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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEATH

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Healing, 462:are practically simultaneous. In normal cases of death from disease, the withdrawal is slow, andHealing, 462:short period of coma which characterizes so many death beds. Coma, esoterically speaking, is of twoHealing, 462:is the "coma of battle" which precedes true death; there is also the "coma of restoration" whichHealing, 463:and through them control is retained. When true death is the soul's intention, then control overHealing, 464:choices. In the case of the ordinary man, where death is intended, the battle between the physicalHealing, 464:and the soul, and this is given the name "the death of an Atlantean"; where disciples areHealing, 464:Confronting the Withdrawing Soul In physical death, therefore, and in the act of restitution, theHealing, 466:and the other below the diaphragm. Again, the death process can be seen as a dual activity and oneHealing, 466:of the withdrawing soul that the "word of death" is spoken, and it is prior to this [467]Healing, 467:nature fighting to retard the processes of death, and the soul, intent upon the work of abstractionHealing, 468:phrasing. Perhaps some lines from the Manual of Death which is to be found in the hierarchicalHealing, 468:might aid you in gaining a new perspective upon death. This manual has in it what are called theHealing, 468:preceding Pralaya." These deal with all the death or abstraction processes, covering the death ofHealing, 468:the death or abstraction processes, covering the death of all forms, whether it be the death of anHealing, 468:the death of all forms, whether it be the death of an ant, a man or a planet. The formulas concernHealing, 468:decease; this We Who tread the Lighted Way call death, experience and life. Light which descendsHealing, 469:to its emanating source. This man calls death and this the soul calls life. The Word retains theHealing, 471:Word; the individualized Speech! At the time of death, speech fades out as the Word sounds forthHealing, 471:in esoteric phraseology, the entire process of death is described. It is important to note that itHealing, 471:does the attracting. I exclude cases of sudden death. There the activity is the result of theHealing, 472:door of protection open so that the forces of death itself may enter anew, having no focal pointHealing, 472:am here writing, I am dealing simply with normal death processes - death which comes as the resultHealing, 472:am dealing simply with normal death processes - death which comes as the result of disease, oldHealing, 472:using normal channels to attain projected ends. Death in these cases is normal, and this humanityHealing, 472:This is a clear definition of the basic cause of death. Where no soul contact has been consciouslyHealing, 472:the case of the majority of people at this time, death comes as an unexpected or sadly anticipatedHealing, 472:concept to be proclaimed as the fear of death is combated. Death is carried forward under this LawHealing, 472:be proclaimed as the fear of death is combated. Death is carried forward under this Law ofHealing, 472:The Process of Restitution Sequence of Events at Death I feel that the best that I can do, in orderHealing, 472:the sequence of events which happens at a death bed, reminding you that the points of finalHealing, 473:these effects I shall not deal. The pathology of death is well known and has received much studyHealing, 473:bring about the pathological predisposition to death. A vibration runs along the nadis. The nadisHealing, 474:The glands, in response to the call of death, inject into the blood stream a substance which inHealing, 474:and this substance in the blood is regarded as "death-dealing" and is one of the basic causes ofHealing, 475:This is the stage in which - the fear of death once and for all removed from the racial mind - theHealing, 476:this detachment can be more easily noted than in death through disease, and frequently the soul orHealing, 476:if that is deemed desirable by the soul, if death is not part of the inner plan, or if the physicalHealing, 476:lasting for days and weeks. When, however, death is inevitable, the pause at this point will beHealing, 477:to see the etheric body hovering around the death bed or the coffin. Still interpenetrating theHealing, 478:we conclude this inadequate consideration of the death of the physical body in its two aspects:Healing, 478:into the true nature of that which we call death. Death is the withdrawal, consciously orHealing, 478:the true nature of that which we call death. Death is the withdrawal, consciously or unconsciously,Healing, 479:familiar [479] process. The horror which attends death upon the battlefield or by accident consistsHealing, 481:definitely symptomatic disease and eventual death. In the above statement, I refer to noHealing, 483:not the rule, as is the case today, and wherein death will be regarded as a happy and destinedHealing, 483:is definitely concerned with the processes of death. It has been asked: What is the Tibetan'sHealing, 483:be stated, however, that the moment that true death is scientifically established (by the orthodoxHealing, 484:is then possible. This complete or true [484] death eventuates when the thread of consciousness andHealing, 485:either in form or in a formless condition. After death and cremation these forces still exist butHealing, 485:municipal