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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DECISION

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Initiation, 31:the Veddhas of Ceylon, and the hairy Ainus. The decision of the Planetary Logos to take a physicalInitiation, 35:way back to the source from whence he came. This decision led to that great struggle whichInitiation, 102:another, or it may be the outcome of a definite decision by the Ego. A man may be able better toMagic, 69:ability to go forward upon the grounds of the decision made, and so to abide by the results withoutMagic, 69:In considering these two ways of ultimate decision let not the man who should use his common senseMagic, 69:place where he is. He has to learn through right decision and right use of the mind to solve hisMagic, 168:his vibration with that of the group. Then, if decision is arrived at, for the space of two years aMagic, 405:towards a more synthetic unity brought them to a decision which involved the formation of groupMagic, 413:ago the Masters met and came to a momentous decision. Just as it had been decided at the earlierMagic, 418:age type of work you can then make a temporary decision. Watch them at their work. Note theMagic, 418:belong. They will come if you work with decision and sound out the note of unity so clearly thatMagic, 447:that emergence into effective existence is the decision and that the creative work is carriedMeditation, 112:best when affairs move quickly and rapid mental decision is required. He detests abstract thoughtMeditation, 308:that of His Masters, and will depend upon Their decision as to the success of the earlier endeavor.Meditation, 321:their study will guide the Head in his final decision. The pupil must be over twenty-one and underMeditation, 327:of the Head of the School, who bases his decision upon esoteric results in the bodies of the pupil,Patanjali, 18:consists in this: Knowledge, deduction and a decision which is based upon externals, and upon theProblems, 176:and the man in the street waits hopelessly for a decision which will lead to peace - a peace basedPsychology1, 296:purely to enjoyment, will give place to a mutual decision by both of the parties concerned. ThePsychology1, 296:decision by both of the parties concerned. The decision will meet a natural need in a right andPsychology2, 149:until with unerring choice he makes the Great Decision." This is quoted from the Old Commentary. WePsychology2, 328:attention on the processes involved in the decision to "make an appearance". Consciously taking thePsychology2, 329:The whole series of events involved in the decision are to be considered here only from the angleRays, 85:both as a result of karmic law and the planned decision of the Great Council. The Energy ofRays, 207:certain predetermined lines, make Their reports; decision is made as to new unfoldment; certainRays, 307:withdrawing of the attention of the soul, the decision to vacate the form and the failure of theRays, 340:Atmic plane Emergence Will Purpose Initiation 6. Decision Throat center 3rd ray Monadic planeRays, 361:initiation is called the Initiation of Decision. The Master then chooses which of the seven Ways orRays, 361:the Masters confronted with the Initiation of Decision. [362] Disciples are more apt to beRays, 362:is that which will succeed the Initiation of Decision, and that this is dependent upon the type,Rays, 371:the seven Paths. With this development and decision we shall later deal. The seven Paths are allRays, 390:the sixth initiation, called the Initiation of Decision, the Initiate makes His final choice as toRays, 390:as to the Way that He will go, and from that decision there is no turning back. [391] Three thingsRays, 391:[391] Three things will necessarily color any decision the Initiate may make; His ray, which stillRays, 391:plus a sense of freedom hitherto unrealized. The decision might be regarded as the first gesture ofRays, 391:and the next in which He must perforce make His decision, He comes to understand the nature of theRays, 391:has no reference to the fifth initiation. The decision made by the Master enables Him to take theRays, 392:Masters confronted with the sixth Initiation of Decision." This constitutes part of the problemRays, 392:process of changing for a final, conditioning decision - in line, consciously realized, with divineRays, 393:no relation to the mind nature. This training in decision is given by forcing the Master to makeRays, 393:brought to the point of precipitation by united decision in the conclave of the Masters. TheseRays, 393:to other things" during the period of man's decision; thus the potency of Their thinking does notRays, 393:the Members of His Council watch the process of decision in order to see how far the will of theRays, 394:in the three worlds as the result of Their decision. They watch also Those particular Masters WhoRays, 395:of the will, as it demonstrates in unalterable decision. The crisis of the new step which willRays, 396:words of the Old Commentary mean that [396] His decision will (with one exception) take Him awayRays, 396:Buddha made was connected with this subject of decision. He loved humanity so much that He felt HeRays, 397:the Master forth from His Ashram, conditions His decision and eventually leads to His passingRays, 397:This He does by asking Them to record Their decision when taking the sixth