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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEATH

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Healing, 540:frequently remain fully conscious through the death process. You will, therefore, realize the basicHealing, 542:stream, and thus of the embolism, producing death. I am putting this into entirely untechnicalHealing, 544:of the penalty through the well-known process of death or to the success of the steps taken toHealing, 568:true" or to "be the Truth" is the real cause of death among men who are below the stage ofHealing, 568:the experiment of that particular incarnation. Death, therefore, supervenes as a result of theHealing, 582:all ills and bodily pain which seek release in death. The two, the five and thus the seven, plusHealing, 585:usefulness through the application of the Law of Death. The fact of divinity and of divine originHealing, 587:demonstrating in forces which destroy or produce death. Therefore, if our basic premise is correct,Healing, 588:a diseased area, pain, suffering and perhaps death. The energies and the forces remain of the sameHealing, 595:ills and bodily pains which seek release through death. [596] There is here an interestingHealing, 596:interesting distinction which should be noted. Death, when it comes, is the result of two things:Healing, 596:that there is no hope anywhere, except in death. In this sentence, it might be pointed out thatHealing, 599:of proportion, where his bodily ills or even his death are concerned. Healing, 599:of every kind, and therefore from disease and death. [600] It will be obvious that the healer, asHealing, 606:of one's direction, to hasten the patient's death by the sudden abstraction of needed energy or byHealing, 607:self, then you have disease and ill health and death. This is a most interesting law, because itHealing, 608:coming from the moon has in it the seeds of death and disease, because the moon is a "dead planet."Healing, 610:lies the secret of planetary suffering and of death. Our planetary Logos (viewing the truth fromHealing, 622:energized and active whole. As you know, when death takes place, the consciousness thread withdrawsHealing, 623:heart of the egoic lotus on its own plane. When death takes place and the life thread is gatheredHealing, 633:hard to explain. Law VIII Disease and death are the result of two active forces. One is the will ofHealing, 633:Will are called into play where disease and death are concerned: one is the will of the soul toHealing, 636:the structure of their forms, and disease and death are inherent in the atom of which all organismsHealing, 640:divinely, dominate to such an extent that the death of the personality is brought about; thisHealing, 640:and responding (sometimes to the point of death) to the magnetic pull of the will of the spirit ofHealing, 641:Rules to date - that fundamentally, disease and death are due to the withdrawal of solar life (theHealing, 641:lords are not compliant produces disease. Yet death is not indicative of a full victory of theHealing, 641:lunar lords temporarily are the victors, though death does not follow; convalescence is significantHealing, 646:in or of soul energy distributed may produce death, as well as life. A healer may charge hisHealing, 647:energized - sometimes even to the point of death. Other healers, not as few as in the above groupHealing, 647:there is no healing possibility. The Angel of Death (and this time I am not speaking symbolicallyHealing, 652:prevent the healer from making mistakes. Where death is definitely indicated and the "signs ofHealing, 652:death is definitely indicated and the "signs of death" are noted by both the doctor and the healer,Healing, 653:of the new world religion, this attitude towards death will be inculcated. An entirely new conceptHealing, 653:will be inculcated. An entirely new concept of death, with the emphasis upon conscious withdrawal,Healing, 658:is why so many people are in a coma prior to death. When this act of the withdrawal ofHealing, 678:of a new law which is substituted for the Law of Death, and which has reference only to those foundHealing, 679:In the mass of testimony and in the type of death (called at this stage "transference") the fact ofHealing, 679:three sources of the abstraction which we call "death" if we exclude accident (which may beHealing, 680:convey: we will thus gain some realization that death itself is a part of the creative process ofHealing, 681:soul, may have a twofold purpose: it may produce death, or it may simply result in a withdrawal ofHealing, 681:infants are concerned, and you then have either death or imbecility, as there has been no time toHealing, 682:form responds and drops away. In the aspect of death here dealt with it is the mind which acts asHealing, 682:transpires in those timeless moments prior to death no one as yet knows, for no one has returned toHealing, 682:under the same Law of Correspondences, the death of all men, from the lowest type of man up to andHealing, 684:is known." [684] Students are apt to think that death ends things, whereas from the angle ofHealing, 702:and the chance of a cure. The danger of death or not. The psychological condition of the patient.Healing, 703:aided to face with confidence the processes of death, and with calm and intelligent understandingHealing, 704:Nobody is ever brought back from the "gates of death" whose karma indicates that his time has come;Healing, 705:Black Lodge initiates likewise heal or produce