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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEATH

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Fire, 128:One - Division C - The Etheric Body and Prana V. Death and the Etheric Body It is not our purposeFire, 129:rather what causes that something which we call death or pralaya? As we are strictly pursuing theFire, 129:be the result of all evolutionary process. True death, under the law, is brought about by theFire, 133:Though no pictures have been drawn of death bed scenes nor of the dramatic escape of theFire, 139:and the higher Manas or human soul. At death it is destroyed as a path or medium of communication,Fire, 319:crossing over to the further shore of the sea of death and rebirth. Perhaps it is to this divineFire, 325:and the light goes out; what we call physical death ensues, for the electrical current burns upFire, 425:the immediate effect of its presence caused the death of the animal form, thus producing theFire, 429:the fact that life persists after the death of the physical body will be followed, and the ethericFire, 436:radiation, attraction and repulsion, life, death, and all things; it is conscious purpose andFire, 557:to eventual obscuration, and the physical "death" of the solar system. Indication that this aspectFire, 559:disintegration of the physical body after death; the two other aspects are removed, and the formFire, 569:on the buddhic plane. The Law of Sacrifice and Death is the controlling factor on the physicalFire, 581:on the lower plane as the law of sacrifice and death), but its effect can be seen on all the fiveFire, 582:done away with. Under the Law of Sacrifice and Death, the disintegration is begun on the thirdFire, 586:The Law of Love. The Law of Sacrifice and Death. These laws are all dominated and controlledFire, 587:controls the Laws of Disintegration and of Death, on the third and seventh planes. Therefore, itFire, 587:7, and the Laws of Disintegration, Sacrifice and Death, make still another group. It is logical forFire, 589:the third and seventh planes, Disintegration and Death, for all periods of transition are periodsFire, 590:in the well-known term, "The Law of Rebirth and Death in the three worlds." The fifth law governs aFire, 596:and Fire Elementals 7. The Law of Sacrifice and Death This law links itself to the third law, thatFire, 596:forms in the five lower worlds, and the Law of Death controls similarly in the three worlds. It isFire, 596:third law. The Law of Sacrifice is the Law of Death in the subtle bodies, whilst what we call deathFire, 596:Death in the subtle bodies, whilst what we call death is the analogous thing in the physical body.Fire, 597:possible in the scheme, comes under the Law of Death, and obscuration and disintegrationFire, 617:(two-principled) ghosts. "Mara-rupa" - Doomed to death (three principled). Asuras - Elementals -Fire, 639:and the Logos, they occultly form the "body of death." This brings us to the point which we areFire, 707:A state of consciousness, not necessarily after death or between births for it can take place onFire, 714:the doings of man in all his life from birth to death, form one grand yagnic process that isFire, 724:in the body of the Logos that which we call "Death." He is the cosmic Reaper, and (to reduce theFire, 724:Logos, and in the forces which produce physical death, and the disintegration of the physical bodyFire, 735:When etheric vision is developed, the thought of death will assume very different proportions. WhenFire, 738:intensified." " 'Bardo' is the period between death and rebirth - and may last from a few years toFire, 765:the flicker at the first appearing, and near to death it seems, but the wicks smolder and glow, andFire, 849:hence strife and greed, ill-will and hatred, death and retribution, karmic invocation and theFire, 850:within the lesser ones assumes supreme control. Death is not known within these halls, for its twoFire, 944:of the etheric body withdraws at the moment of death. This is the vital point. The "thread" of lifeFire, 974:withdraw "the light of his countenance" and the death of the thought form ensues, for vitality orFire, 1002:mission. Thus many thought forms die a natural death on the mental plane owing to the inability ofFire, 1016:into their own nature, and producing his astral death. The curious phenomenon would then be seen ofFire, 1017:strength of the animal life, but more probably death would immediately ensue. 4 Several magiciansFire, 1067:casts off his physical and true forms through death. This involves knowledge only committed to theFire, 1096:side of manifestation, to the cruelty and death, the suffering, and the agony which are seen in theFire, 1149:objective, therefore, of the disciple after death is to get rid of his subtler bodies, and acquireGlamour, 106:purposes and intentions, produce the "seeds of death and of decay" which characterize our planetaryGlamour, 107:importance - the facts of hunger, of birth and death, of self-protection and perpetuation. There isGlamour, 198:to light; from the unreal to the real; from death to immortality." "Lead us from darkness to light"Glamour, 222:rapidly crystallize, however, and die their own death. Second ray aspirants are usually fully awareGlamour, 244:an end; the cessation of divine direction brings death to the physical world. All these activitiesHealing, 8:from the body and, through the portal of death, to pass to complete health. [9] Healing, 