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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEEM

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Bethlehem, 241:far greater importance than the individual may deem. We are too apt to study these problems eitherDestiny, 40:(and consequently their, sense of humor) and who deem themselves capable of interpreting the mindDiscipleship1, 142:which must govern all action which you deem should be taken. The necessary linking which should beDiscipleship1, 502:when it is of definite usefulness and I deem it so here. One of the keywords which I gave youDiscipleship1, 600:that they were the words of someone else and deem that they had been brought through in error orDiscipleship2, 95:in both directions. Do you want or deem it appropriate to have a fellow-worker come under theDiscipleship2, 473:you are now doing; feel free to change where you deem it desirable and seek constantly and daily aDiscipleship2, 488:registering static condition, or what they deem to be static. There is no need for such a feeling,Discipleship2, 690:general meditation at any point which you may deem appropriate. I would ask you to give fiveEducation, 63:research from the spiritual curriculum? They deem it to be of equal if not of greater importanceExternalisation, 318:in the United Kingdom, being met together, deem it right to make known certain common principles inFire, 1281:we call the Father and the Son; That which we deem too high for words to grasp; That which theGlamour, 227:of the paraphernalia which so many occult groups deem of importance. The set physical rituals areHealing, 357:they are not as correct in their ideas as they deem themselves to be; it may show itself in a deepHealing, 376:relating of electricity to photography. You may deem it well-nigh impossible to make plates of muchHercules, 71:he may and to follow up the suggestion should he deem it wise. Many well-meaning occultists wouldInitiation, 169:then produce physical plane phenomena should he deem it wise. This he seldom does, as the resultsIntellect, 38:For those who reach this highest stage, as they deem it, the religious attitude affords the supremeIntellect, 215:because it fails to prove itself in the time we deem proper. People frequently give up theirMagic, 137:to bring about as much of the reality as they deem wise. The Masters are looking out for those withPatanjali, 246:wherein his mind does not wander, he should then deem this fixed attention to be perfected."Psychology2, 140:servers frequently confuse the two rays and deem their soul ray to be of a particular type, whereasPsychology2, 558:- the lower one being recoverable if he deem it desirable, the other and higher one to beRays, 572:factories to produce the plethora of objects men deem needful for their happiness and well-being,Rays, 664:upon it which the human being of that time would deem desirable. Later, in Atlantean times, that
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