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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEEMS

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Discipleship2, 525:he is absorbed in some form of service which he deems essential and which looms larger in hisDiscipleship2, 635:to pass in and out of his study, whenever he deems it desirable. This arrangement requires theFire, 1281:high for words to grasp; That which the Mother deems her Lord and God, That is the One Who mountsGlamour, 47:of the fog of freedom" and revels in what he deems the fact of his independence. When his sight hasGlamour, 188:and isolates the truth or truths which He deems appropriate to the need of the time. He comes forthMagic, 219:conditions wherein a man may have what he deems to be admirable and advisable. Books on the subjectMeditation, 132:he is a prey to varied and dismal emotions; he deems himself forsaken of all; he considers that allPsychology2, 132:to express it, and not as the onlooking helper deems that he should do it. One point might here bePsychology2, 474:has revealed this world of phenomena to him; he deems it desirable and interprets its activities asTelepathy, 115:that they do not even register, and all that it deems undesirable or not fit for consideration. The
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