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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DECEIVED

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Autobiography, 89:on. Don't forget. Be prepared to work. Don't be deceived by circumstances. To give him his due,Autobiography, 91:with other men; we have been lustful; we have deceived and been disloyal. But we paid the price,Autobiography, 291:in St. Matthew XXIV. People are very easily deceived - largely through their longing to be helpedBethlehem, 128:from the start, destined to fail. If He could be deceived by the illusion of power, if ambition ofDiscipleship1, 560:to come, a lessening of contact with me, be not deceived by the illusion. This recognition will inDiscipleship1, 605:Glamor still surrounds you. You are still self-deceived and I cannot reach you at this time. Externalisation, 11:an expenditure of force. Psychics are easily deceived. For example, it is of course obvious that onExternalisation, 12:facility on this illusory form and be completely deceived. Its vibration is of a relatively highExternalisation, 12:contact with it. The results to those who are deceived thereby are sad. Externalisation, 105:knowledge available to my hand. Be not deceived, therefore, by the outer clamor of war. I tell youExternalisation, 428:to the Forces of Light. The Germans were deceived from the beginning, and a widespread nationalExternalisation, 695:reactions will intervene. He must not be deceived by the fact that people like him on the platform;Glamour, 31:a fog and sees naught as it truly exists. He is deceived by the appearance and forgets that whichGlamour, 126:of initiation. Until he is no longer completely deceived and until he is somewhat free mentally, itHealing, 561:claiming it both the healer and the patient are deceived. All deception is dangerous and hindering.Healing, 629:and the objective form. Students should not be deceived by simplicity and by plain, directHercules, Known:the custodian of truth. Hercules was completely deceived. Little by little he fell under the powerHercules, 69:of our past in Lepus, the Hare, fleet of foot, deceived, mad, bound to the wheel of life,Hercules, 78:doe from point to point and each with subtlety deceived him. And this they did, time and again.Intellect, 246:the method of cooperation is not the one which deceived the aspirant. Only when we have begunPatanjali, 165:causes, and of force emanations. He is no longer deceived and can discriminate between the real andPsychology2, 94:factors all World Saviors are free. They are not deceived. It is well, in passing, to point outPsychology2, 136:for the Hierarchy, when the truth is that he is deceived by the many voices, because the Voice ofPsychology2, 369:thought-forms which hide my real Self. Be not deceived. Find Me. Know Me. Then use the forms whichPsychology2, 377:He is glamored by the beauty of his motive, and deceived by the acquired potency of hisPsychology2, 414:distorted, erratic and, in the early stages, deceived. It is only when the processes of developmentPsychology2, 477:and illusion (usually being quite sincerely deceived and well-intentioned) and when he has unfoldedPsychology2, 572:and the real from the unreal. Thus those who are deceived are only learning a needed lesson. TheReappearance, 160:and possibly work to prevent men being deceived and taken in by what we have decided is a fraud.
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