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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DECISION

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Discipleship2, 428:one of the major periods of opportunity and decision in general human affairs; hence the extremeDiscipleship2, 430:one of the major periods of opportunity and of decision. Hence the extreme gravity of the presentDiscipleship2, 435:an integral part. After the sixth Initiation of Decision, the revelation begins to shift on toDiscipleship2, 447:reality, and then leave you to arrive at right decision, via direct or intuitive knowledge, aloneDiscipleship2, 451:[451] as you, need to learn that this type of decision indicates no choice between right and wrong,Discipleship2, 451:between progress or non-progress. It is simply a decision, specifically related to timing. Such aDiscipleship2, 451:decision, specifically related to timing. Such a decision calls for assessment, for recognition ofDiscipleship2, 465:new bodies for integration, use and service? The decision rests with you, for those who tread theDiscipleship2, 502:lies in the fact that, fundamentally, either decision is right. Few, however, face the choiceDiscipleship2, 502:intelligently or, having made it, abide by the decision made. From the standpoint of the ordinaryDiscipleship2, 502:in the eternity of soul reaction. Therefore, a decision to relax, to hold the point gained, but toDiscipleship2, 533:will see another and lesser crisis, and upon the decision then made by you (and it can be physical,Discipleship2, 534:aloof and self-focused personality. Your last decision and chosen line of activity (which was of aDiscipleship2, 534:blurred the usually clear lower vision but made decision on a higher level than heretoforeDiscipleship2, 537:of this last statement of mine. In all times of decision enumerate to yourself the number of livesDiscipleship2, 538:I would ask you to carry the theme of karmic decision and of preparation for the future ever inDiscipleship2, 539:as a conscious result of soul or personality decision, and that you should understand the reasonsDiscipleship2, 540:time factor which lies within the scope of your decision and it is in relation to time that youDiscipleship2, 544:after a period of inner wrestling and consequent decision - you have evaded the full facing of theDiscipleship2, 558:all time of the relationship. These periods of decision and adjustment are most difficult, butDiscipleship2, 558:the right attitude (even if bewildered) the decision is seldom his. Life, circumstance, events orDiscipleship2, 592:ray worker to proceed alone upon the way of his decision, but I would suggest that you work inDiscipleship2, 595:[595] Be sure to choose the workers (when the decision lies with you) who are on the second ray, orDiscipleship2, 606:at her own post within the Ashram of K.H. This decision was reached for certain definite reasonsDiscipleship2, 636:to the task imposed by your soul. A basic decision will shortly confront you, and upon thatDiscipleship2, 636:will shortly confront you, and upon that decision will depend your right of entry, technicallyDiscipleship2, 636:nor may I give you any hint as to what your decision should be. I have, however, confidence in you,Discipleship2, 637:[637] quality of your strength when the need for decision confronts you. I await you in the innerDiscipleship2, 658:in relation to others, which conditions and your decision do not always warrant; it produces [659]Discipleship2, 676:a manner that, when you face the Initiation of Decision, the Path which you must follow willDiscipleship2, 680:your work in my Ashram as had been your soul's decision. This latter choice is not what I seek toDiscipleship2, 683:motivated you - not clear thinking and then decision, but prejudice, resentment and fear. But todayDiscipleship2, 683:of my criticism of your attitude but not of your decision. That which works out into expressionDiscipleship2, 736:or it can be due to the free choice and free decision, involving direct initiating activity on theDiscipleship2, 736:wherein the man balances back and forth between decision and indecision, arriving apparently at noDiscipleship2, 737:what way can I know? How can I arrive at right decision? First of all by eliminating selfishnessDiscipleship2, 737:at right - and therefore for him irrevocable decision - that this very motive and decision startsDiscipleship2, 737:irrevocable decision - that this very motive and decision starts energy working along the indicatedDiscipleship2, 741:reflection and mental activity, followed by some decision. I am speaking thus frankly to you, myEducation, 25:will then be built upon this important initial decision - hence again, the growing responsibilityEducation, 38:into the mind of the child or to omit it with decision and with purpose. Modern education has beenExternalisation, 23:is before you. The next two years will see the decision as to whether the fusion of the inner andExternalisation, 137:thinking clearly to make the future of right decision more probable than at any previous time inExternalisation, 175:the risks, the opportunity, and the important decision to be made are struggling with almostExternalisation, 175:will condition the future as no other human decision has ever before done in the history ofExternalisation, 178:their blood brotherhood. Then humanity made its decision to fight, and the war broke out: oneExternalisation, 179:for human rights and liberty. Because of the decision to fight on the side of spiritual progress,Externalisation, 213:crisis and the postponement of the advancing decision. For decades, we, the teachers of the race ofExternalisation, 214:people [214] in every country, and upon their decision rests the fate of the less