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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEATH

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Intellect, 205:achieved, or is to follow, for instance, after death... By true knowledge the individual soul doesIntellect, 243:the way that leads from darkness to light, from death to immortality, and from the unreal to theIntellect, 261:rate. Transmutation is not surely the [261] death of an activity or a cessation of functioning onMagic, 18:principle, which withdraws mysteriously at death, partially withdraws in the hours of sleep or ofMagic, 29:Man knows himself to be a living being and calls death that mysterious process wherein somethingMagic, 62:flow can be seen functioning in the processes of death and incarnation. It can be seen also overMagic, 66:by astral fretfulness when on the other side of death. Remember always that lack of calm in theMagic, 83:changing from the formula "Is there a life after death?" to the enquiry "Of what nature is theMagic, 163:those physical plane activities which cause the death of their creator. This may be literal as inMagic, 240:occult significance of the misunderstood words, death and destruction. Of this type, the Devil isMagic, 240:race is on the verge of understanding that true death is immersion in form, and that matter is butMagic, 249:world of astral phenomena. This will produce "death by drowning [250] for the aspirant's spiritualMagic, 262:adequate for the average man and serves him till death. The man who is entering on the occult pathMagic, 273:path to be followed into manifested existence, death and trouble oft ensue. The analogy is close -Magic, 298:negation or of annihilation, the fear of death (which he shares equally with all humanity), theMagic, 300:him so constantly off his feet. 1. The Fear of Death is based upon: A terror of the final rendingMagic, 300:of the final rending processes in the act of death itself. Horror of the unknown and theMagic, 300:in prospect to certain types. I speak about Death as one who knows the matter from both the outerMagic, 300:and the inner life expression: - There is no death. There is, as you know, entrance into fullerMagic, 300:except in the cases of violent and of sudden death and then the only true disagreeables are anMagic, 300:an electric shock. No more. For the unevolved, death is literally a sleep and a forgetting, for theMagic, 300:practically empty. For the average good citizen, death is a continuance of the living process inMagic, 301:that he has passed [301] through the episode of death. For the wicked and cruelly selfish, for theMagic, 301:a somewhat similar condition. For the aspirant, death is an immediate entrance into a sphere ofMagic, 301:and before the close of the next century, death will be finally seen to be non-existent in theMagic, 302:and much to be avoided. The reign of the fear of death is well-nigh ended and we shall soon enterMagic, 302:under all our fears. In dealing with the fear of death, there is little to be done except to raiseMagic, 308:One Life pervades all forms so that there is no death, no distress, no separation. Detach thyselfMagic, 309:manifestations of astral force - Fear - fear of death, of the future, of suffering, of failure, andMagic, 311:life, as is the case with the animals. At death, man's astral body disintegrates and then itsMagic, 415:of life and its correlation to the life after death. To sum up the situation, it must be noted thatMagic, 439:producing its effects. It governs however the death or cessation of old ideas and emotions, and itsMagic, 451:Man knows himself to be a living being and calls death that mysterious process wherein thatMagic, 474:the soul, cut at the roots of life, and so bring death. If spoken in the light of day, justMagic, 481:has to be released through the process we call death. We will therefore divide our subject asMagic, 481:has built, through the magical release called death. It is with the latter that I wish primarily toMagic, 492:on White Magic - Rule Eleven - Salvation from Death Salvation from Death We come now to the secondMagic, 492:Eleven - Salvation from Death Salvation from Death We come now to the second phase of our study ofMagic, 493:from the body nature through the process of death. Two things must be borne in mind as we seek toMagic, 493:understanding of the mystical experience we call death. This is to be our theme, and the subject isMagic, 493:We shall confine ourselves also primarily to the death of the physical body. [494] Let us first ofMagic, 494:and postponed for as long a time as possible. Death, if we could but realize it, is one of our mostMagic, 494:died many times and shall die again and again. Death is essentially a matter of consciousness. WeMagic, 494:is identified with the form aspect, death will hold for us its ancient terror. Just as soon as weMagic, 494:within the form of God, we shall no longer know death. Magic, 494:on White Magic - Rule Eleven - Salvation from Death Death for the average man is the cataclysmicMagic, 494:White Magic - Rule Eleven - Salvation from Death Death for the average man is the cataclysmic end,Magic, 495:interval of active living, they fail to relate death and sleep. Death, after all, is only a longerMagic, 495:living, they fail to relate death and sleep. Death, after all, is only a longer interval in theMagic, 495:constitutes the path of return to the body. In death, this life thread is