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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEEP

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Astrology, 41:as ever "seeing the Face of the Ruler of the Deep," or as being so pure and holy that Their forcesAstrology, 54:of the man. Ponder upon this, for it embodies a deep esoteric truth. Astrology, 90:in their implications. The above statement has deep and esoteric astrological significance. Astrology, 135:and selfish activity which changes into a deep and active intention to be active on behalf of theAstrology, 135:from a petty and superficial nature to one of deep purpose and profound conviction. The low gradeAstrology, 135:This matures in Leo and becomes a deep seated self-consciousness and a profound interest in selfAstrology, 170:to another upon his knees, is indicative of this deep need of the Capricornian for humility. IndiaAstrology, 176:both have disappeared and naught remains but the deep fire of my desire. Where is the horse, theAstrology, 189:or under observation - will profit much from a deep and systematic study of this sign. I wouldAstrology, 234:the worst and carry with them by far the more deep seated seeds of trouble. They range all the wayAstrology, 247:are brought into touch with each other in a very deep sense. Through its activity, an intenseAstrology, 260:darkness, quiet and warmth; it is the valley of deep experience wherein secrets are discovered andAstrology, 343:and yet - the crowd exists." This sign can carry deep meaning to all. You are in process ofAstrology, 383:not. This statement involves, as you can see, a deep mystery of relativity, of interplay and ofAstrology, 384:be stated that these caves exist in the rocks, deep under the plains. I am speaking figurativelyAstrology, 385:From life in the form to the death of the form - deep in the rocky place, down in the crypts of theAstrology, 416:great Being what the monad is to man. This is a deep mystery and one which even the highestAstrology, 432:womb. I am the rock which sinks itself into the deep of matter. I am the mountain-top on which theAstrology, 444:situation and leading him individually to sink deep into glamor. The simplification of the world'sAstrology, 452:the soul and towards the Hierarchy. [452] A deep love for humanity, present and based on mentalAstrology, 485:ranks of the mass-conscious herd, and out of the deep sleep of irresponsibility and becoming awareAstrology, 524:like here to interpolate some remarks. It is of deep moment to realize that Great Britain and theAstrology, 527:of its attainment more clearly. There is much deep research work to be done, for the science ofAstrology, 561:(the evolution of consciousness) going down deep into, and becoming inclusive of matter and at theAstrology, 567:His resurrection into life, Christ indicated the deep mystery of Capricorn. [568] A study of theseAstrology, 605:the Buddha is an exponent. This is necessarily a deep mystery but the correlation is interestingAtom, 102:more readily recognized, and articles of very deep interest have been published on theAutobiography, 3:have accomplished very little. Where there is deep and abiding love and understanding, respect andAutobiography, 10:arrests our amazed attention, or the silence, deep and unbroken, of the moors and country envelopAutobiography, 18:could trust me because she knew that I had a deep love for Christ and that no matter what doctrineAutobiography, 40:were still heathen and I was a Christian. Deep and fundamental doubts were left in my mind. My lifeAutobiography, 43:what I could to save their souls. I had a really deep knowledge of the Bible, good taste inAutobiography, 53:and withdrew - literally, so you can see how deep my feeling went. Then it was unexpectedlyAutobiography, 68:that I was a human being. He was at that time in deep waters and in trouble and wouldn't I try toAutobiography, 80:of bad districts. I used to impute this to my deep spiritual power and my platform eloquence. IAutobiography, 82:servants. It is a state of real friendship and deep affection on both sides. One evening JessieAutobiography, 90:of what it was I did, but I have always had a deep feeling that this life I must never fail Him andAutobiography, 148:in the exact center of the room with its legs in deep saucers because of insects. At that time inAutobiography, 207:even today in touch with her. She had a very deep and profound knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom butAutobiography, 226:places and Dorothy is witty, sparkling, quite a deep thinker and good psychologist, quick tempered,Autobiography, 245:years. The books have gone out in line with a deep underlying purpose which it may interest you toAutobiography, 251:all those people of spiritual purpose and a deep love of humanity who were actively working in manyAutobiography, 256:minds" - illumined by love and understanding, by deep compassion and inclusiveness, illumined by aAutobiography, 264:with the heart approach to God and with the deep human instinct, if haply man may find Him. [265]Autobiography, 288:to implement the Plan for humanity and a deep love for one's fellowmen. The student who learns toAutobiography, 289:and individualism are all expressions of the deep seated separateness which has been so unhappilyAutobiography, 302:history on this planet. The implications are too deep for our understanding. The choices thatBethlehem, 46:End of Our Time, by Nicholas Berdyaev, p. 59.) Deep calls unto deep, and from out the darkness ofBethlehem, 46:by Nicholas Berdyaev, p. 59.) Deep calls unto deep, and from out the darkness of those depths, andBethlehem, 72:goodwill, of divine understanding, and of the deep recognition of God. Then