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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEED

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Astrology, 284:is on the path of discipleship in truth and in deed and not just theoretically. When Venus is theAtom, 85:nor in two, but in three. In man, therefore, in deed and in truth, you have what the ChristianAutobiography, 152:how difficult it is to be harmless in word and deed and thought. Life in Hollywood was now easierBethlehem, 11:passed through these dramatic experiences, in deed and in truth, but had left us with, the definiteBethlehem, 129:so that the words of St. Paul could be true in deed and in fact: "There is one body and one Spirit,Bethlehem, 283:of life unto perfection I have, in truth and in deed, illuminated for them: but can they tread thatDiscipleship1, 475:to love all beings - not in theory but in deed and in truth. Peace be to you and strength to treadDiscipleship1, 604:connection? What prompted the specific deed? Having thus analyzed the activities of the past fewDiscipleship1, 690:understand my words a disciple in truth and in deed. The primary task of the Masters is to developDiscipleship1, 692:try to live harmlessly - in thought and word and deed - and when nothing is held back materially,Discipleship2, 479:impel to action, and guide my every word and deed." Stage II. The Robe of Rose. The nextDiscipleship2, 717:- I think no thought, I speak no word, I do no deed that hurts another. This means I use a guardedExternalisation, 16:ideas with each other, and so in truth and in deed constitute one great college of esotericism inExternalisation, 117:before committing himself to any specific deed. Only through pain, [118] error and consequentExternalisation, 246:a festering sore. Thus, by thought and word and deed, the lover of humanity will enter the battleExternalisation, 280:becomes active in expression and in tangible deed upon the physical plane, so that the work doneExternalisation, 556:the various lands to represent the Hierarchy, in deed and in truth, the first step towards humanFire, 563:to the working out of a good and altruistic deed. 80 The sin of the Mindless. See S. D., II, 195,Fire, 750:souled persons that do not commit sins in word, deed, heart and soul, are said to undergo asceticFire, 876:Mother and the Life of the Son. The Son in very deed "becomes His Mother's husband," as say theFire, 925:until they approximate reality in fact and in deed. The method of form production may be tabulatedFire, 977:it will find its physical expression in some deed of one kind or another. All activity of everyFire, 993:One good aspiration is present. One unselfish deed is done. The life is strong in virtue. The lifeHercules, 14:myself and through myself." "My son, that was a deed of wisdom, and now you can stand [15] free.Hercules, 27:thy labor and return to me, reporting on the deed." With shouts of triumph Hercules rushed forth,Hercules, 38:thy labor and return to me, reporting on the deed." Alone and sad, conscious of need and worn withHercules, 56:in air, away from off the ground. And lo! the deed was done: Antaeus, vanquished, spoke: "I comeHercules, 56:Chamber of the Lord he spoke, reporting on the deed. "The second test is passed. The danger isHercules, 98:people of the land: "The lion is here. Await the deed that I shall do." And Hercules, who is a sonHercules, 99:in place of that already worn and used. "The deed is done. The people now stand free. There is noHercules, 114:so he rescued her, balancing thus his previous deed of death. For such is life: an act of death, aHercules, 114:of death. For such is life: an act of death, a deed of life, and thus the sons of men, who are theHercules, 117:of leadership and love. The act of death; then a deed of love when, at the risk of his own life,Hercules, 168:when I achieve harmlessness in thought, word and deed, then I will have no problems. The fact thatInitiation, 201:to loving his brother perfectly in truth and in deed, to serving whole-heartedly, to thinkingInitiation, 205:duty and obligation, to control every action and deed, and to utilize the physical vehicle so thatIntellect, 5:The European invasion of the East was a deed of violence on a great scale, and it has left us theIntellect, 222:a person is harmless in thought and word and deed, [223] when he is unselfish and knows the meaningMagic, 339:be taken in later centuries by those who will in deed and in truth be cosmologists, for once theMagic, 354:must live harmlessly in thought and word and deed. In this way each one of you will provide a pureMagic, 382:the love aspect, and this not in theory but in deed and truth. When this is the case, the physicalMagic, 487:it may be true, some sad or evil occurrence or deed of some mistaken brother. What then is there toMagic, 487:application of the lessons to be learnt from the deed he has accomplished. Use not force, forMagic, 587:avoided. He realizes that each word spoken, each deed undertaken and every look and thought has itsMagic, 638:there are those who watch, and that every loving deed, every aspiring thought and every unselfishMagic, 638:and not through a specific knowledge of the deed accomplished or the thought sent out. Those whoMeditation, 126:opportunity. Suicides, anxious to undo the deed and to again get into contact with earth.Patanjali, 285:and intelligently nears his goal and every deed, act and thought is governed by direct knowledge,Patanjali, 392:the soul realm. Non-injury. No word, thought or deed brings harm to any form through which the lifeProblems, 147:Kingdom of God is on earth, and that man is in deed and in truth made in the image of God and mustProblems, 160:and unity. Then the Kingdom of God will in deed and in truth be functioning on earth. it will be
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