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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DECIDED

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Astrology, 9:of the best method whereby to handle it. [9] I decided on brevity, the concise statement of factsAutobiography, 1:Bailey - Introduction Introduction What finally decided me to write about my life was a letter IAutobiography, 21:years made me feel that things were futile so I decided that if I bumped down the stone kitchenAutobiography, 21:mouth, nose and eyes is not comfortable and I decided to postpone the happy day. The last time, IAutobiography, 36:He had made of me became uppermost in my mind. I decided that maybe after all I was not in theAutobiography, 44:when you should. That is really serious. I decided that you did not know any better and that I hadAutobiography, 48:would Jesus do in similar circumstances?" Having decided what He would do (I wonder how I knew?) IAutobiography, 56:it until I found out what was wrong with me. I decided that I was suffering from pure selfishnessAutobiography, 57:and I began to get a touch of swelled head. I decided that I must be really good if intelligent menAutobiography, 60:looked on with amusement until apparently she decided it had gone on long enough. So one night sheAutobiography, 62:closed. After due [62] discussion, it was decided that I might accept and every evening I bicycledAutobiography, 84:to deposit so many undesirable people. So I decided to read up on hell and I made up my mind toAutobiography, 92:going. I was too ill. Miss Schofield, therefore, decided to take me back to Ireland and see whatAutobiography, 110:me this morning and all day," he said, "and I decided I had better put you on the train myself."Autobiography, 111:I stuck my snooty little nose up in the air and decided there was nobody good enough for me toAutobiography, 115:constantly, he told me that a group of men had decided that I ought to have somebody within call soAutobiography, 116:or not. Fortunately for me, the doctor [116] decided he was bad and not mad and that he wasAutobiography, 120:does it pass the post-office regulations. I decided that the ten commandments must be preserved,Autobiography, 126:and rather than let the children [126] starve I decided to become a factory hand and. work in aAutobiography, 136:and a horrible example of what not to do. So I decided that until the girls were in their 'teens IAutobiography, 144:Society, at Krotona, were to be found. I decided to make the move and towards the end of 1917 weAutobiography, 166:Him. After thinking it over for a week or so I decided to get in touch with K.H. and proceeded toAutobiography, 180:from me. But she would have none of them. She decided life with me was interesting enough and sheAutobiography, 206:out an audience of 1000. In time, however, we decided that a lot of these people who occupiedAutobiography, 206:they heard. The time, therefore, came when we decided to charge admission to my lectures even if itAutobiography, 208:my husband. He and I have talked this over and decided it would not be possible to put into anAutobiography, 218:talked it over most carefully with Foster and we decided that foreign travel was much more usefulAutobiography, 228:received no reply. I gave up the attempt and decided that it was one of those peculiar, fakeAutobiography, 248:initiation have to master. (NOTE: It was later decided by the Tibetan and A.A.B. to publish theseBethlehem, 184:as the birth of the Virgin. Easter Day is always decided astronomically. These facts warrant theDestiny, 143:of the Fifth Ray and the Lord of the World have decided temporarily to withdraw this type of force.Discipleship1, 43:for the raising of the consciousness of men? We decided that four things must, first of all,Discipleship1, 53:and more knowledge can be spread abroad. This we decided to do in two ways: Through theDiscipleship1, 129:a marked ability to do many things well and a decided aptitude to understand people, their motivesDiscipleship1, 131:with the dissipation of world glamor. I have decided to put you to work in this group because youDiscipleship1, 291:who traveled not alone. NOTE: This disciple decided for a while to travel alone upon the Way as farDiscipleship1, 366:thought of you. But though instinctively my mind decided to ask this service of you, I have aDiscipleship1, 434:and unaided, and it is always better so. I have decided to give you no breathing exercises for theDiscipleship1, 482:not see things in their true perspective. I have decided that the way of release for you will comeDiscipleship1, 534:a definite expansion of your consciousness and a decided deepening of your spiritual life. Of thisDiscipleship1, 654:in which you so constantly live. Once you have decided to decentralize yourself and cease poisoningDiscipleship1, 695:the growing sensitivity of humanity, it was then decided that disciples could be admitted into theDiscipleship2, 74:importance for some. I have now definitely decided to disband the New Seed Group. My experiment inDiscipleship2, 94:law - from the moment when your soul decided to experiment, to experience, and to express divinity.Discipleship2, 223:in the darkest night of the time when [223] he decided to create this planet of ours for strictlyDiscipleship2, 286:which the planetary Logos made was when he decided to incarnate or enter into the