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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DAYS

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Healing, 152:an initiation, by humanity, because in Lemurian days, it was then the first initiation, signifyingHealing, 161:plexus center. This last center, since Atlantean days, has been reversed, and its petals are nowHealing, 169:spine and is exceedingly active. In Atlantean days, it was brought to a high stage of development,Healing, 169:to a high stage of development, just as in Aryan days, the throat center is being rapidly awakened.Healing, 200:all the frontal areas of the head. In Atlantean days, personality integration was largely unknown,Healing, 228:active and the dominant center. In Atlantean days it was the solar plexus center which was theHealing, 228:fire." The work of the Hierarchy in Lemurian days was, as I have told you elsewhere, to teachHealing, 228:it must be remembered that the Master in those days had not the development or the understanding ofHealing, 229:of wrong doing. The Hierarchy in those days had its own methods of teaching these infant peoples,Healing, 231:of the White Magic so openly used in those days, prior to the great war between the Forces of LightHealing, 232:mischief and wickedness in the decadent days of the Roman Empire. Life became tainted by the miasmaHealing, 232:summons comes." It is difficult for us in these days to appreciate or to comprehend the AtlanteanHealing, 241:sublimated form of the laya-yoga of Atlantean days. Then the advanced student will control theHealing, 247:is a part of a cyclic law, as the old adage "the days of a man are three score years and ten"Healing, 256:the spiritual nature of compromise in these days of evolutionary unfoldment. Their ideas cannotHealing, 278:are kept alive - if not cured - who in earlier days and with less scientific aptitude wouldHealing, 285:particularly of medical science, in the early days of modern medicine and surgery. But this neverHealing, 285:or slackened the growth of knowledge; in these days of pioneering [286] in the field of occultHealing, 287:effect. It is only possible in these early days of experiment and work along these lines to giveHealing, 315:proving the truth of my primary contention. In days such as these, wherein cancer is the secondHealing, 341:the time of the full moon (over a period of five days) the moon and the planet are the recipientsHealing, 354:prevalent in the earlier and more leisured [354] days of the racial life - for then the herdHealing, 470:the release in a few hours instead of a few days; it also is a much needed means for bringing aboutHealing, 476:life will sometimes fight a battle lasting for days and weeks. When, however, death is inevitable,Healing, 484:to drift around for a stated period of several days, have also no true basis at all. There is noHealing, 487:These are still the vast majority. In Atlantean days the astral plane came into being; the mentalHealing, 576:under hierarchical impression. In the early days of their use they were submitted to and acceptedHealing, 578:which is formed by so linking them. In Lemurian days, the healer achieved his ends by the use ofHealing, 578:as you know, of hierarchical effort in those days was to teach primitive man the uses and purposeHealing, 579:as we understand the word, but in Atlantean days a certain measure of magnetic radiation showedHealing, 580:part of this treatise. The healer in those days worked through the solar plexus center and (if anHealing, 594:and powerful, producing crises as in Atlantean days. As the mass of men are still Atlantean inHealing, 664:national life and planetary life so hard these days. No one is exempt and there is no distinctionHerculesthe mass of men, one man stood forth in ancient days and caught the great presiding Elder'sHercules, 33:shall be specially his own. In ancient Accadian days, this sign Aries was called that "wherein theHercules, 34:horse does rightly know it." In the very ancient days in India, the horse sacrifice was linked withHercules, 44:regarded as conferring illumination. In ancient days it was called the leading star of the heavens,Hercules, 68:great heat, hence we have the phrase of "the dog days" in the middle of the summer, when the heatHercules, 68:"I fled Him, down the nights and down the days; I fled Him, down the arches of the years; I fledHercules, 89:savior has been celebrated; but in very ancient days, the birthday of the infant sun gods was inHercules, 97:him with hope and fearful tremblings. For days and several nights he searched the Way and listenedHercules, 98:the gift that to himself he had bequeathed in days long past, his trusty club. On every hand heHercules, 102:"Honor thy father and thy mother, that thy days may be long in the land which the Lord thy GodHercules, 106:work of the universal Mind, and of the six days of creation. In the sixth sign, Virgo, we have theHercules, 129:are brought back by people who have spent a few days in Paris and think they then know France. AndHercules, 133:probably retreat to a library, and spend his days there. However, other human beings also exist andHercules, 195:to Helius, the god of fire in the sun. For seven days he meditated, and then a favor was bestowedHercules, 205:The Purpose of the Study of the Hercules Myth In days of darkness and apparent spiritual deadness,Hercules, 217:of our years, corresponds with one of our days, because during that period all the twelveHercules, 220:customary to eat fish on Good Friday and