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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DECISION

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Rays, 609:to right Discrimination 2. The Initiation of Decision - 6th Initiation The Principle of DecisionRays, 609:of Decision - 6th Initiation The Principle of Decision Governed by Ray III Active in the HierarchyRays, 610:of right choice, right perception and right decision. Thus the nine initiations are covered. TheRays, 610:the minds of men, prior to any final choice or decision. This must be remembered, and studentsRays, 610:at this time might prove only a make-shift decision and one based on expediency and impatience. TheRays, 614:inevitability of Christ's imminent return to the decision [615] of humanity to precipitate theRays, 615:physical plane, and of its shifting (by man's decision) today on to the mental plane, have madeRays, 618:this will constitute the first major human decision leading to the longed-for harmony. The attitudeRays, 636:to humanity have led me thus to enlarge. The decision anent the Jews is one of hierarchicalRays, 639:Nations. The Hierarchy is subjected to crises of decision, leading to perception of the Plan,Rays, 640:at stake are now becoming so clear that right decision is more possible than at any other time inRays, 651:to him at the following or sixth Initiation of Decision. Where the ordinary everyday man isRays, 653:and the Major Initiations Initiation VI - Decision - Ray III We have concluded our study of theRays, 653:one or two points anent the sixth Initiation of Decision; this [654] initiation is governed by theRays, 654:of the Christ. At this Initiation of Decision the Master concerned decides usually which of theRays, 655:of the Christ, [655] continue to make the decision which will control Their future progress on oneRays, 660:the next major race) Who, at the Initiation of Decision, the sixth initiation, will dedicateRays, 686:any hitherto sensed or known. Initiation VI. - Decision. Freedom of choice. I have dealt with theseRays, 694:disciple passes through the sixth Initiation of Decision. He determines then (by means of HisRays, 698:unless he has chosen (at the sixth Initiation of Decision) the Path of World Service. During theRays, 706:and that there faces Him a great Initiation of Decision (the sixth) for which He must prepare. HeRays, 718:and the Major Initiations Initiation VI - The Decision We have been studying along three linesRays, 719:In the same manner, the sixth Initiation of Decision also becomes possible because the initiateRays, 719:of Revelation and the sixth Initiation of Decision are the higher correspondences to the first twoRays, 720:that this initiation is called the Initiation of Decision." This is a point of real interest and ofRays, 720:out that the Masters, at the sixth Initiation of Decision, face realms of service where They willRays, 721:you also remember that at this Initiation of Decision the Master can move forward on any one of theRays, 721:and together, and before making Their final decision (which will probably remove Them from the PathRays, 721:any given time - are the group which makes final decision anent human affairs. It was a decisionRays, 721:final decision anent human affairs. It was a decision made by this group of initiates during theRays, 721:civilization which brought it to an end; the decision which They will make now will produce greatRays, 721:initiation" whenever They are ready to "make decision." The opportunity comes to the HierarchyRays, 722:and Their recognition of man's free will to make decision. The last initiation of this kind wasRays, 722:conditions and also make free choice and decision. What They decided to do led to the world war, toRays, 722:and freedom, and which, in 1952 will lead to a decision - the outcome of which is hidden in theRays, 722:deva or angel evolution. The sixth Initiation of Decision is preparatory to the true Initiation ofRays, 723:period to instruct the initiate who has made his decision through an expression of his divineRays, 723:of our planetary Logos to the solar system, and decision is made through the development of thatRays, 723:Masters can also dimly sense the nature of the decision with which They are faced. It is thisRays, 724:intelligently embarks when He has made His final decision; earlier stages are simply revelatory ofRays, 724:sixth initiation. The Master, as He makes His decision and chooses one of the seven Paths whichRays, 724:but His accumulated good karma makes His final decision inevitable; from that instant of decisionRays, 724:final decision inevitable; from that instant of decision He stands entirely free and liberated fromRays, 724:He does not know the conditions into which His "decision" commits Him, or those into which He willRays, 725:have brought Him to this creative moment of decision. Immediately He achieves a point of tensionRays, 725:of tension is the expressed moment of the final decision. Then follows the revelation of what mayRays, 728:He demonstrates that liberation by making free decision anent His future state of Being and ofRays, 729:[729] has any hold over Him; He makes free decision, and His future is decided by Him not on theRays, 729:This creates a very different situation. The decision once made is a fixed decision, and there isRays, 729:situation. The decision once made is a fixed decision, and there is no turning back orRays, 729:future opportunities once his final choice or decision is made, and - as said above - it alsoRays, 736:to is related to the sixth Initiation of Decision, when the Master decides which of the seven PathsRays, 736:fire with love - is tempted to go back upon His decision and stay upon the planet with Those WorldRays, 742:they are running, and to the finality of the decision which the next two generations will be forcedRays, 743:that men themselves must make free choice and decision in order to be free; they can only beRays, 766:must stoop and seize after a search of strenuous decision. The hand that grasps the key must haveReappearance, 23:His unique occasion and presented Him with a decision which He could not avoid. [24] Reappearance, 24:fact that this synchronization led to a basic decision, must be recognized by us. It is not easyReappearance, 30:led Christ, in the year 1945, to come to a great decision - a decision which found expression inReappearance, 30:the year 1945, to come to a great decision - a decision which found expression in two mostReappearance, 67:and Reaction is such that the arriving at right decision as to activity and time is no simple one.Reappearance, 68:then stands at a point of tension, with the decision behind him and the next step to be takenReappearance, 69:and its many groups of workers. The "point of decision," as it is called in all hierarchicalReappearance, 69:and the Full Moon of June, 1945. The point of decision covered, therefore, nine years (a relativelyReappearance, 69:(a relatively brief time); it resulted in the decision arrived at by the Christ to reappear orReappearance, 69:considerably earlier than had been planned. This decision was necessarily made in consultation withReappearance, 69:to humanity and a great spiritual event. The decision was, nevertheless, the decision of the ChristReappearance, 69:event. The decision was, nevertheless, the decision of the Christ and marked not only a point ofReappearance, 71:for the spiritual Hierarchy, during the years of decision, prior to June, 1945. Under the divineReappearance, 72:future events lie hid in a certain fundamental decision of humanity itself. This decision is beingReappearance, 72:fundamental decision of humanity itself. This decision is being arrived at through certain newReappearance, 72:the result of a subjective human reaction to the decision already arrived at by the Christ and theReappearance, 72:accorded to the Christ, as He announced His decision as final and irrevocable, was the permissionReappearance, 73:of Direction" is never lightly accorded. The decision of Christ to appear again among men, bringingReappearance, 73:point of spiritual crisis and its consequent decision, a point of tension was reached and it is inReappearance, 76:of hierarchical tension and as a result of His decision to reappear, Christ became the EmbodimentReappearance, 76:with the Christ. As a result of Christ's decision and His "spiritual fusion" with the Will of God,Reappearance, 78:to humanity, for all are the result of the decision made by Christ after His point of crisis, andReappearance, 89:passed and which [89] was ended by His announced decision, certain great Energies, or fundamentalReappearance, 97:or the tree. It is related in reality to the decision made by Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane toReappearance, 118:of the soul and is not the result of any form decision; it is the soul in all forms whichTelepathy, 85:all tendency to negativity. This hierarchical decision then necessarily led to the instituting ofTelepathy, 159:Until They choose, at the sixth Initiation of Decision, one of the seven Paths of Ultimate Destiny,Telepathy, 175:be remembered that until the sixth Initiation of Decision, "the Monad guards two secrets, but loses
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