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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEEP

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Glamour, 5:that which produces these is something much more deep and comprehensive. It is that synthetic,Glamour, 16:We shall change the focus of attention to a deep study of glamor. Herein will lie your service, forGlamour, 27:which will overcome the ancient rhythms and deep seated habits and thus steadily purify the aura.Glamour, 31:complicated by his consequent distress and his deep disgust with himself. He walks ever in a fogGlamour, 32:looks at humanity it appears to be walking in a deep and constantly changing density of currentsGlamour, 36:whereby the world glamor - today so potent and deep - can be dissipated. The time has not yet comeGlamour, 37:May I remind L.T.S-K. and I.B.S. of their deep indebtedness to the love of their brothers. TheGlamour, 55:content of the mind of the disciple leads him deep into the realm of illusion. The idea, or ideas,Glamour, 82:forth, and illumination eventually take place. A deep distrust of one's reactions to life andGlamour, 93:follow the group meditation with care. It is of deep importance to the group in the interest ofGlamour, 138:and their preoccupation with reality and their deep love of humanity have released the intuition.Glamour, 207:facing. This is one of the [207] causes of the deep depression and those profound inferiorityGlamour, 233:by each member of the group silently and with a deep realization that all are thus accepted andGlamour, 248:he essentially is. This will prove to him of deep spiritual and significant help. This period ofGlamour, 254:results which indicate to the gullible their deep spirituality. The trouble is that breathing isHealing, 3:the moods, suppressions, or expressions of the deep seated [4] longings, irritations, secretHealing, 11:it is not possible for man to understand the deep seated causes of that which can be seen emergingHealing, 15:(in the form life of our planet) of causes, deep seated and hidden in the mind of God. The causesHealing, 58:of old Atlantis. The roots of this dire evil are deep seated in the emotional or desire nature, andHealing, 60:it is the latest, and therefore the least deep seated of the three major diseases inherited byHealing, 64:to the medical profession and a subject of deep pity and commiseration to the humanitarian and theHealing, 76:understood, will tend to show that there is a deep underlying esoteric relation between: The mindHealing, 81:and yet with signs of life, silent and full of deep inertia. Opening, unsealed, and faintly tingedHealing, 100:This is necessarily a vast subject and one of deep scientific import. Certain types of ray forceHealing, 104:of healing, arranged for beginners. Feel a deep love pouring into you. Regard it as substantialHealing, 105:and of the creative imagination, plus a sense of deep and steadfast love, will keep the mind andHealing, 118:neurotically inclined people) of discovering the deep seated complexes, the scars, the ancientHealing, 126:leading to psychological cleavages, both deep seated and superficial. The goal of all developmentHealing, 181:renewed release of energies. The effects of the deep underlying causes themselves become causes,Healing, 228:the pristine cleanliness of the ancient mother. Deep in the soil the evil lies, emerging into formHealing, 243:from the surface of the planet, engendered deep within the planet, and impinging upon the denseHealing, 247:of the cycles and their determining cause are a deep mystery and are specifically related to theHealing, 304:concepts, but they should be pondered upon, and deep reflection will lead to understanding. AllHealing, 320:the planetary evil, which means that they have a deep seated and mental origin and one of suchHealing, 351:to the fact of immortality, and also through our deep attachment to form, we arrest the naturalHealing, 357:deem themselves to be; it may show itself in a deep satisfaction over personal subjective contacts.Healing, 363:seems as yet that we can go no further. Even the deep seated belief in the persistence of theHealing, 388:of love and the negation of what may have been deep seated wrong thinking. It will be apparent toHealing, 399:this time such that in spite of the ancient and deep seated fear of death, there is emerging in theHealing, 426:Discover thus the world of glamor, the world of deep illusion, the world of falsity. Then learnHealing, 432:pain and death. The roots of death are therefore deep seated; it is the destruction of the cycle ofHealing, 442:Ancient reactions to past violent deaths, lying deep in the consciousness. Clinging to form life,Healing, 445:of his sleeping physical vehicle. This is a deep and largely unrealized truth. It is related to theHealing, 487:soul on the higher mental levels is as yet "in deep meditation" and quite unaware of its shadow inHealing, 510:went about doing good, or because of a natural, deep seated life tendency. This is a hopeful andHealing, 528:spiritual will must be present as a quiet [528] deep pool of power behind all expression of theHealing, 561:difficulties and to cancer. Where hatreds and deep dislike are present in the consciousness, orHealing, 587:and the mineral kingdoms. All this is a deep mystery, but has remained so only on account of theHealing, 616:or of the solar system; this, however, is a deep mystery. It was demonstrated in a peculiar manner,Healing, 690:increased) must perforce give way to the word "deep," in the sense of penetration. Having saidHealing, 706:healed and thus the two are one. This is mystery deep. The blending of the healing force effectsHercules, 15:my son, but prove to me your freedom and your deep desire to serve." The Teacher sat in silence andHercules, 38:Alone and sad, conscious of need and worn with deep distress, Hercules slowly passed between theHercules, 55:though he was in speech and wise with the deep wisdom of a son of God, Nereus failed, for HerculesHercules, 57:way. Suddenly, he halted in his steps. A cry of deep distress smote on his ear. Some vulturesHercules, 58:But again, he was arrested by a sense of deep distress. Atlas confronted him, staggering 'neath theHercules, 60:aspirant takes place. A longing to be good, a deep desire to ascertain the facts of the spiritualHercules, 77:man and yet a son of God. At first was silence deep. He uttered not a word or made a sound. BeyondHercules, 78:form, only to find that in the fastness of the deep [79] woods it had been lost. From hill to hillHercules, 79:darkness I was led, and found no doe. Into the deep dark woods I fought my way, but found no doe;Hercules, 84:interest and the lesson it holds is of deep import. There is no success for the aspirant until heHercules, 90:achievement. All that is to be found is a deep inner urge and discontent which gradually becomes soHercules, 95:firm step, his eager eye, his ready hand. But deep within his heart was questioning. [96] "What doHercules, 96:"A call has sounded forth, O Hercules, a call of deep distress. Your outer ears have not respondedHercules, 96:The people of Nemea seek your aid. They are in deep distress. Word of your prowess has gone forth.Hercules, 97:Suddenly he saw the lion. Upon the edge of a deep thicket of young trees it stood. Seeing an enemyHercules, 114:Close to the rocky shore he saw a monster of the deep, holding between his jaws poor Hesione. HerHercules, 114:Hercules, in search of Hesione; finding her deep within the belly of the monster. With his left armHercules, 115:should be characterized by warmth, quietness, deep experiences and "slow, yet powerful crises". ItHercules, 118:meaning "strength", "man", as in "virility". The deep meaning of vice as an ineffectiveness of theInitiation, 55:hair and beard, and eyes of a wonderful deep blue, through which seem to pour the love and theInitiation, 66:[66] on all planes is given him. He acquires a deep fund of general knowledge, and when he reachesInitiation, 146:to the outer. The latter confine themselves to deep meditation and the chanting of certainInitiation, 192:1 Let the disciple search within the heart's deep cave. If there the fire burns bright, warming hisInitiation, 201:right thinking, meditation, and service. Through deep study of all there is to be known concerningIntellect, 17:been used in concentration and meditation and in deep philosophical and metaphysical study, but theIntellect, 22:mind is everywhere to be found, coupled with a deep undercurrent of dissatisfaction with theIntellect, 125:the kingdom of God" and opens up, to the man in deep meditation, states of consciousness and rangesIntellect, 171:the head and, later, within the brain, when in deep thought or meditation; then it becomes moreIntellect, 243:a little more closely. We have seen that the deep need of the aspirant is to see that he succeedsMagic, 51:scatters not his force but, in meditation deep, communicates with his reflection. Some BasicMagic, 57:plan of evolution. The soul is, therefore, in deep meditation during the whole cycle of physicalMagic, 58:world. Dissatisfaction, disgust, distaste, and a deep fatigue are characteristic very frequently ofMagic, 61:that the ego (as well as the Logos) is in deep meditation during the whole cycle of physicalMagic, 61:of evolution. The solar angel is unceasingly in deep meditation. The impulses of energy, emanatingMagic, 69:for the roots of intuitive knowledge are laid deep within the soul and the soul, therefore, must beMagic, 71:When the shadow hath responded, in meditation deep the work proceedeth. The lower light is thrownMagic, 74:unison with the soul as it seeks "in meditation deep" to communicate with its reflection. TheMagic, 89:to do this the soul is entering into "meditation deep", in union with all other souls who may haveMagic, 109:attention on the work to be done. He enters into deep meditation. Magnetic rapport with theMagic, 149:of the breath, and discovers that through deep [150] breathing (including the three stages of theMagic, 150:breathing (including the three stages of the deep, middle, and top breath) he can bring intoMagic, 150:its force centers. Thus the three aspects of "deep breathing" cover the entire soul experience, andMagic, 159:and they are, in most cases, in a condition of deep abstraction of a different kind. There is noMagic, 180:again, as in the case of H. P. B. you have deep knowledge, ability to be inspired and mentalMagic, 223:through the thickset forest, through the deep waters of sorrow and distress, through the valley ofMagic, 288:I realize that the teaching given here is both deep and abstruse, but it is needed for the few, andMagic, 300:Ancient reactions to past violent deaths, lying deep in the subconsciousness. Clinging to formMagic, 302:thought habits, which have their roots deep in the animal nature and hark back to the primalMagic, 302:suffering, dire memories, haunting miseries, deep seated in the subconscious rise to the surface
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