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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEAD

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Astrology, 13:mind that today the moon is nothing more than a dead form. It has no emanation and no radiation ofAstrology, 13:to the Earth. Let me reiterate: The moon is a dead form; it has no emanation at all. That is whyAstrology, 213:symbolizes. It is the creed of a crucified and dead Christ which rules Christianity and not that ofAstrology, 225:as expressing symbolically that which is dead. The Moon here stands for the personality and, in theAstrology, 277:esoterically speaking, the stimulation of the "dead lives" (the so-called inorganic substance) intoAstrology, 277:the Moon is the symbol of the response of the dead lives to the outer spiritual impact. The centralAstrology, 400:solar system which led to the Moon becoming a dead planet, the energies of these stars and certainAstrology, 446:blind when Uranus is meant. Today the Moon is a dead world and the reason is that the Uranian urgeAstrology, 664:from the occult side of her nature. For she is a dead, yet a living body. The particles of herAstrology, 665:Note) (Quoting Shankaracharya.) "The moon is a dead planet from which all the principles are gone.Astrology, 665:in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire "The moon is dead and cannot support life because humanity and theAstrology, 678:of buildings sacred to votive offerings to the dead, in the Buddhist religion, are ornaments of aAutobiography, 21:(and they were very steep) I would probably be dead at the end. I did not succeed. Bridget, theAutobiography, 55:not remember what came next. I had to come to a dead stop, red to the roots of my hair and feelingAutobiography, 65:think I had better go and find another table." A dead silence descended upon us. Then one of theAutobiography, 124:risen, living and loving, and not a Christ, dead, suffering and a sacrifice to an angry God, theyAutobiography, 128:that the moment I got into the cottage I fainted dead away. But I got accustomed to it, for NatureAutobiography, 145:outstandingly good people also and people of a dead level mediocrity who have not enoughAutobiography, 149:the other side, wondering whether I was alive or dead and consulting with each other whether theyAutobiography, 165:service on the Tibetan frontier. He is now dead but was a great and good man. Mr. Carpenter toldAutobiography, 178:defaming and running down people who have been dead for decades. There is work to be done in theAutobiography, 194:all esoteric schools and because after I am dead and gone I want to feel that these principles willAutobiography, 211:to Foster and told him that the Grand Duke was dead. And so it was. I saw the obituary notice inAutobiography, 221:as we were not interested in statues of long dead military men or to visit every church that couldAutobiography, 228:of the group saying that Sir Subra Maniyer was dead and that my book A Treatise on Cosmic Fire hadBethlehem, 175:beyond the fact that Christ rose from the dead. The Resurrection initiation is veiled in silence.Bethlehem, 178:Hell or the Underworld. They rose again from the dead, and became the pioneers of mankind to theBethlehem, 179:may struggle to perpetuate the memory of the dead Christ upon the Cross, or they may endeavor toBethlehem, 186:plane, in all its stages. He then rose from the dead to tell us that the long task of evolution hadBethlehem, 186:that I may attain to the resurrection from the dead. I do not say that I have already gained thisBethlehem, 187:today demands a living Christ rather than a dead Savior. It demands an ideal so universal in itsBethlehem, 212:what man must do in order to be raised from the dead. We have regarded half the world as lost andBethlehem, 232:When he was placed in the tomb, Christianity was dead and buried too. Now we meet these men andBethlehem, 232:is unanimous: on the third day he rose from the dead." - The Valley and Beyond, by Anthony C.Bethlehem, 234:it the Jesus whom they had known living, and dead, and alive again. They had been through much moreBethlehem, 236:mankind. Thy daring art shall animate the dead, And draw the thunder on Thy guilty head; Then shaltBethlehem, 239:founded upon some sectarian presentation of the dead Christ, and of the earlier aspects of HisBethlehem, 243:the clear cold light." (The Tibetan Book of the Dead, by W. Y. Evans-Wentz, p. 29.) It is possibleBethlehem, 246:Himself is a direct refutation. He rose from the dead and entered upon a life of increased activeBethlehem, 250:the door into the kingdom and to rise from the dead, the "first fruits of them that slept." (IBethlehem, 252:place: "The resurrection is not the rise of the dead from their tombs but the passage from theBethlehem, 254:light we have, and see humanity stirring, the dead bones coming to life, and the wrappings andBethlehem, 261:of humanity is the resurrection from among the dead. Immortality must take the place of mortality.Bethlehem, 261:For our sakes, therefore, He rose from the dead and proved that the bonds of death cannot hold anyDestiny, 24:reality abound on every hand; on all sides the dead level of the people (the ignorant masses) isDiscipleship1, 269:crisis occur, the life simmers down to a general dead level and (even if useful) offers not theDiscipleship1, 530:Aleck, a saintly old gardener, these many years dead, may be one who helps with this work. I do notDiscipleship1, 664:and of spiritual satisfaction, or is one of the "dead-level" happenings, where nothing brings joyDiscipleship1, 676:down the stairs on to the playground, meeting dead shells