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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DECISIONS

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Psychology2, 148:to him those higher impulses and those spiritual decisions which mark his progress upon the Path.Psychology2, 200:no longer at the crossroads, but irrevocable decisions have been made, and the race is movingPsychology2, 205:itself felt, and thus at need effect important decisions. These are the nice good people, who are,Psychology2, 332:battle and only when Arjuna has made his fateful decisions, is it possible for him to make hisRays, 362:but that His own development and His eventual decisions are closely related to the Ashram which HeRays, 393:is given by forcing the Master to make basic decisions within His Ashram affecting world work andRays, 393:every seven years. At that conclave They make decisions which concern all forms of life in all theRays, 393:decision in the conclave of the Masters. These decisions do not affect man's free will, for theRays, 410:of the human mechanism, and owing to the decisions humanity is in process of making (as a result ofRays, 413:choices to be made, the sixth initiation and its decisions. He begins to take also the particularRays, 413:this will lead also to future paralleling decisions on the physical plane in human affairs; thisRays, 419:is one of progress, emphatic revolutionary decisions and climaxing crises. Without such a historyRays, 496:in terms of inner orientations, dynamic inner decisions, and an interior organizing for service andRays, 608:in the Purpose. Prevention of evil. These decisions are based, first of all, on goodwill to allRays, 636:United Nations Assembly is to be found in the decisions which they made and may make concerningRays, 674:loom so large in men's affairs and in world decisions. This is so dominantly so that theRays, 676:for planned governmental and economic material decisions which control and motivate the individual,Rays, 679:to think for himself and to come to his own decisions and conclusions. It is here that the majorRays, 719:make correct choices and spiritually motivated decisions. I am pointing this out because, as we nowReappearance, 25:of the Christ which led Him to certain great decisions, and which forced Him to cry out: "Father,Reappearance, 67:they have little understanding of the problems, decisions and implications with which Christ isReappearance, 68:crisis will come about. In that point of crisis, decisions are voluntarily or involuntarily made;Reappearance, 70:His Father animates Him and the ability to make decisions which are a full expression of thatReappearance, 72:of the Will of God, Christ made certain basic decisions and determined to carry them out in theReappearance, 164:upon the divine right of men to make their own decisions, to exert their own free will and to
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