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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEDUCED

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Astrology, 51:but the specific and the particular can be deduced from them. First of all, I would point out thatAtom, 144:being energized by a great central Will. We deduced therefrom that this central Will might be theDestiny, 27:happenings can frequently and correctly be deduced but the general subject remains until today muchEducation, 108:has persisted down the ages and which can be deduced from the definitely emerging plan, as far asExternalisation, 588:the fact of the spiritual Hierarchy can then be deduced and the normality of its existenceFire, 326:will be forthcoming. Much concerning them may be deduced from the already apprehended facts whichFire, 737:is known. Therefore, as might be naturally deduced, there is no devachan for the savage or littleFire, 946:three groups of energy units, and their nature deduced from the phrases: Groups of lives animatedFire, 1176:of force which circulates around it, much may be deduced about the planetary inner round. We mustHealing, 25:concerning individual physical conditions can be deduced. We must, however, eliminate those illsSoul, 141:are equal to the demand, and from them can be deduced the status of the material aspect, the
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