intelligentExternalisation, 221:by circumstance and karma, and by the free decision of your souls, to work under one or other ofExternalisation, 230:judgment day is now upon humanity, and the final decision will be [231] arrived at by those whoseExternalisation, 281:achieved through self-engendered experience and decision, and for some time we who seek to guideExternalisation, 305:of divine energy. It is entirely for the decision of the world disciples and aspirants; not theExternalisation, 305:of the world disciples and aspirants; not the decision of poor bewildered, deluded humanity. WillExternalisation, 309:which is preceded by clear factual thinking and decision. Can the world disciples and aspirantsExternalisation, 313:for your cooperation and leave you to make your decision. May the love of God and of your fellowmenExternalisation, 320:the recognition of possibility or a paralleling decision to right the wrongs which lie back of theExternalisation, 329:your own wishes and ideas to the group decision. Let this be uniquely a group effort. 2. PressExternalisation, 337:the Evolutionary Process An Impending Crucial Decision December 1941 As the last month of theExternalisation, 337:hundreds of years will be decided. From that decision will date the coming New Age; on thatExternalisation, 337:decision will date the coming New Age; on that decision, the Hierarchy will be able to makeExternalisation, 337:to make prediction and determine action; in that decision will be discovered the point in evolutionExternalisation, 338:the masses, but was intended to be a test and a "decision in a time of crisis," hence made itsExternalisation, 446:but acting today with impelling wisdom and fixed decision in order to strengthen the hands of TheirExternalisation, 451:to world goodwill on the planes of emotional decision, and on mental levels to those ideologiesExternalisation, 454:the subject of Their discussions and final decision until the middle of June. When the sun beginsExternalisation, 460:standing ready to help when - but only when - decision has been made. This leads to a shifting ofExternalisation, 467:needed enlightenment for those who have to make decision on behalf of men everywhere. YourExternalisation, 475:superior to the deeds of mankind and await the decision of the battle to be fought? Should itExternalisation, 476:has been amply demonstrated. On account of this decision of the Hierarchy, Christ becameExternalisation, 478:and to defeat the Axis nations. Because of this decision on Their part, unthinking people claimExternalisation, 519:mankind will permit (for the free will and free decision of mankind may not be ignored), so thatExternalisation, 555:and understands, that acts with strength and decision, and that works on behalf of the whole andExternalisation, 558:sons of men. I ask your aid and I await your decision. That He Whom we serve may be nearer to allExternalisation, 563:This, being factual, and the time ripe for decision, has caused an intra-planetary ferment andExternalisation, 643:of its imprisonment indefinitely; the right decision will lead to the Kingdom of God, and the otherFire, 18:of Flame arose and prepared Themselves. It was decision's hour. The seven Lords of the sevenFire, 843:or the animal. It was the result of the internal decision on the part of the planetary Logos toFire, 910:evolution, much danger may be averted. Hence the decision to extend the scope of this book toFire, 1075:note that during this round, owing to planetary decision, the process of producing human radiationGlamour, 49:will constitute, in its turn, an authoritative decision with all the consequent reactions upon theGlamour, 100:Those who are aware of the necessity for decision and discrimination in thinking and in choice, butGlamour, 100:Reality within that Form and are arriving at the decision to let the Warrior carry on the fight.Glamour, 100:carry on the fight. They will then (when right decision and choice have been made) "stand up andGlamour, 103:between the pairs of opposites and proceed with decision upon the "middle way." In the thirdGlamour, 212:life, he should be mentally polarized by decision and effort even if the emotional nature is forGlamour, 269:of tension, is the result of the "invocative decision" of the personality which, in time, producesGlamour, 270:clear. It is a question of timing and of decision. I would remind you that in all these processes,Healing, 121:is planned to take place as a result of soul decision, and not as a result of the efficiency of theHealing, 174:upon the solar plexus center, so will be his decision to move forward along the path of light, toHealing, 248:consciously or unconsciously followed, where the decision of death is concerned, and this ideaHealing, 606:simple when grasped) are dependent upon the decision of the healer. It is here that mistakes can beHealing, 606:condition than by the potency of one's unwise decision, the power of one's thought and the focus ofHealing, 661:result of his spiritual destiny and of karmic decision; it must not come as an arbitrary act, or asHealing, 664:the Ashrams of the Masters, and through the decision of these successful aspirants, and subject toHealing, 706:the moment (or cycle) wherein the man is making decision as to whether he will move in spiritualHercules, 202:following statements are found: "The point of decision, as it is called in all hierarchicalHercules, 202:and the Full Moon of June 1945. The point of decision covered, therefore, nine years, a relativelyHercules, 202:a relatively brief time; it resulted in the decision arrived at by the Christ to reappear or returnInitiation, 23:kingdom and who have there made their great decision, and that inconceivable renunciation which
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