initiation, but toRays, 398:are eventually given the right to follow Their decision and pass to extra-planetary service. TheRays, 399:or to the cosmic mental plane, according to the decision made at the sixth initiation. Upon theRays, 400:unfoldment of the will has much to do with Their decision. It must not be thought that ThoseRays, 400:Such again is not the case. Their response and decision is based on a realization of cosmic need -Rays, 400:any one takes the sixth initiation and makes his decision to follow the Path of Earth ServiceRays, 400:he will find himself faced with a secondary decision as to which of the four kingdoms willRays, 401:that it is not the ray which determines decision. These fifth ray Masters (among many others, ofRays, 402:and many Masters from the various Ashrams made a decision to work on this second Path in order toRays, 405:the solar ring-pass-not. Those Masters Whose decision it is to tread the second Path are taught theRays, 405:Sanat Kumara. This They do after making Their decision and passing through the door on theRays, 409:changes in the hierarchical plans, this decision was altered. I was permitted to add to thatRays, 410:more than real. Two causes account for this: The decision to throw open initiations higher than theRays, 410:and not the fifth initiation the Initiation of Decision. Here I must state the existence of aRays, 411:interfere by action or thinking in humanity's decision. It was therefore necessary to control moreRays, 412:have nine choices to face when They face Their decision; there will then be no need for Those onRays, 413:even if now He does not at that time make His decision, faces intelligently and with someRays, 413:He is shewn the newer opportunity, the modes of decision, and the limitations which are no longerRays, 414:a large number of the initiates who have to make decision, choose this way to the cosmic center. 2.Rays, 415:initiate prior to the initiation of the great decision; it is therefore only initiates of theRays, 419:when He passes on to the fifth or Ray Path. His decision and the intention of the ray [420] Lord atRays, 420:for there is a close connection between the decision at the sixth initiation and this fifth Path;Rays, 421:training given Him ends in another tremendous decision which will place Him in a group of Lives onRays, 424:faced at the sixth initiation with a stupendous decision to make - enter upon the indicated PathRays, 424:"Initiation of Revelation." He can thus make His decision with opened eyes and unblended by theRays, 425:understanding, lays the foundation for right decision at the sixth initiation; some day you tooRays, 486:1. Intention. By this is not meant a mental decision, wish or determination. The idea is moreRays, 496:it may be your personality choice or your soul decision for a specific life, but it means that youRays, 528:to Revelation (at the Fifth initiation) and to Decision (at the sixth). [529] To sum up. We haveRays, 532:based on living Light. Initiation 6 - Decision. Initiation 7 - Resurrection. Initiation 8 -Rays, 548:the initiations (the sixth initiation, that of Decision). This initiation is related to the throatRays, 553:its initial impulse as a result of a group decision within the Hierarchy itself. Certain MastersRays, 553:Masters Who were facing the sixth Initiation of Decision at the time - a relatively small butRays, 553:One Initiator, the planetary Logos. It was Their decision, taken early in this century, whichRays, 554:the entering potencies released by this decision produced an upsurging of evil in the hearts of menRays, 554:be the result the Masters knew when making Their decision; They consciously struck a blow at theRays, 564:by him when he faces the Initiation of Decision (the sixth initiation). At no stage of hisRays, 600:before the Initiator at the sixth Initiation of Decision, when the last illusion disappears. YouRays, 600:It is not until the sixth Initiation of Decision that the illusion of the planetary ring-pass-notRays, 601:each other. Transfiguration leads eventually to Decision, which culminates in due time with a finalRays, 605:fourth ray ring-pass-not, then (if humanity's decision is correct and is not postponed) many fourthRays, 605:will resume incarnation, and so implement human decision. This will mark a great turning point inRays, 606:of this paramount fourth ray energy, made a decision which laid the emphasis upon the matterRays, 607:this "point of emergence" is reached by right decision and as a result of a right use of theRays, 608:choice, is superseded by crises of decision - not decision based upon discriminative perceptionRays, 608:is superseded by crises of decision - not decision based upon discriminative perception betweenRays, 608:spirituality and materialism, but crises of decision based upon perception of the Plan,Rays, 608:three phrases which distinguish the crises of decision which confront the Master after the fourthRays, 608:are controlled by the esoteric Principle of Decision. The Principle of Conflict is the prime factorRays, 608:the Initiation of Renunciation. The Principle of Decision which controls the Master governs HisRays, 609:of Active Intelligence. [609] This Principle of Decision, as a controlling factor, is put to theRays, 609:test at the sixth initiation, the Initiation of Decision; at that time, the will aspect of divinity
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