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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEATH

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Astrology, 541:forces of evil and of death. These work for the death of all the true values and of all for whichAstrology, 545:esoterically), necessitated the triumph of death - not necessarily physical death - leading to theAstrology, 545:the triumph of death - not necessarily physical death - leading to the dissolution of the form ofAstrology, 545:of the form of man. It is frequently the death or ending of old forms of civilizations whichAstrology, 545:and imprison. When I say this, I mean not the death of religion or of forms of thought. I referAstrology, 545:religion or of forms of thought. I refer here to death as the Great Releaser, which shatters theAstrology, 545:which shatters the forms which are bringing death to that which is embodied. It is to thisAstrology, 545:which is embodied. It is to this philosophic death in its lowest aspect that Germany has responded.Astrology, 547:of discipleship. Under these influences, the death of forms must eventuate leaving the discipleAstrology, 567:crystallization which results eventually in the death of the form. This we see happening today. InAstrology, 567:This we see happening today. In His triumph over death and in His resurrection into life, ChristAstrology, 571:O Mighty One. Let Light and Love and Power and Death Fulfil the purpose of the Coming One. The WILLAstrology, 580:the terrible toll of suffering, of cruelty, of death, of starvation and of fear which is grippingAstrology, 583:human relations. The Will which finally conquers death. Astrology, 583:of being which eventually negates the power of death. It is, therefore, incentive and not impulse;Astrology, 584:the free flow of human life and that is bringing death (spiritual and real) to humanity. This WillAstrology, 584:those purposes, and who are fearless of death. There are two great handicaps to the free expressionAstrology, 593:will. It is, finally, the will which conquers death. This again must not be interpreted in terms ofAstrology, 593:This again must not be interpreted in terms of death as it affects the form nature ofAstrology, 593:- persists behind all that we can recognize as death. This will is the principle of victory, of theAstrology, 595:the cosmic astral plane. The will which conquers death is an outpouring from the cosmic mentalAstrology, 596:you have the secret guide to the significance of death and immortality. This is something which theAstrology, 596:related to that aspect of will which conquers death. It is nevertheless the Ray of the Destroyer.Astrology, 596:I would remind you that the human attitude that death is the destroyer presents a limited andAstrology, 596:erroneous point of view. The first ray destroys death because in reality there is no such thing;Astrology, 597:imagination." Ponder on this. The abolition of death and of the destruction of form is aAstrology, 597:of Ray I, for it brings about in reality the death of negation and the inauguration of trueAstrology, 599:As far as humanity is concerned the "seeds of death" emerge through the medium of this Ray and theAstrology, 599:the medium of this Ray and the Grim Reaper, Death, is but an aspect of this will, conditioned byAstrology, 599:fourth ray and emerging from the fourth plane. Death is an act of the intuition, transmitted by theAstrology, 599:as it works out through group activity. Death always releases the individual into the group. Astrology, 600:its highest expression is liberation - through death or initiation. Astrology, 607:which brings fulfilment. The will which conquers death. Before entering into a closer analysis ofAstrology, 615:Brings about eventual fulfilment. Overcomes death or differentiation. All initiates must andAstrology, 615:of achievement and that which finally overcomes death. Death is really deterioration in time andAstrology, 615:and that which finally overcomes death. Death is really deterioration in time and space and is dueAstrology, 615:intact the close of a cycle of manifestation. Death and limitation are synonymous terms. When theAstrology, 615:limitation, it regards freedom from form life as death; but, as evolution proceeds, theAstrology, 616:This results [616] in the complete overcoming of death. I am bringing this whole concept down intoAstrology, 619:and Mercury - the one bringing conflict and the death of the form and the other bringingAstrology, 619:the intuition as a result of that conflict and death. New cycles of Being and of consciousness areAstrology, 624:steady drive. It is also the will which conquers death because of its intense love of reality andAstrology, 627:which can only be expressed in the idea of death - the death of the relationships between theAstrology, 627:can only be expressed in the idea of death - the death of the relationships between the Mother andAstrology, 630:of that Life which ever defeats and annihilates death. So, we come back to our initial propositionAstrology, 662:(Vol. I, 188-189) Mars was the Lord of birth, of death, of generation and destruction. (Vol. II,Astrology, 666:system." (C.F. 534) "The Law of Sacrifice and Death is... in a mysterious way the reverse of theAstrology, 671:280) [671] "The sun was the life-giving and the death-giving luminary." (S.D. Vol. III, 288) "TheAstrology, 676:(C. F. 206, Note) "The Law of Sacrifice and Death is 'in a mysterious way' the reversal of theAstrology, 676:birth of the spiritual microcosm and with the death of the physical universe." (Vol. II. 