. H. P. B. says it is "aFire, 324:alliance. Light flashed forth [324] in Lemurian days in a number of great groups of the humanFire, 335:on higher levels to what transpired in Lemurian days. Therefore, we have: Instinct - The key fromFire, 348:29 When man individualized in Lemurian days (about eighteen million years ago), it was theFire, 351:forth and illuminated animal man in Lemurian days, during that vast cycle wherein sight opened upFire, 367:as ebbs and flows all life force. In Lemurian days came a period of close interaction which broughtFire, 368:can help us, and that this help came in Lemurian days. This is an instance of a partial truth andFire, 414:we been given the charts embracing pre-Lemurian days, and extending back a distance into theFire, 417:which found scope for activity in Atlantean days, and during the present root race, can be tracedFire, 418:Let us study these a little and note wherein in days and cycles to come they will be seen workingFire, 455:will be even more dangerous than in Atlantean days, for back of it will be some degree of will,Fire, 461:at the so-called "Judgment Day." In Atlantean days the lives which composed the third kingdom ofFire, 462:of the nature of the occurrence in Lemurian days will not be required. Since the great division inFire, 472:This should be pondered on, for in days to come (when units here and there contact the devas, andFire, 480:crept in, owing to this very thing, in the early days of hierarchical effort to give out some ofFire, 482:latent through experience undergone in Atlantean days) and the landmarks indicated hold sufficientFire, 486:to the disastrous developments in Atlantean days, and the consequent stultification of spiritualFire, 486:past knowledge and powers developed in Atlantean days. Produce bodies resistant to the fireFire, 490:fire escapes. The true alchemist therefore in days to come will in every ease seek to stimulate theFire, 494:is the consequence of undue success in Atlantean days, when the alchemists of the time, throughFire, 503:is already in process and began in Lemurian days. VII. As regards monadic discrimination,Fire, 651:loose from the preconceived dogmas of pre-war days. It should be pointed out here that the war wasFire, 673:"sin of the mindless," the failure in Atlantean days, and even that mysterious "failure" of theFire, 700:case can be seen at the entry - in Atlantean days - of Egos from the moon-chain. The parallel isFire, 716:as compared to the wild animals. In Atlantean days the opening of the door into the fifth kingdom,Fire, 721:indication of the systemic process in those days. Through the force engendered during the processFire, 728:in the individualization period in Lemurian days) to enable Them to take etheric bodies andFire, 734:Logos. Incidental pralaya. This succeeds the days of Brahma. It marks periods between manvantaras.Fire, 811:every part of the body. It is essential that in days to come medical men should realize thatFire, 813:way is being prepared by the many who in these days are developing public interest through theFire, 814:has been written in view of the necessity these days of a statement as to the real or inner man,Fire, 852:be termed the karmic results of seeds sown in days long past, and hidden in the mysteries of theFire, 853:the individualization process in Lemurian days. They are the Earth humanity, along with the secondFire, 853:Egos who have been swept in since Atlantean days to take the place of those Egos who have achievedFire, 978:importance and much is hoped from it in these days. If in any organization on the physical planeFire, 984:White Much is said among occult students these days anent white and black magic, 94 and much thatFire, 1003:methods and formulas known and used in Atlantean days, when the magical formulas were publicFire, 1068:It was the basis of the alchemical work of olden days. "True, without error, certain and most true;Fire, 1076:of forced individualization in Lemurian days. It was the intensive stimulation of the third kingdomFire, 1078:the Door of Initiation was opened in Atlantean days, but many lesser cycles have occurred, for theFire, 1079:the Buddha and many achieved Arhatship in those days. That period was the highest point of what isFire, 1089:entering in of those Monads, during Atlantean days, who, having individualized upon another chain,Fire, 1147:from the moon chain who came in in Atlantean days. Their heredity is peculiar. They implanted aFire, 1171:the Adepts of the left hand path in Atlantean days were called "the Trees," (S. D., II, 519, 520,Fire, 1174:the Door of Initiation was opened in Atlantean days. It does not, therefore, apply to all theFire, 1204:the "Serpents or Dragons of Wisdom" in Lemurian days. It had to do with solar and planetaryFire, 1236:Kumara, the Lord of the World. (The Ancient of Days. The One Initiator.) | The Three Kumaras. (TheGlamour, 17:(but not for some long time yet) utilize the days of contact and the "moment of entrance" (as it isGlamour, 32:I would point out to you that, in Lemurian days, glamor and illusion were relatively unknown fromGlamour, 32:animals. Glamor began to be found in Atlantean days, and since that time has steadily precipitated,Glamour, 34:for I am taking the time and trouble these busy days to meet your need and to bring as much lightGlamour, 42:Note: A dawning sense of maya arose in Lemurian days, but there was no real glamor and illusion.Glamour, 42:among advanced human beings in later Atlantean days and will be a controlling factor in our AryanGlamour, 151:group? Irritation is exceedingly prevalent these days of nervous tension and it most [152]Glamour, 163:contact so prevalent in [163] Atlantean days and so long lost, and the recognition of theHealing, 43:its acme of development in late Atlantean days and its potency is still great, constituting theHealing, 58:in later Lemurian times and early Atlantean days. The people of those times, seeing the fearfulHealing, 62:demonstrate homosexual tendencies. In those days, so urgent was the sexual appetite, the normal
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