on fast days. So we find the lamb sacrifice following uponInitiation, 2:inspiration and of light it may bring. In these days of the shattering of the old form and theInitiation, 23:(having been mercifully withdrawn in Atlantean days) of the type of energy which our scheme shouldInitiation, 28:under the form of Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, and the Lord of the World, came down to thisInitiation, 29:next section of our subject. With the Ancient of Days came a group of other highly evolvedInitiation, 32:a purely material connotation. In Lemurian days, after the great descent of the spiritualInitiation, 34:laid down by the Lord of the World in Atlantean days. These terms will be stated in the lastInitiation, 45:at the founding of the Hierarchy in Lemurian days - it was then held by one of the Kumaras, orInitiation, 73:is not so often a hindrance to disciples these days, owing to the development of the mind, but lackInitiation, 88:comes. The Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, the ineffable Ruler himself administers theInitiation, 106:he who is called in the Bible "The Ancient of Days," and in the Hindu Scriptures the First Kumara,Initiation, 127:Bodhisattva. When man individualized in Lemurian days, it was through the application of the Rod ofInitiation, 173:of the separation of the sexes in Lemurian days. The balancing of forces in all departments ofInitiation, 178:out, a special effort (inaugurated in Atlantean days and continued to this time) made by theIntellect, 11:they are to the present time. "In the days that are passing over us, even fools are arrested to askIntellect, 11:the generations of men have seen more impressive days. Days of endless [12] calamity, disruption,Intellect, 11:of men have seen more impressive days. Days of endless [12] calamity, disruption, dislocation,Intellect, 12:this small hope is not now a tenable one. These days of universal death must be days of universalIntellect, 12:one. These days of universal death must be days of universal rebirth, if the ruin is not to beIntellect, 169:by the energy pouring through him, and the days are all too short for what he seeks to accomplish.Intellect, 208:life. These last have to learn to organize their days and leave out the non-essential activities.Intellect, 223:It is only here and there that, in the ancient days, the teachers picked a man for this form ofIntellect, 256:or meditation should be practiced on alternate days, until such time as the brain cells haveMagic, 63:without results. All is clear to him some days and he seems to stand on the mountain top lookingMagic, 67:is necessary to guard what you think. These are days when the race as a whole is becoming sensitiveMagic, 95:the Heavenly Man. The ancient yoga of Atlantean days (which has come down to us in the necessarilyMagic, 114:to work out certain karma involved in past days. Men have erred grievously in the past. PunishmentMagic, 129:Instruction careful consideration. These are days wherein many adjustments and changes are beingMagic, 129:is more apparent than ever before. These are days, therefore, wherein quietness and confidence mustMagic, 138:hate - has something rare to offer in these days and the Great Ones can use him. See to it,Magic, 231:have it in mind in these difficult and strenuous days. Such disciples are in conscious contact atMagic, 244:ebb and flow will make this clearer. In Lemurian days the "flow", or the outward going cycle, spentMagic, 244:This was at its height for humanity in Atlantean days and is true also of many today. Now the ebbMagic, 265:Magic - Rule Nine - Fundamental Forms In these days you will need to ponder on this matter of theMagic, 312:from these dying astral emanations. In ancient days they were still more potent, being closer toMagic, 313:their influence was constructive, for in those days, the lesson of sex and the intelligentMagic, 322:at this time the peculiar effort of the coming days, and I would - for your guidance - make certainMagic, 350:are on their way. The half-gained victory, the days lived through with a certain measure ofMagic, 356:Future Much false teaching is going about these days in connection with the mind and the soul. ItMagic, 360:analogies change as time progresses. In Lemurian days, viewing it as a kingdom in nature, humanityMagic, 369:will be yours, and in the consciousness of days well spent, and in the gratitude of salvaged souls,Magic, 379:or in other units. It was necessary in those days to employ methods more definitely physical thanMagic, 379:infant humanity of Lemurian and early Atlantean days had to be taught what they [381] were by meansMagic, 382:Ten - The Founding of the Hierarchy In Atlantean days, the goal that the Hierarchy of Teachers setMagic, 399:spiritual" reality. Only those were, in those days, allowed to participate in these mysteries andMagic, 478:It is interesting to note that in Atlantean days, the word used was TAU, enunciated explosively andMagic, 479:civilization; the few who used the AUM in those days were not potent enough to offset the force ofMagic, 520:control. This dire event happened in Atlantean days and the then group of workers had to withdrawMagic, 531:the planetary Logos, sometimes the Ancient of Days, sometimes God, and sometimes the One Life.Magic, 585:with himself which is rare indeed these days. Let him say to himself "I must to my own Self beMagic, 634:loss of time. That in itself is serious in these days of dire world need, but the disciple must
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