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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEEPER

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Astrology, 77:rearranged, and astrology must be based upon a deeper understanding of the relation of the planetsAstrology, 140:remain persistent and energetic, but the new and deeper influences and potencies are those which inAstrology, 241:he discovers himself ready to enter into new and deeper experiments (should I call themAstrology, 524:is true in a sense, but there is a wider and deeper sense in which it will prove true. When theAtom, 63:increasing imprisonment, and of an ever deeper descent into matter, is succeeded by one ofAutobiography, 40:is the least interested in such discussions. The deeper and more vital the experience, the lessAutobiography, 123:and finite brains can appear and give other, deeper, more significant or broader interpretationsAutobiography, 297:unfortunate effects. We seek to understand the deeper spiritual meanings which lie behind worldBethlehem, 8:is in itself transparent for another deeper one, and so on into eternity; for all things in theBethlehem, 8:automatically a mere letter-expression of a deeper one, and herewith the old phenomenon takes on aBethlehem, 9:is that it is an attempt to penetrate to that deeper meaning underlying the great events in theBethlehem, 10:new knowledge, some fresh recognitions, and some deeper world of values. What happens on the outerBethlehem, 11:possible that an understanding of some of the deeper significances of the Gospel story may enableBethlehem, 11:to grasp the wider synthesis. Some of these deeper implications were touched upon in a bookBethlehem, 26:an increased experience of the divine life and a deeper unfoldment of the Christ consciousness inBethlehem, 35:of consciousness, and have entered into a deeper life of fuller, richer service. Step by step,Bethlehem, 38:will be characterized by newer awareness, a deeper understanding of the vital realities, and aBethlehem, 72:pass into a new world where higher ideals and deeper contacts and richer understandings willBethlehem, 90:true that Christ came to us with a wider and deeper message than any previous Messenger from theBethlehem, 94:that there is something still greater and of deeper value outside himself. He is sensitized to aBethlehem, 99:to the recognition of the higher values, of the deeper truths, and of the birth unto life, leads toBethlehem, 117:glaringly apparent. Christ meant something much deeper than "The Bible says." He meant that theBethlehem, 136:of knowledge and the intuition to penetrate deeper into the divine Nature. We do not yet know theBethlehem, 147:the transformation of the physical body, but deeper still, that life operates upon theBethlehem, 151:process goes forward, we shall come to a deeper understanding of the significance of light inBethlehem, 158:themselves to the minds of men. Then will come a deeper expression of that which has been intuited.Bethlehem, 222:a physical connotation; but it surely had a deeper meaning, and must have reference to that divineBethlehem, 263:we have temporarily lost sight of the deeper truths, the mystical values, and the one Life behindBethlehem, 263:time for us to begin to blend and unify the deeper elements of the world of reality with the outerDestiny, 22:thus gain a more synthetic [22] viewpoint, and a deeper understanding of the slowly emerging worldDestiny, 63:any particular time may not truly reflect these deeper destinies. It might be of interest here ifDestiny, 98:is true in a sense, but there is a wider and deeper sense in which it will prove true. When theDiscipleship1, 12:courage, to finer purity of motive and to deeper love, yet avoiding the vitalization of hisDiscipleship1, 46:I do not interfere. First of all, I call for a deeper love and comprehension between the members ofDiscipleship1, 59:subject of telepathic work and by a closer and deeper love, cultivated by all of you. Three thingsDiscipleship1, 92:suddenly to a wider grasp of reality and a deeper understanding of the Plan and his part in it, orDiscipleship1, 137:and world conditions is necessarily somewhat deeper than that of [138] the average citizen. Yet theDiscipleship1, 158:your personality detachment must develop into a deeper attachment to the souls within the forms.Discipleship1, 170:the workers in the field but I call you all to deeper understanding and increased activity. ForDiscipleship1, 209:release. The implication of these words is far deeper than you might think. These basicDiscipleship1, 292:analysis of motive. Through these tests in your deeper Being, and through your response, you placedDiscipleship1, 294:months. With the growth of that detachment, a deeper love and a deepened esoteric expression ofDiscipleship1, 310:have been told and know. You know also that a deeper attachment to humanity, paralleling a finerDiscipleship1, 325:into a higher aspirational attitude and into a deeper spiritual tide. Others have the duty ofDiscipleship1, 395:as her correspondence shews, has had deeper inner problems to solve, based on her immediate pointDiscipleship1, 396:and difficulties have been greater, fiercer and deeper than any that have come to the other groupDiscipleship1, 406:in order to be released to greater service and deeper understanding? I would say to you in allDiscipleship1, 418:times and serve to train the disciple. The deeper the capacity for usefulness and the deeper theDiscipleship1, 418:The deeper the capacity for usefulness and the deeper the inner conservation, the more severe willDiscipleship1, 482:to undertake something which will land you still deeper in the maya of futility. I am suggestingDiscipleship1, 