built in an earlier stage, stepping uponDiscipleship1, 728:you that the standard of measurement is not a dead level and I would assure beginners that theyDiscipleship2, 63:they rise triumphant from the ashes of their dead selves into living power and beauty? Though SanatDiscipleship2, 616:they have resurrected something which has been dead for many, many centuries and are now attemptingEducation, 117:of their soul contact, by emerging out of the dead level of humanity. They stand forth above theirExternalisation, 185:blackens the skies; the seas are strewn with dead and with wrecked vessels; the thunder of guns andExternalisation, 205:sustained effort, for opposition, and for that dead lethargy and sick inertia which afflicts theExternalisation, 256:frequently that "faith without works is dead." It is only when faith finds active expression uponExternalisation, 296:is useless, just as faith without works is dead. It is here that there is a break in the magneticExternalisation, 375:to aid them. The nationalistic spirit is not dead as yet in any country. It must be helped to die.Externalisation, 482:the cultural gains of the past (a past which is dead and gone and of which little should again beExternalisation, 486:of greed, cruelty and nationalism, are not dead nor will they die for a long time to come. In theFire, 93:the difference between the apparently dead Moon, and a live planet, such as the Earth ? (S. D., I,Fire, 93:not ceased to exist upon the Moon because it is dead and cannot therefore support his life, but theFire, 93:therefore support his life, but the Moon is dead because man and these deva groups have beenFire, 93:Heavenly Men Whose body, the Moon or any other dead planet at any time happened to be. Fire, 155:them to a new center, becoming virtually a dead planet in which, since the birth of our globe,Fire, 175:precyclic state of atomic distribution. But the dead worlds left behind the onsweeping impulse doFire, 175:behind the onsweeping impulse do not continue dead. Motion is the eternal order of things andFire, 617:the apex of knowledge in the forbidden art. Dead or alive they have, so to say, cheated nature; butFire, 763:upon the inner three; the orange color has a dead aspect and the three points of light at the baseFire, 879:lunar lords (who are esoterically spoken of as "dead or dying on the field of battle") the greatFire, 966:gland. - See S. D., II, 308. "The third eye is dead and acts no longer." It has left behind aFire, 1065:a few exceptions) they were brought up against a dead wall, for though they had succeeded inFire, 1211:peculiar lives which live (and yet are occultly dead) is that they must force themselves into theFire, 1251:of the Law of Karma. The burning-ground of the dead personality which lies between the Hall ofHealing, 251:throughout the world, the rule is to submit dead forms to the "ordeal by fire," and when this hasHealing, 255:have to contend? Do you appreciate the dead weight of preconceived and ancient determinations whichHealing, 365:at the same time eliminating in our thought the dead weight of the unthinking masses who registerHealing, 396:performances which simply ignore the man who is dead and give to the enquirer only what the mediumHealing, 396:the enquirer believes that because a man is dead he must be more wise than heretofore. When theHealing, 396:it is because the enquirer and the dead person are mental types, and there is therefore a trueHealing, 396:increasingly mental. The relation between the dead and the living must and will be upon mentalHealing, 399:phenomena [399] of contact with the supposedly dead which have been noted, investigated and proven,Healing, 412:walking around who are either the so-called "dead" or who, in sleep, have dropped the physicalHealing, 461:but that, nevertheless, the man may not be truly dead. I would remind you also that this is equallyHealing, 484:rightful place in the process. The family of the dead person need a few hours in which to adjustHealing, 484:are left behind, to the living and not to the dead. The claim that the etheric body must not beHealing, 608:of death and disease, because the moon is a "dead planet." It all comes back again, as you willHealing, 654:built around a living Christ and not around a dead Christ. In radiatory healing, we are told thatHercules, 28:them through the Gate himself. But Abderis lay dead. The Teacher looked him o'er with care and sentHercules, 28:Hercules as savior of the land. But Abderis lay dead.The Teacher turned to Hercules and said:Hercules, 80:was the doe, lying before the altar, seeming dead. And in distress she said: "But if its spiritHercules, 80:Apollo, noble son of God, then know the doe is dead. The doe is slain by the man who is a son ofHercules, 88:"the grave of Lazarus", who was raised from the dead. In these words, "coffin", "grave", "crab",Hercules, 99:without the entrance of the cave. "The lion is dead," they cried, "the lion is dead. We now canHercules, 99:"The lion is dead," they cried, "the lion is dead. We now can live and till our lands and sow theHercules, 99:seeds and walk in peace together. The lion is dead and great is our deliverer, the son of man, whoHercules, 99:now stand free. There is no fear. The lion is dead. With my own hands I strangled thus the lion andHercules, 116:the labor had to be repeated. "But Abderis lay dead." And in the labor in Virgo,he slayed the queenHercules, 156:so piercing and so harsh it could affright the dead. To Hercules himself the sound was soHercules, 181:place, and saw a cart go by piled high with dead, the victims of the pestilence. Two rivers, he
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