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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEAR

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Astrology, 251:The words or keynotes of this sign are so dear and plain that any elucidation of mine would serveAstrology, 497:astrologer has worked out and hitherto held dear. In this connection two of these ideas are basicAutobiography, X:of her students and friends all over the world. Dear Friend: This letter brings you word of theAutobiography, 14:because I have a Pisces husband, because my very dear eldest daughter was also born in that signAutobiography, 32:back to his companion: "But I assure you, my dear chap, it stood on one leg and went like theAutobiography, 60:I have been playing checkers with?" "Well, my dear, would you mind looking at his forehead?" IAutobiography, 60:I said, completely puzzled. "Well, then, Alice dear, why not leave him to God?" With that sheAutobiography, 94:said to me, when she could catch her breath, "My dear, as you know, I went to the Wesleyan Chapel.Autobiography, 106:well remember his turning to her and saying: "My dear young lady, I would never dream of asking aAutobiography, 165:what He has done. [165] A few years ago a very dear friend and a man who had stood very closelyAutobiography, 260:reading. The language employed, however, is so dear and lucid, the arrangement of the material soBethlehem, 272:which admits into that kingdom, become the only dear and immediate duty. The soul who has madeDestiny, 30:all that they have learnt to cherish and to hold dear is rapidly failing. Discipleship1, 97:expression, some weakness of character, some dear objective, or some physical condition will cease.Discipleship1, 352:hardness in your relations with those near and dear to you. Does this surprise you, my brother? TheDiscipleship1, 386:as you detach yourself from forms, no matter how dear or how ancient the rhythm by which they holdDiscipleship1, 631:Instructions to Disciples - B.S.W. January 1937 DEAR BROTHER: Your replies to the questions which IDiscipleship1, 663:detachment from all that the personality held dear. Each of them produced a subsequent reactionDiscipleship1, 750:of violent flux. All that he cherishes and holds dear in the three worlds may be crashing aroundDiscipleship2, 507:to Disciples - I.A.P. August 1946 MY DEAR BROTHER: This is a new way for me to address you, but youDiscipleship2, 611:relinquishing that which the personality holds dear, is a needed phase of occult development. ThisExternalisation, 189:nations. Make no mistake. The German is as dear to the heart of humanity, to God, to Christ and toExternalisation, 310:it is, they would relinquish all that they hold dear and come to the rescue of humanity, and thusGlamour, 70:fog. When at night you look out at some dear sky, you see the stars and suns and planets shiningGlamour, 255:useful breathing exercises. Unless there is a dear appreciation of purpose, unless the discipleHercules, 113:son, why slay that which is needed, close and dear? Why kill the one you love, the giver of goodInitiation, 82:the sacrifice of all that the heart holds dear on one plane or another, and always must thisIntellect, 66:troubles; they intercede for those near and dear to them; they importune high Heaven for thoseMeditation, 254:meditation. This I know is a subject close and dear to your heart, as it is to the heart of allPsychology2, 96:but the eventual sacrifice of what he held so dear, but had discovered to be so unsatisfying. ForPsychology2, 104:time has to come when that agency is "no longer dear" to the soul, and their respective positionsPsychology2, 109:myopic perspective, nor love of interference (so dear to many people), nor misunderstanding ofPsychology2, 582:of that which has hitherto been held dear. Rays, 706:well as a needed sense of proportion. They are dear to the heart of the Christ for - in theTelepathyis of paramount importance and necessitates a dear understanding. [2] When the Biblical words are
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