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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DECIDE

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Astrology, 101:of the wheel takes place. There the man has to decide whether to proceed as usual and according toAstrology, 283:to choose rightly, to analyze correctly and to decide upon the higher values. These points must beAstrology, 510:come into play and will realize that he must decide (from a study of the chart of the subject andAtom, 33:when merged with the other two. It is for you to decide if this third standpoint is logical,Autobiography, 163:try for a couple of weeks or a month and then decide what I felt about it. It was during these fewAutobiography, 266:place upon the ladder of evolution and thus decide where their effort should be placed. Nothing canBethlehem, 103:the illumination which comes when we decide to tread the Path of probation, and to prepareBethlehem, 168:then, whether it is personalities or ideas which decide the fate of an age, the answer is that theBethlehem, 267:meaning of love in his life, and if all would decide to give love and understanding (not emotionalDiscipleship1, 161:support are for Western disciples and workers to decide and not for me, your Oriental brother. IDiscipleship1, 191:day you will be forced to face the issue and decide from what plane and through which body you willDiscipleship1, 287:reality. How this is to be done is for you to decide. I but indicate your goal. As one gets older,Discipleship1, 292:that service must take is for you to know and decide, and the germ of your decision is already inDiscipleship1, 337:and understanding). You will also be able to decide if you have gone forward as indicated. You haveDiscipleship1, 412:thought. Be slow to speak, slow to move, slow to decide, slow to form opinions. There is much to beDiscipleship1, 413:MY BROTHER: During the next six months we must decide whether you are able to cope with thisDiscipleship1, 535:The way, the means and the methods are yours to decide. Release will come for you through the rightDiscipleship1, 590:and negatively. Until I know what you decide is right for you and until I have your attitude inDiscipleship1, 655:you make on people. You must find out and decide for yourself whether my analysis is justified, andDiscipleship1, 696:be done. But it remains for the disciple to decide and prove. Disciples are in a Master's groupDiscipleship2, 44:opens before all world servers. It is for you to decide whether your contribution during the warDiscipleship2, 44:up to your opportunity; it is for you to decide what part you will play, as individuals and as aDiscipleship2, 446:matters, my brother. How can you, as a disciple, decide what you are doing and know your reasons?Discipleship2, 470:(according to your own choice) and then, if you decide to do no more along the indicated lines, youDiscipleship2, 518:next cycle of your life, but you will have to decide for yourself [519] what it means for you, andDiscipleship2, 647:time of the group meditation, whenever you may decide to do it. Thus a living continuity of sensedDiscipleship2, 675:he faces two possible lines of activity: He can decide to adjust himself to the circumstances andEducation, viii:time. Should the Orient deny us that time and decide to meet us merely on our own grounds, thenExternalisation, 25:lines your abstinence should go is for you to decide. For the five days of meditation, I call youExternalisation, 31:of their effort remains for the future to decide. This applies also to the groups which I began toExternalisation, 127:every nation a relatively small group of people decide all important issues and determine all majorExternalisation, 137:future and indicate the way which humanity will decide to go. The issues at stake are clear to allExternalisation, 204:is for the men and women of goodwill to decide once and for all with which of the two forces,Externalisation, 229:pairs of opposites within your consciousness, decide where your loyalty, your interest and yourExternalisation, 240:mankind of its right to settle its own affairs, decide its own issues and make progress by theExternalisation, 241:for [241] weal or woe, for good or ill, men must decide for themselves the way that the world,Externalisation, 245:tell you what it is. The details are for you to decide; the methods which you must employ willExternalisation, 300:of Shamballa, should these two divine Agencies decide that intervention in the form of a widespreadExternalisation, 322:the formation of triangles. It is not for me to decide the details of your outer activities. ThatExternalisation, 370:of world in which they choose to live. They will decide in which country they prefer to claimExternalisation, 612:you free to make up your own minds. What you decide will, however, affect definitely the remainderExternalisation, 