death and disease, and employ very similarHealing, 706:force effects the work desired; it may bring death, [707] that great release, and re-establish thusHealing, 709:about a cure or to facilitate the process of death or departure. It will, however, be music withHealing, 712:of pain, but the results are sure - healing or death, and oft the latter. The sixth ray healer isHercules, 2:the mountain top, and towards the place of death and sacrifice. The watching Teacher saw a manHercules, 15:turning of the wheel will come the mystery of death. Forget this not. What is your age, my son?" "IHercules, 29:etc. (anti-clockwise) to Pisces, the sign of death and of consummation. This will be in the reverseHercules, 30:the mares turned on Abderis and trampled him to death, and again escaped and started [31] anew toHercules, 40:bull into the Holy Place and save it from due death. Minos desired its sacrifice." "Who told youHercules, 44:is 'the monster of darkness', who stings to death, and yet preserves and reproduces, symbolizingHercules, 85:(to unite with the body), which is its spiritual death. Through Capricorn, the 'gate [86] of theHercules, 103:cave and with his two hands choked the lion to death. That was an encounter that took place unseenHercules, 103:of them, in a struggle which had to be to the death. Hercules, 114:rescued her, balancing thus his previous deed of death. For such is life: an act of death, a deedHercules, 114:deed of death. For such is life: an act of death, a deed of life, and thus the sons of men, who areHercules, 114:upon the ways of life, reflecting on the ways of death. Go rest, my son." [115] The Tibetan (DjwhalHercules, 117:and bereft of leadership and love. The act of death; then a deed of love when, at the risk of hisHercules, 118:upon the ways of life, reflecting on the ways of death. Go rest, my son." We offer no apologies forHercules, 126:who was a son of God, became the messenger of death and slew his friends, the centaurs twain withHercules, 130:of the wine by Hercules leads to a tragedy, the death of Pholos. This sudden interjection ofHercules, 147:failure, the unknown, old age, chance and death. Can these fears be eliminated? The experience ofHercules, 152: The Labors of Hercules - Labor VIII What is Death? There are three death signs in the zodiac;Hercules, 152:- Labor VIII What is Death? There are three death signs in the zodiac; three great deaths takeHercules, 152:around the field of life. In Cancer, we have the death of the elemental being (namely, man) inHercules, 152:through the zodiac we can always say: "Here is death in order that..." Always, death is an entranceHercules, 152:say: "Here is death in order that..." Always, death is an entrance into a fuller life, fullerHercules, 152:fuller realization and scope. It is the death of the personality in order that the soul may takeHercules, 152:it. In Pisces we have the crucifixion, the death of a world savior because he has perfectlyHercules, 152:because he has perfectly fulfiled his function. Death in astrology may mean many things. Perhaps itHercules, 152:to die to an old emotion. It has passed away - "death". Some crystallized, long-held ideas, dogmas,Hercules, 182:set foot within his realm on penalty of sudden death. Having performed the task assigned, the sonHercules, 199:of the Piscean age. Pisces is also the sign of death in various aspects. The death of the bodyHercules, 199:also the sign of death in various aspects. The death of the body sometimes, or it may be that anHercules, 200:set your feet upon a new path. It is the sign of death to the personality. If we could give up theHercules, 200:to let the personality go. It also means the death of a world savior for it is the sign ofHercules, 214:Polarized mind unawakened. Intuition dormant. Death of the personality. Release of the soul fromHercules, 219:reality of this belief is put to a cosmic test. Death is also said to be "a figment of ourHercules, 223:The aspirant, speeding towards the goal. Pisces Death. Consummation. The World Savior. This is theInitiation, 82:by the higher, is willing to sacrifice even unto death. The first two Initiations At the firstInitiation, 85:is similarly demonstrated. The sacrifice and death of desire has been the goal of endeavor. DesireInitiation, 137:life within the physical body at the moment of death seeks its source, the Ego, and this likewiseIntellect, 10:We face the inevitable experience, which we call death, and yet take no rational steps to ascertainIntellect, 12:not now a tenable one. These days of universal death must be days of universal rebirth, if the ruinIntellect, 17:opened which leads from darkness to light, from death to immortality and from the unreal to theIntellect, 53:material body, which suffers dissolution at death, a subtle body, formed of the psychicalIntellect, 73:deliver me (the real Self) from the body of this death?" - Romans VII, 18, 22, 23, 24. Intellect, 127:into the future or face the inevitability of death; they are anxious to go forward into a widerIntellect, 167:of time, of habitude. I know no birth, I know no death that chills; I fear no fate, nor fashion,Intellect, 181:theology, when they stand before the portal of death, assert their belief in the Father of BeingsIntellect, 187:of his ever-circulatory reasoning from decay and death to Ignorance and from Ignorance to decay andIntellect, 187:to Ignorance and from Ignorance to decay and death... But he had an indomitable will; he wanted,
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