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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DECANATES

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Astrology, 105:man whose horoscope is under consideration. The decanates can also be dealt with in two ways,Astrology, 106:had a glimpse of the inner significance of the decanates when he assigned Mars, the Sun and VenusAstrology, 106:he assigned Mars, the Sun and Venus to the three decanates. He touched the truth of the innerAstrology, 132:must govern also our understanding of the three decanates. Both Leo and Sepharial give a list ofAstrology, 132:Both Leo and Sepharial give a list of the decanates and between them there is much resemblance butAstrology, 132:exoteric. According to Sepharial, the three decanates are governed by Saturn - Jupiter - Mars,Astrology, 148:intent and purpose upon the physical plane. The decanates in Aquarius are governed (according toAstrology, 149:According to other astrologers, the three decanates are governed by Venus, Mercury and the Moon.Astrology, 172:which each sign is divided and which we call the decanates is of particular interest in the case ofAstrology, 172:which sign our sun is now entering, its three decanates, Saturn, Mercury and Venus, bringingAstrology, 172:forms of life. Two sets of rulers for the three decanates are available. [173] According to AlanAstrology, 192:for initiation begins. As regards the three decanates of Sagittarius, Sepharial gives us the threeAstrology, 203:astrologers as to the purpose of the three decanates into which each sign is divided - a point uponAstrology, 226:the tests and difficulties in Scorpio. The three decanates and their rulers are given veryAstrology, 226:posits Mars, the Sun and Venus as ruling the decanates of Scorpio whilst another regards Mars,Astrology, 226:of the five planets suggested as ruling the decanates (they agree on one); I cannot indicate to youAstrology, 251:with which he is equipped. The rulers of the decanates in this sign are again dual in theirAstrology, 251:in a combination of both. The true rulers of the decanates in Libra are Jupiter, Saturn andAstrology, 282:of men. Ponder on this. In connection with the decanates, I would point out that what I am in thisAstrology, 283:which we are now entering. The three decanates of Aquarius, from the angle of the disciple, areAstrology, 284:[284] According to Sepharial, the three decanates into which Virgo is divided are governed by theAstrology, 284:liberation. The weakness of the rulers of the decanates as given by Sepharial lies in the fact thatAstrology, 311:as the ruler of the first decanate. The three decanates are given by him as being ruled by Saturn,Astrology, 342:it is Sepharial who places the rulers of the decanates more accurately than does Leo. Usually thisAstrology, 342:apportions the Moon, Mars and Jupiter to these decanates. The mind, the uses of conflict and formAstrology, 369:at this time possible. In connection with the decanates and their rulers, it is interesting to findAstrology, 369:note how two out of the governing planets of the decanates in the case of the ordinary wheel serveAstrology, 402:is curiously emphasized by the rulers of the decanates in this sign. Both the astrologers, Leo andAstrology, 402:Moon or Venus, Mercury and Saturn control the decanates and our consideration of these planets inAstrology, 442:Leo, via Shamballa, to Humanity, governs two decanates in Capricorn. Hence its extreme potencyAstrology, 486:that just as each sign is divided into three decanates which are ruled by specific planets, so theAstrology, 486:this greater zodiac what the planets are to the decanates. The three ruling constellations areAstrology, 487:to the astrologer of the future. In the cosmic decanates to which I here refer, it will be foundAstrology, Saturn:diagram makes clear: [Saturn rules one of the decanates of Aquarius.] This makes factual and clearHercules, 122:that Mercury, Saturn and Venus rule the three decanates and he reminds us that when a man is on theHercules, 187:back of them, do not bear any adequate concept. Decanates, Rulers and Constellations Aquarius, likeHercules, 187:like other signs, is divided into three decanates. We are now entering the first decanate governedHercules, 221:each sign is divided into what are called three decanates, which used to be known as "thePsychology1, 292:of the three planets governing the three decanates of this sign. First, we shall have the activity
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