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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DECEPTIVE

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Discipleship1, 37:and illusions, and so dissipate the ancient deceptive thought forms. They will release the lightDiscipleship1, 568:astral body make you prone to this beautiful yet deceptive force, flowing from an illusory form.Discipleship2, 555:"as if" all concealed glamorous and all hiding deceptive veils were non-existent. The disciple actsGlamour, 86:etheric levels of the physical plane whereon the deceptive power of maya is experienced) there isGlamour, 141:of ancient desire, in the one case - glamorous, deceptive and false - and in the other, highMagic, 308:and of spurious happiness in which the "light deceptive" of the astral plane uncovers to him falseProblems, 71:directorates, under false names and through deceptive organizations, aided by neutrals of their ownPsychology2, 474:of a very high order. It is, consequently, most deceptive in its effects. Vast cosmic schemes whichRays, 52:and of maya; it is the great beguiling and deceptive energy, the note of the involutionary arc. InRays, 674:which makes it such a good agent for the deceptive thought-forming faculties of the unregenerate
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