requirements, cremation should follow death within thirty-six hours; where no reason forHealing, 485:to wait twelve hours in order to ensure true death. [486] Healing, 486:has taken hold that man withdraws, after true death, first of all into his astral body, and then,Healing, 486:the vehicle in which they find themselves after death is largely composed of mental substance. OnlyHealing, 486:mostly in their minds find themselves, after death, immediately upon the mental plane. Most peopleHealing, 490:Art of Elimination Activities Immediately After Death Immediately after death, and particularly ifHealing, 490:Immediately After Death Immediately after death, and particularly if cremation has taken place, theHealing, 493:of the [493] fear engendered by the thought of death would disappear. The familiar and the lovedHealing, 493:this third activity upon the astral plane after death. Healing, 494:and dominating - that he is ready for the second death and for the entire elimination of the kamicHealing, 500:man, the soul plays a very small part in the death process, beyond the contribution of a simpleHealing, 500:return to the physical plane. The "seeds of death" are inherent in the form nature and demonstrateHealing, 501:become then steadily more refined; the seeds of death and of disease are not so potent; sensitivityHealing, 501:or to national or planetary karma. Disease and death are essentially conditions inherent inHealing, 501:of a new law which is substituted for the Law of Death and which has reference only to those uponHealing, 502:your minds the distinction between disease and death as experienced by the average man, and certainHealing, 502:in nature. This tendency produces subsequent death, through the stages of modified disease andHealing, 502:of modified disease and peaceful, consequent death, on to the other stages where death is broughtHealing, 502:consequent death, on to the other stages where death is brought about by an act of the will - theHealing, 502:identification ceases, pain and disease and also death lose their hold upon the disciple; the soulHealing, 502:and the man is free because disease and death are qualities inherent in form, and subject to theHealing, 503:subject to the vicissitudes of form life. [503] Death is to man exactly what the release of theHealing, 503:upon the astral plane, the phenomenon of death has a somewhat similar effect and has a closeHealing, 503:about by the release of atomic energy. Every death, in all the kingdoms of nature, has to someHealing, 503:to show you some of the relationships between death and constructive activity, and the wideHealing, 503:activity, and the wide usefulness of death as a process in reconstruction. It will convey to youHealing, 503:convey to you the idea that this great Law of Death - as it governs substance in the three worlds -Healing, 503:upon it, I would remind you that this Law of Death, which governs in such potency in the threeHealing, 504:astral plane and the cosmic mental plane. The death-dealing energy emanates as an expression of theHealing, 504:and must now consider the use of the death principle by the disciple or the initiate. I would haveHealing, 505:have realized that we have discussed the fact of death as it has affected the physical body (a mostHealing, 506:believe must disintegrate or disappear with the death of the physical body. Has it, however,Healing, 506:occurred to you that the major aspect of death with which a human being is ultimately concerned isHealing, 506:a human being is ultimately concerned is the death of the personality? I am not here speaking inHealing, 507:by the soul is the final phase, leading to the death and destruction of the personality. This deathHealing, 507:death and destruction of the personality. This death begins when the personality, the Dweller onHealing, 514:succeeds incarnation and the familiar process of death, intervening between cycles of experience,Healing, 514:of them becomes as much an event as is physical death. Finally the time comes when the discipleHealing, 514:control, and then the disciple brings about death through an act of the soul-will and knows exactlyHealing, 517:as far as may be. That has disappeared with the death of the personality consciousness. TheHealing, 518:symbolically. Because of this happening, the death or the elimination of the personality is theHealing, 521:patient, and finally I took up the subject of death. I considered it as it affected the threeHealing, 522:much later approach to the problems of Life and Death. I would here remind you that a law is inHealing, 522:form, and have in them, therefore, the seeds of death. The Laws of the Soul, as they subordinateHealing, 527:ameliorated or worsened, even to the point of death. The responsibility of the healer is thereforeHealing, 534:all ills and bodily pain which seek release in death. The two, the five and thus the seven, plusHealing, 534:self, then you have disease, ill health and death. Law VII When life or energy flows unimpeded andHealing, 534:will not be withheld. Law VIII Disease and death are the results of two active forces. One is theHealing, 536:of a new law which is substituted for the Law of Death, and which has reference only to those uponHealing, 536:to you that in the last analysis disease, death, untruth, falsity and despair are inherent in theHealing, 540:in the vital body, then the healer knows that death may supervene and his way is this much clearer,
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