656:of the distribution of the energy involved; They decide also where it should make its impact so asFire, 417:enumeration; at the same time should the student decide to number the chains, and globes, he mustFire, 1150:of a particular principle. He may, therefore, decide (with the full concurrence of his Ego and ofGlamour, 49:For delay it, it certainly will. Whatever you decide will constitute, in its turn, an authoritativeHealing, 234:the problem from the angle of common sense, will decide that the physical sins exact too heavy aHealing, 349:whereon souls dwell, it is impossible for him to decide whether any specific case will yield toHealing, 584:of the healer, because the first thing he has to decide is whether soul energy or personalityHealing, 700:location in the human body), and then attempt to decide what method, mode or procedure the healerHercules, 77:Send him to labor in a field wherein he must decide which voice, of all the many voices, willInitiation, 69:see a disciple for commendation, warning, or to decide if initiation is desirable. The major partIntellect, 34:and in heritage, other groups of thinkers will decide. But out of the welter of opinion emerges theIntellect, 86:each educated thinker faces the issue. He must decide upon the values involved and set himself toMagic, 74:he needs to take into account as he seeks to decide his evolutionary standpoint. [75] The result ofMagic, 237:must be fought out on the astral plane and will decide three things: Whether the soul will, in anyMagic, 357:and as to thought currents, man has learnt to decide upon what to base his activities in allMagic, 425:towards work, and for the subjective method. Decide once and for all whether you prefer to work inMagic, 602:that an attempt be made to place people and to decide where they stand upon the evolutionaryMeditation, 20:or the discord it may contain; he will then decide upon which note he will base his comingProblems, 24:areas are permitted by a free plebiscite to decide their own loyalties and adherences, and ifProblems, 30:its enactment, for humanity is left free to decide its own problems. Certain questions, therefore,Psychology1, 257:better understood before man can intelligently decide what constitutes his problem ofPsychology2, 660:the medium used is for the associated servers to decide. Attention should be called to thosePsychology2, 735:helping us to grasp our need. That is for us to decide. However, there may be those who will wishRays, 129:It therefore behooves the individual disciple to decide whether he is an applicant, andRays, 395:within His Ashram the Master learns "occultly to decide" and to condition the creative center forRays, 606:and the indications are that man will eventually decide correctly, will attain a point of balanceRays, 622:that the uneducated masses are not fitted to decide for themselves what they should hear, think orRays, 623:themselves what they should hear, think or [623] decide; they must therefore be protected - in theRays, 640:conditions can frequently be adjusted, but men decide for themselves direct action; they make theirRays, 640:emotional stresses are too acute, humanity will decide upon right action eventually. Emotions are,Rays, 654:seven Paths He intends to tread; some Masters decide to remain until the close of our planetaryRays, 669:be of major interest to you. You should decide (at least tentatively) which initiation lies aheadRays, 680:of the evolutionary process, the liberty to decide on the required form of government or ofRays, 694:not His mind) which of the seven Paths He will decide to follow. From that time on, theRays, 721:on any one of the seven Paths which He may decide is, for Him, the field of His future service.Rays, 721:remove Them from the Path of Earth Service), decide what measures They propose the Hierarchy shouldRays, 722:emerging forces of cosmic evil; They had then to decide in what manner They should bring aid toReappearance, 23:of war when the need of humanity forced Him to decide to hasten His coming. The unhappy state ofReappearance, 103:presented to their awakening minds; They have to decide which aspect of universal truth will enableReappearance, 103:Them. The method hitherto followed has been to decide what is the major factor lacking in man'sReappearance, 160:realization that we are not concerned. What we decide, however, in this time and period, willReappearance, 165:the truth and when they can freely judge and decide for themselves, we shall then see a much betterReappearance, 180:The individual worker has, first of all, to decide if his incentive and spiritual expectancy isSoul, 10:the integration remains for the reader to decide. But the attempt is a notable one and should bearSoul, 32:considering the glands themselves, it is well to decide what we understand by "psychology." In the
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