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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEEPENING

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Astrology, 135:(for they are polar opposites) there comes a deepening of all qualities and the superficialitiesAutobiography, 41:time, the mystical trend of my life was steadily deepening; Christ was an ever-present reality toAutobiography, 196:tell the students that if the School succeeds in deepening their spiritual life in widening theirAutobiography, 302:own developing intellectual capacity, and by its deepening awareness and consecration to theBethlehemmay be wholly constructive and result in a deepening of our belief in Christ and a broaderBethlehem, 46:a quest for a new religious balance, a spiritual deepening will begin; in no order of his activityBethlehem, 263:and on every hand the call is going out for a deepening of life, a recognition of the nature of andDiscipleship1, 167:known by each and all of you but needs the deepening of service shared. Shew this and draw itDiscipleship1, 175:as a liberation, setting you free for the deepening and the excitation of the inner, subjectiveDiscipleship1, 226:that led you to the realization that the deepening of your love nature was, for you, the next stepDiscipleship1, 245:in with us. Arrive at it through a deepening of your love nature as it includes othersDiscipleship1, 311:tell you and that is that it will come through a deepening of your meditation life, and not throughDiscipleship1, 464:of this for the strengthening of your faith, the deepening of your assurance and your integrationDiscipleship1, 534:expansion of your consciousness and a decided deepening of your spiritual life. Of this I amDiscipleship1, 560:This recognition will in reality be based upon a deepening mental grasp of truth, and upon aDiscipleship2, 96:postwar period, you may find a sudden spiritual deepening and strengthening of your life, yourDiscipleship2, 110:year than for some years past, and I have seen a deepening of devotion and a strengthening ofDiscipleship2, 123:as regards personality reactions and a steadily deepening love of humanity will safeguard disciplesDiscipleship2, 162:mankind. This they bring about by: [162] The deepening of man's spiritual realization throughDiscipleship2, 265:That knowledge is limited in the neophyte, deepening in the disciple and profound in the Master,Discipleship2, 568:to A.A.B. and she is, I know, going to ask for a deepening of the nature of that help though notDiscipleship2, 569:to start each day of your life with a steadily deepening period of spiritual recognition. In thatDiscipleship2, 579:What I am referring to, my brother, is deepening, and this deepening must be consciously carriedDiscipleship2, 579:referring to, my brother, is deepening, and this deepening must be consciously carried forward. OneDiscipleship2, 579:of this group in my Ashram is a process of deepening, carried forward through realization, silence,Discipleship2, 657:also causing (and this must not be forgotten) a deepening inner growth and a subjective spiritualDiscipleship2, 657:at this time is to retreat inward and achieve a deepening which will, in its turn, produce wisdomEducation, 19:The increasing of soul awareness, the deepening of the flow of consciousness, and the developmentEducation, 127:widening and the cultural effects are as rapidly deepening. It is hard for the modern thinker toExternalisation, 314:on your part will express itself in a steadily deepening love for humanity - for all men and forExternalisation, 622:on toward a greater glory and a steadily deepening, intelligent responsiveness; this today isExternalisation, 681:From this unified and central position a rapidly deepening telepathic relation will inevitably beGlamour, 258:its astral content and thereby enhancing and deepening glamor. The results can also beHealing, 364:to carry the dying person forward on an ever-deepening stream of love. Through the power of thePsychology1, xxiii:[xxiii] potentialities will become a gradually deepening and experienced phenomenon. What IPsychology2, 135:sure, the next thing which will occur will be a deepening of the life of meditation, and a morePsychology2, 355:The aspirant is left, unsatisfied and with a deepening sense of futility and emptiness, "pendentPsychology2, 496:liabilities of many kinds and a steadily deepening unhappiness. You will note that all thesePsychology2, 717:by the Council in May, 1937, was the method of deepening the hold these new ideas must have onReappearance, 169:on toward a greater glory and a steadily deepening, intelligent responsiveness. This today isSoul, 145:however, to clear our vision somewhat and "deepening our conviction," arrive at a betterTelepathy, 49:aspects and expressions of the divine nature, deepening subjective contact and bringing about a
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