525:time of world stress, I refer to greater and deeper gifts which you possess and are apt to refuseDiscipleship1, 545:your experiencing. First, you must enter into a deeper and more assured soul experiencing. ThisDiscipleship1, 560:soul, so that your soul will mean more to you. A deeper integration into your group of kindredDiscipleship1, 627:in writing and ability in the expression of the deeper truths through the medium of words and yourDiscipleship2any obvious comment can display. Much of the deeper values are more subtle and slow to emerge.Discipleship2, XIII:will release you, each and all, for fuller and deeper spiritual service. I have not attempted toDiscipleship2, 95:The entire subject of group interplay is far deeper and [96] more significant than you suspect orDiscipleship2, 101:life may evoke from you a new attitude and a deeper comprehension of what is subjectively going on.Discipleship2, 110:and go forward with me to greater influence and deeper usefulness. [113] Discipleship2, 155:of these impressions shifts steadily higher or deeper, as the case may be, and that for averageDiscipleship2, 156:Path, for he attaches to the words a deeper and more esoteric meaning than is possible to the manDiscipleship2, 166:and aspirants of the world will have a deeper and more understanding approach. To them it willDiscipleship2, 167:from the general average as possessing a [167] deeper insight and understanding; they occupy aDiscipleship2, 167:aspiration of all men everywhere. There are deeper implications and upon them I will later touch,Discipleship2, 169:I would like now to touch upon some of the deeper meanings for you who are disciples or who are inDiscipleship2, 243:of their capacity. This is not the case. The deeper sources of strength in them have not yet beenDiscipleship2, 243:and spiritually - as possible. It goes far deeper than that, or should. Apart from the demands uponDiscipleship2, 247:expression in attitude, in service, and in some deeper expansion of consciousness, to which I mayDiscipleship2, 255:must become the past experience and a new and deeper and entirely different recognition must takeDiscipleship2, 262:I will seek to impart to you some of the deeper implications. Formula One. "A line of fire betweenDiscipleship2, 266:are some of the more obvious significances; deeper ones will emerge when these are realities andDiscipleship2, 273:the lines of their evolutionary approach to a deeper consciousness; this developing consciousnessDiscipleship2, 313:This is what is revealed to him as he penetrates deeper into what is called the Arcana of Wisdom,Discipleship2, 336:view humanity with greater disinterestedness, deeper understanding and over much more extendedDiscipleship2, 345:concentrated thought, prepare the disciple for a deeper understanding of the first grouping ofDiscipleship2, 354:Disciples can, however, arrive at much deeper significances, and it is to these that the groupDiscipleship2, 354:of hints by the Masters of the Wisdom. But the deeper meaning (for which you must search) is not soDiscipleship2, 356:but I will give you enough to enable you to go deeper into significances than would otherwise beDiscipleship2, 358:disciple, this first hint (in one of its deeper meanings) provides you with three lines of thoughtDiscipleship2, 380:the Mount of Crucifixion. There are also far deeper meanings to the well-known Gospel symbolismDiscipleship2, 384:and fuse the group into renewed activity and a deeper subjective union. There is one point which isDiscipleship2, 395:the ranks of the Hierarchy. There are other and deeper meanings than the above, but I have hereDiscipleship2, 403:the new world religion will be founded upon a deeper spiritual perception of the Father or LifeDiscipleship2, 420:hint under consideration; each of them veils a deeper meaning and can convey a vital esotericDiscipleship2, 421:you must answer before you can pass on to a deeper meaning and significance. Ability to see theDiscipleship2, 465:a Chohan, is more active in the handling of the deeper incentives and purposes, and of thoseDiscipleship2, 533:and became one of its workers, you penetrated deeper into the Ashram in response to a certainDiscipleship2, 535:wall, brother of mine, from which you fall, the deeper into the water you will go, and that,Discipleship2, 557:all the work again, on a higher level and with a deeper intent. Sound the OM inaudibly three times,Discipleship2, 567:living, as it gradually takes effect and you see deeper into the subject of the will. Sound the OMDiscipleship2, 642:covering a year's work. See if you can arrive at deeper significances than those which appear onDiscipleship2, 662:six sentences in this instruction and give you a deeper insight into them. They hold for you theDiscipleship2, 707:of the men and women of goodwill. It goes far deeper than that. All the above are only effects ofDiscipleship2, 709:One of the ways in which you can arrive at this deeper comprehension of humanity lies in theDiscipleship2, 759:then the words "Brother of mine" take on a deeper meaning. They [760] might indicate a steadyEducation, 59:would remind you that true esotericism is a far deeper thing (from the angle of the Hierarchy) thanEducation, 61:must eventually become aware, if he is to move deeper into the world of hidden forces. They may beEducation, 82:begin to view human happenings in terms of the deeper spiritual and universal values. EducationEducation, 115:the race towards its destiny, towards those deeper realizations which mould the racial types, andExternalisation, 7:brought many hundreds of people into a new and deeper spiritual realization; it has opened a door
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