612) "WhenAtom, 60:has been frequently [60] noticed at the time of death; it was brought very specially to my noticeAtom, 60:She stated to me that, at the moment of death, in several cases, a flash of light had been seen byAtom, 60:noted any peculiar phenomena at the moment of death. Several replied by saying that they hadAtom, 64:Then comes the happy release which we call death, that great moment in which the "spirit in prison"Atom, 64:walls of its physical form. Our ideas about death [65] have been erroneous; we have looked upon itAtom, 91:and bound together into coherent forms. At death, when the spirit aspect withdraws itself, the formAtom, 127:body, in the hours of sleep or immediately after death. Very few human beings can function on theAtom, 159:saved by hope... for I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities, norAutobiography, X:executives and wrote letters. When the hour of death arrived her own Master K.H. came for her as HeAutobiography, X:He had promised long ago. The morning after her death I sent the following letter to thousands ofAutobiography, 1:into Light, from the unreal to the Real and from death to Immortality. [2] I want to make theAutobiography, 6:or sewing. Weep not for me, friends, though death us may sever. I am going to do nothing for everAutobiography, 17:and as she was appointed our guardian on the death of our grandparents we saw much of her and herAutobiography, 23:brought her back to England to die. After her death we all went to live with my grandparents atAutobiography, 23:did not help him and a short time before his death we children were moved with him to Pau in theAutobiography, 23:the day when word came to my grandparents of his death and I remember also later when his valetAutobiography, 27:thinks of those days. After my grandfather's death, Moor Park was sold, and we went for a shortAutobiography, 28:arrangements were made for us but until her death, my sister and I spent much time with her. SheAutobiography, 29:I had not seen her for twenty years prior to her death. The other person who always gave meAutobiography, 29:in touch with her and saw her shortly before her death around 1934. She was then an old lady butAutobiography, 61:life in the human heart can lead all men from death to immortality. I know that because ChristAutobiography, 76:piano in the reading-room until I got sick to death of hearing the men roar out, "Just like theAutobiography, 78:the other was a horrible case of hydrophobia. Death is not so awful when you are face to face withAutobiography, 78:to have gone there. I intend no dissertation on death, but I would like to give here a definitionAutobiography, 78:but I would like to give here a definition of death which has always seemed to me to be adequate.Autobiography, 78:which has always seemed to me to be adequate. Death is "a touch of the Soul which is too strong forAutobiography, 81:so change his life inevitably he went to hell at death where he burned forever in the lake of fireAutobiography, 120:emphasis upon immortality or upon the life after death, and this is true because I have discussedAutobiography, 124:and ever present. We are saved by His life. The death that He died, we can die too - andAutobiography, 180:she stuck with me until a few years before her death when she went into an old ladies' home inAutobiography, 186:in their later 'teens that the wages of sin is death. One of the cleanest men I ever knew who neverAutobiography, 207:For seventeen years she dressed me and until her death in 1940 I never bought an article ofAutobiography, 207:extraordinary and has continued even after her death. When things were happening in her own familyAutobiography, 207:me on her mind and only a few days before her death I had a letter from her which I could scarcelyAutobiography, 228:had been his constant companion and that on his death bed he had requested the seven senior membersAutobiography, 233:with fishes and sent His apostles out after His death under the leadership of St. Peter with theAutobiography, 233:for water is a universal symbol. Prior to His death Christ sent His disciples out to find theAutobiography, 252:into, the consequent chaos, horror, disaster, death and agony, many spiritually minded people wereBethlehem, 5:emphasis of the letter and the form, till the death of that form becomes inevitable and wise. ButBethlehem, 23:with its lesson of sacrifice and its call to the death of the lower nature. This was the lessonBethlehem, 23:die daily," he said, for only in the practice of death daily undergone can the final Death be metBethlehem, 23:practice of death daily undergone can the final Death be met and endured. (I Cor., XV, 31.) TheBethlehem, 23:sing and to know the meaning of the words: "Oh death, where is thy sting? Oh grave where is thyBethlehem, that i:I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death? "I thank God through Jesus Christ ourBethlehem, 35:again," (St. John, III, 7.) and to express the death unto life which is the outstanding message ofBethlehem, 48:John, XIX, 30.) He passed through the gates of death to a joyful resurrection. The gradualBethlehem, 61:There is (11) [61] the Crucifixion and death of the Lamb-God, on Good Friday, three days beforeBethlehem, 66:of the wheel" - that wheel of life and of death which turns continuously, carrying us all with itBethlehem, 66:eventually "bruised" Him and led Him to his death. Bethlehem, 68:of life, the service to be rendered, the death to be endured, and then the resurrection into more
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