broken or snapped. WhenMagic, 496:the soul in all the activities of daily living. Death, therefore, is literally the withdrawal fromMagic, 496:of consciousness and disintegration of the body. Death differs from sleep in that both streams ofMagic, 496:centered in another apparatus or mechanism. In death, both the threads are withdrawn or unified inMagic, 497:on White Magic - Rule Eleven - Salvation from Death It is interesting, though incidental to ourMagic, 497:coherent purpose. It must be noted also that death is, therefore, undertaken at the direction ofMagic, 497:the inevitable reaction on the physical plane is death, either by the abstraction of the [498] dualMagic, 498:we often find a sense of prevision as to the death period; this is incident upon egoic contact andMagic, 498:sometimes a knowledge of the very day of death, coupled to a preservation of self-determination upMagic, 498:on the physical plane and that of the after death state. The man knows himself to be as he wasMagic, 499:but realize it. Once men have lost the fear of death and have established an understanding of theMagic, 499:have established an understanding of the after death world which is not based on hallucination andMagic, 499:circle of sitters), we shall have the process of death properly controlled. The condition of thoseMagic, 499:on White Magic - Rule Eleven - Salvation from Death There is a big difference now between theMagic, 499:and skill. All I plead for is a sane approach to death; all I seek to make is a suggestion thatMagic, 499:to vision the time when the hours spent on the death bed may be but a glorious prelude to aMagic, 500:behind the thought of sorrow will not enter and death beds will be regarded as happier occasionsMagic, 500:In the meantime, let a new attitude to death be cultivated and a new science of death beMagic, 500:to death be cultivated and a new science of death be inaugurated. Let it cease to be the one thingMagic, 501:strands of life energy. During the process of death, the pressure of the life energy beatingMagic, 501:on White Magic - Rule Eleven - Salvation from Death In psychics and in the case of mediums andMagic, 501:of the animal nature. In the process of death these are, therefore, the two main exits: the solarMagic, 502:the life attention determine the mode of exit at death. It can be seen also that an effort toMagic, 502:effect upon the phenomenal aspects of the death process. If the student is thinking clearly, itMagic, 502:step towards a rational understanding of the death process. The second point to be grasped is thatMagic, 503:which will do away with all fear of death and link the physical and astral planes in such a closeMagic, 503:on White Magic - Rule Eleven - Salvation from Death In the work being done by seekers in allMagic, 505:will do much to facilitate the technique of the death bed, for the man who has learned to handleMagic, 505:on White Magic - Rule Eleven - Salvation from Death In relation to the technique of dying it isMagic, 506:will be found effective. At the exact moment of death, if a person's own note is sounded, it willMagic, 506:helpful and effective. A definite science of death will inevitably later be elaborated, but onlyMagic, 507:I can at this time communicate on the subject of death for the consideration of the general public.Magic, 507:But I conjure all of you to push the study of death and its technique as far as possible and toMagic, 532:discomfort and are subject to the throes of death but they lack memory and prevision, and possessMagic, 532:into form, he knew not pain. Sickness and death, corruption and disease, they touched him not. TheMagic, 534:the Planet It is interesting here to note that death is governed by the Principle of Liberation,Magic, 534:of Liberation, and not by that of Limitation. Death is only recognized as a factor to be dealt withMagic, 537:Principle of Liberation, and of this principle, death and service, constitute two aspects. ServiceMagic, 537:The same statements can be made of death. But unless service can be rendered from an intuitiveMagic, 568:of too violent a purpose. [568] That of death, through lack of vitality and because the "directedMagic, 607:make the new world possible - a world in which death as we know it will be abolished and a trainedMagic, 625:of the unknown, with that dominating fear of death which colors so many lives) and have been theMagic, 626:has its root in an innate fear of death; through the presence of this fear, the race has fought itsMeditation, 102:that the man finally left behind him when death severed him from physical plane existence. The taskMeditation, 104:thus bringing about insanity and sometimes death. When these things are more widely comprehendedMeditation, 116:power of the law felt in the threefold realms of death. In all these three branches of service youMeditation, 125:mental bodies. This would normally result in the death of the physical body, but in cases such asMeditation, 128:bodies as well, hence the exceeding difficulty. Death often eventuates in these cases. In theMeditation, 181:lives as the physical or desire elementals), and death through water, earth or fire, understood inMeditation, 184:At the cessation of that inner burning, death ensues, and the physical objective system passes intoMeditation, 261:progressed always by means of the sacrifice and death of the form. Always [262] it is recognized as
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