His impress and HisBethlehem, 74:and aspirations of the multitude, so real and deep that the nations everywhere are struggling forBethlehem, 102:The expansion of consciousness was immediate and deep. Dr. Schweitzer says in this connection:Bethlehem, 111:noise and clamor of this were succeeded by the deep and interior silence of the Cross, where,Bethlehem, 111:where, forsaken of all, He went through the deep dark night of the soul - utterly alone. Yet it isBethlehem, 117:God, must be something beyond our dreams, of so deep a significance and of such comprehensivenessBethlehem, 117:presented by the devil. If that Word is remote, deep-hidden by the veiling form, only distortedBethlehem, 147:becomes transformed into the butterfly. Deep in man lies this hidden beauty, unrealized, butBethlehem, 154:of Jesus Christ. They are very real and very deep, and universal in their inclusiveness. They areBethlehem, 162:of divinity possible in the natural world. It is deep within the heart of every man. The ChristBethlehem, 237:into the worlds beyond, the body falling into a deep trance, the death of the crucified. The bodyBethlehem, 243:of faith and conduct must have their foundations deep in the best that the past has to give. TheBethlehem, 282:the Word goes forth is a realization of the deep and distressing need of our modern world forDestiny, 28:lead to definite and tangible happenings. Any deep student of human affairs could follow the sameDestiny, 62:to any nation and race and should prove of deep interest to every student of history. [63] Destiny, 99:like here to interpolate some remarks. It is of deep moment to realize that Great Britain and theDestiny, 101:of its attainment more clearly. There is much deep research work to be done, for the science ofDestiny, 146:and - rushing to the stream of life - drinks deep. Then, having drunk, the magic of the watersDestiny, 146:engrossing and novel information can lead to deep seated insensitiveness. You need to absorb and toDiscipleship1, 5:no disciple is admitted into an Ashram without deep consideration on the part of the teacher. IDiscipleship1, 11:on one thing only, my brothers, and that is your deep sincerity. It is not a negative thing (asDiscipleship1, 31:But the foundations must be set sure and deep; the framework must be true and rightly adjusted.Discipleship1, 55:He may be a naturally isolated person, with a deep craving for solitude but that matters not. It isDiscipleship1, 57:have just said. The whole process is based on a deep seated belief in the persistence of theDiscipleship1, 75:all the weaknesses which that may entail) and a deep, if unrealized, affection between each and allDiscipleship1, 82:the New Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part VIII A deep reflection upon the urgency of the times andDiscipleship1, 84:of evolution as well as to develop that deep love of mankind which is the distinguishing mark ofDiscipleship1, 95:the clarity and power at my disposal, the very deep necessity for humility and its constantlyDiscipleship1, 102:and all your undertakings is the desire (deep within my heart) for each and all of you. YourDiscipleship1, 108:troubled soul? Do you not also realize that your deep desire to find the Master and to have withDiscipleship1, 116:as the result of ancient experience and deep thought and study in this life. That knowledge must,Discipleship1, 128:to this group, out of your rich equipment of deep desire and understanding, and also a relation toDiscipleship1, 148:to know the sources and the roots of pain, lying deep hidden in the manifested world. For you, atDiscipleship1, 148:with your group work and service; and with deep, introspective reflection upon the Plan and theDiscipleship1, 162:consolidated and, as you lay the foundations deep and begin the superstructure, you must guard theDiscipleship1, 167:The comradeship of burdens shared, the sense of deep response to need, the comradeship of serviceDiscipleship1, 175:of release is one which you greatly need. The deep undercurrent of spiritual aspiration and mentalDiscipleship1, 187:reach. I mention this because I know well the deep discouragement which can assail you as you reactDiscipleship1, 189:heal with potency those emotional ills which are deep seated in the astral body; this latent andDiscipleship1, 196:by any specific activity) you can express the deep basic trends of your life, and make yourself ofDiscipleship1, 211:lower mind, for that is offset in you by your deep seated love of the Masters and of humanity. ItDiscipleship1, 213:in the head and visualizing a sphere of deep electric blue, vivid and living, say the followingDiscipleship1, 240:which you had not foreseen and which causes you deep distress. Relax and be at peace. Thus will youDiscipleship1, 250:in attitude, proffered to you in love and from a deep seated desire to see you all freed for fullerDiscipleship1, 261:dedicate itself to the service of the soul with deep consecration, devoted love and fluidic intent.Discipleship1, 267:may be times wherein the sense of futility is deep and real. But none of these will be lasting. TheDiscipleship1, 332:her racial sense of inferiority. Her distress is deep seated in her love nature. Yours is not soDiscipleship1, 332:deep seated in her love nature. Yours is not so deep seated as it is not fed so dominantly from theDiscipleship1, 334:and non-essentials. This is a statement of deep occult fact and significance and holds the key toDiscipleship1, 338:of crisis. Face such times with detachment, with deep inner comprehension and consecration and withDiscipleship1, 353:part of your contribution in service will be a deep knowledge on the part of esotericists and a
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