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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEEPEN

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Autobiography, 282:is progressive; step by step the studies deepen and the meditation work becomes more intensive asDiscipleship1, 130:my brother? As time goes on, we can extend and, deepen the analysis but at first I only seek toDiscipleship1, 168:into habits. The only way to do this is to deepen and establish the soul contact which (although ofDiscipleship1, 239:of intensifying their group relation, to deepen their group love and to bind them together as aDiscipleship1, 265:seed thoughts out of your consciousness and deepen your grip upon these thoughts by putting them onDiscipleship1, 277:for your future service. First: I would say - Deepen your consecration and put first things first.Discipleship1, 312:work until the next period comes around. First, deepen your power of expression and begin to trainDiscipleship1, 333:know and have at times experienced. It should deepen your love for your fellow disciples and shouldDiscipleship1, 345:these exercises. Endeavor to clarify and deepen your alignment between the personality and theDiscipleship1, 390:is the Angel of the Presence. Your problem is to deepen this realization, and to know yourself toDiscipleship1, 475:strength and power belong to all. This I must deepen and, with love, contribute to the whole. AboveDiscipleship1, 476:- L.U.T. February 1935 MY BROTHER: How shall we deepen the expression of love in your life? How canDiscipleship1, 534:karmic link between us. I have seen you grow and deepen, and I have seen under the exterior man, aDiscipleship2, 15:from the soul towards each of you, and thus I deepen the relation of love between each and all ofDiscipleship2, 82:of the Arcane School, to close its ranks and to deepen the proposed trend of the teaching and thusDiscipleship2, 500:things therefore to do. I am but summarizing. Deepen the content of your own inner spiritual lifeDiscipleship2, 508:to give you. Proceed as heretofore, but deepen persistently your own inner life; give more time toDiscipleship2, 553:the Law of Silence. [553] This exercise will deepen your life, increase your capacity to serve,Discipleship2, 555:and not so much from the pool of knowledge. Deepen your meditation and intensify the inner silenceDiscipleship2, 562:he has both the inclination and the time to deepen, to integrate more consciously into the Ashram,Discipleship2, 576:For yourself, my brother, I have but a word. Deepen your understanding and remember that owing toDiscipleship2, 579:now doing and in the way you are doing it, but deepen (again that thought) the content of what youDiscipleship2, 647:and of an expanded consciousness will grow and deepen and enable you to achieve that sense ofDiscipleship2, 647:a line of thought or of meditation which will deepen and strengthen these attitudes. To this end IDiscipleship2, 666:that initiation does not simply enhance and deepen the soul quality; it does not simply enable theDiscipleship2, 680:personal criticisms, hard feelings or self-pity. Deepen your spiritual life, my brother. Much thatDiscipleship2, 711:the time for much inner reflection; it should deepen your power to live the dual life of aDiscipleship2, 763:enable you the more easily to do this, and may deepen your inner life immeasurably. Welcome,Externalisation, 314:faith, confidence and joy, and above all else, deepen your love of humanity, carrying the love ofExternalisation, 583:the very start; that conviction will grow and deepen and clarify as the years go by. But it must beExternalisation, 587:power in the world. His own ashramic life will deepen as his world service develops. The statementGlamour, 95:temporarily takes place which serves to deepen the glamor and to delay progress into freedom. TheHercules, 116:italics.) Surely these words expand our vision, deepen our understanding, give us faith in theIntellect, 51:of the evolutionary process is to enhance and deepen the control of the soul over this instrument.Psychology2, 136:inner orientation. It may enhance the glamor and deepen the illusion, swinging the server into theRays, 329:want in these concluding pages to fire his zeal, deepen his understanding, stimulate his capacity
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