form of thisDiscipleship2, 309:the days of H.P.B., during whose time it was decided that this was the first of the points ofDiscipleship2, 316:might involve serious risks. It was therefore decided that a truer picture of the nature ofDiscipleship2, 470:but "you can take it," as the saying is. It was decided to let you attempt the task demanded forDiscipleship2, 509:contacted you in my thought life this morning, I decided that a word from me and the touch of myDiscipleship2, 606:I gave you in my last instruction. It has been decided between us (subject to the approval of yourDiscipleship2, 611:and of your relation to him. That it had been decided, in view of A.A.B.'s recall for more definiteDiscipleship2, 737:along the indicated lines and that, having decided, he now moves slowly in the wake of that energy.Externalisation, 178:of the totalitarian powers? Humanity having decided to fight out the battle physically, there wasExternalisation, 188:of thought or conscience, all issues will be decided by the state, and the private citizen [189]Externalisation, 259:cataclysm - will be employed will really be decided by humanity through its use or non-use of freeExternalisation, 320:procedure until such time as humanity itself has decided the future conditions of human living. IExternalisation, 320:exactly that, my brother. The war is not yet decided. There is a widespread feeling that God (as weExternalisation, 337:of humanity for many hundreds of years will be decided. From that decision will date the coming NewFire, VII:effort and after careful consideration it was decided between the Tibetan (D.K.) and A.A.B. thatFire, 558:out in any round, it will be indicative of a decided mental polarization of the Logos; we can onlyFire, 735:at will, and when the period of pralaya has been decided upon, this thread of light, or of solarFire, 908:safeguarding laws of civilization, it has been decided that the nature and functions of the devasFire, 1265:an esoteric group around the Logos when He decided upon further progress. In consequence He formedHealing, 664:and subject to their continued activity, it was decided by them but for humanity that the rapidInitiation, 34:the minor posts. Therefore three things were decided upon in the Council Chamber of the Lord of theInitiation, 34:time, we are not concerned with it. It was also decided to make the line of demarcation between theInitiation, 105:of their relative evolutionary stage) it was decided to watch proceedings a little longer beforeInitiation, 190:an esoteric group around the Logos when he decided upon further progress. In consequence he formedMagic, 378:Ten - The Founding of the Hierarchy 5. It was decided about seventeen million years ago (the comingMagic, 413:to a momentous decision. Just as it had been decided at the earlier conclave to gather out of theMeditation, 62:let him visualize his three bodies, and having decided whether his meditation shall be in the headMeditation, 191:capacity to hold and carry it. These points are decided by his place on the ladder of evolution,Patanjali, 400:What we shall be in the next incarnation is decided by the ability of the true man to influenceProblemsas it was when originally written, we have decided to do the latter. But it is important that thosePsychology1, 171:be equally increased and strengthened. It was decided that certain areas of doubt should be clearedPsychology1, 397:stayed behind... The Masters met in conclave and decided what should be the fate of those who,Psychology2, 693:effort for world peace and cooperation, is to be decided upon by the exigencies of the time, theRays, 112:discouragement. Two things have therefore been decided upon by the Masters as They face the futureRays, 267:close to Sanat Kumara and came with Him when He decided to take incarnation through the medium ofRays, 411:to fulfil cosmic intention; it was therefore decided to make the rules of entrance more difficultRays, 421:the path trodden by Those Masters Who decided to tread the Path of training for planetary Logoi. ItRays, 553:time - a relatively small but powerful group - decided together to tread the Path of Earth ServiceRays, 555:Masters (facing the same sixth initiation) Who "decided" to bring that ancient civilization to anRays, 602:been retained upon mental levels, had humanity decided rightly. The fact of the inevitability ofRays, 605:ray souls in incarnation. Once humanity has decided upon the goal and the method of reconstructionRays, 642:(after evolution, along the line of knowledge, decided for Him by His ray type) He is on the "wayRays, 705:interest you to know that the Christ has not yet decided what type of physical vehicle He willRays, 722:also make free choice and decision. What They decided to do led to the world war, to a demonstratedRays, 729:Him; He makes free decision, and His future is decided by Him not on the basis of its inevitabilityReappearance, 30:His servants and disciples on Earth that He had decided to emerge again into physical contact withReappearance, 113:according as man decides; hitherto, man has decided upon a slow - a very slow - manifestation. ItReappearance, 120:humanity have evoked the Christ, and that He has decided to reappear. [121] The invocative cry ofReappearance, 160:men being deceived and taken in by what we have decided is a fraud. Herein lies our challenge. It
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