12:and everywhere congestion, corruption and death. Ponder on these words: Inharmony, Disease, Pain,Healing, 12:Disease, Pain, Congestion, Corruption, Death, for they are descriptive of the general conditionHealing, 13:of the form nature. His attitude to death, and his feeling that the disappearance of the life outHealing, 14:should be welcomed, and that the process of death should be cherished. Were that the case, oneHealing, 14:life upon the thought of man fosters the fear of death. This has been rightly so, for the instinctHealing, 14:this must eventually give place to the use of death as the organized, freeing process in order toHealing, 15:that we may trace in relation to disease and death are in reality only the working out of certainHealing, 15:and consequent immunity from the victory of death and those disease-dealing conditions which governHealing, 18:thinker that many diseases and many causes of death are due to environing conditions for which heHealing, 18:powers" of the man, leading to premature death. Heredity. There are, as you well know, certainHealing, 18:a person to certain illnesses and consequent death, or produce in him those conditions which leadHealing, 19:the price of such habits, which is disease and death. These four types of disease and causes ofHealing, 19:death. These four types of disease and causes of death account for much that we see happeningHealing, 22:connection with the laws concerning disease and death. It is necessary, therefore, to realize that,Healing, 25:or over-stimulated, or in such a condition that Death naturally supervenes. It might be stated as aHealing, 29:which is the symbolic way of describing the death of a man upon the astral plane. He then withdrawsHealing, 41:out and elimination may well bring about the death of that particular body. But the soul goes on.Healing, 41:a period of ill health (even if it eventuates in death) brings about the clearing away of wrongHealing, 41:of the soul from its habitation. This we call death, and it can come quickly and unexpectedly whenHealing, 41:soul withdraws with suddenness from its body. Or death can spread itself over a long period ofHealing, 42:fails to realize. They make a horror out of death, whereas death is a beneficent friend. DiseaseHealing, 42:They make a horror out of death, whereas death is a beneficent friend. Disease can be the suddenHealing, 54:reactions which produce discomfort, disease or death. In the three laws which I have given you andHealing, 65:overcoming may mean an acceptance of the Way of Death as the way out, should it come normally, orHealing, 76:through the physical cure of disease or through death) lies in the understanding of the conditionHealing, 108:sleep, when not functioning properly, produces death, insanity and some of the diseases of theHealing, 108:and of rhythm. Longevity will ensue, for death should be the recognition by the soul of workHealing, 111:disease and clutched away from the processes of death. It might, however, be desirable (and itHealing, 111:that the disease be permitted to do its work and death open the door to the escape of the soul fromHealing, 111:has her own wise ways of doing this. Disease and death must be recognized as liberating factorsHealing, 111:and, in this present cycle, disease and death will inevitably supervene. This is not mental error,Healing, 111:essence. Disease is essentially an aspect of death. It is the process by which the material natureHealing, 113:of the final stage immediately preceding death is the lowest manifestation. It is non-resistanceHealing, 131:on: "The breath of life becomes the cause of death to the one who lives within a shell. He existsHealing, 131:forth knows not disease, knows not the hand of death." In these few words the whole problem of theHealing, 136:all ills and bodily pain, which seek release in death. The two, the five, and thus the seven, plusHealing, 139:disease, psychological problems, illness and death. [140] This must obviously be so when the vastHealing, 178:the survival of the subtle bodies after death, and the principle of immortality which is seated inHealing, 191:self, then you have disease, ill health and death. This is a profoundly simple rule, but it givesHealing, 222:national standards are removed, when danger of death is constantly faced and the larger valueHealing, 225:to take cold), to mortal disease, ending in death. To the trained occult observer, it is as ifHealing, 230:race and will return bodies to the soil after death freed from the plague which has contaminatedHealing, 232:failing him, and yet will refuse to think of death until the summons comes." It is difficult for usHealing, 233:people faced with recognition the phenomenon of death - death which they themselves brought aboutHealing, 233:faced with recognition the phenomenon of death - death which they themselves brought about in a newHealing, 233:said: "The soul that sinneth, it shall die." Death had hitherto been accepted without questioningHealing, 233:relationship between individual action and death was recognized - as yet in a dim and feeble way -Healing, 233:Instinct failed to handle this situation. Death, brother of mine, is a great and universalHealing, 233:when the race could be taught the lesson that death can either be the ending of a cycle and anHealing, 235:has called "a tubercularly oriented race." Death by drowning and death by obscure physical means
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