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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEEPER

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Externalisation, 21:to the physical plane [21] and sought to make a deeper impact on the human consciousness. This hasExternalisation, 33:in their turn to the positive impression of the deeper civilization and culture as it is expressedExternalisation, 55:divinity or a more rapid understanding of the "deeper Being" evokes an immediate response andExternalisation, 154:of apparently simple words may be far deeper and far more wide-reaching in effect than you haveExternalisation, 176:into full expression, may plunge the world still deeper into conflict. Facing humanity today areExternalisation, 187:potentialities. All is evil which drives man deeper into materialism, which omits the higher valuesExternalisation, 411:Their work, therefore, there is now possible a deeper reaction to, and a broader comprehension ofExternalisation, 444:and no call to serve, then beware and seek a deeper measure of soul contact and spiritualExternalisation, 451:They find it as irritating as their deeper maturity and wide experience proves irritating toExternalisation, 579:humanity will have time for freedom, for the deeper educational considerations and for a politicalExternalisation, 659:energies hitherto unable to penetrate deeper into substance than the hierarchical substance and theFire, 15:the heat. More solid grew the formless mass, and deeper sank the Stone. To the heart of inmost fireFire, 482:sufficient guidance to enable them to penetrate deeper into the arcana of knowledge. The dangerGlamour, 101:by a renewed recognition of a higher and deeper duality. This duality temporarily produces anotherHealing, 259:the word "liberty" but is far wiser, better and deeper in its connotation. Liberty, in the minds ofHealing, 364:a physical plane relation. The contact must be deeper and stronger than that. It must be a personalHealing, 695:himself (alone and unaided) penetrate into the deeper meanings of this phase of the Ageless Wisdom.Hercules, 123:Rudhyar says: "Real tolerance goes far deeper than such an attitude of 'live and let live', whichHercules, 179:himself from his bondage and to obey his deeper aspirations. And let him above all never forgetHercules, 205:trees, the insects and the infusoria, teaches us deeper lessons of love and faith than we can gleanHercules, 215:it seems wise to turn our thoughts to the deeper significance of the energies of these signs whichInitiation, 198:of speech and the power of silence. This has a deeper and a wider significance than perhaps isInitiation, 207:utilize, but the meaning is very much deeper than that, and lies hidden in the following facts:Intellect, 21:increasingly becoming a process of evoking the deeper, generative possibilities that lie within theIntellect, 27:environment? Humanity must be led out and into a deeper and wider future and realization. It mustIntellect, 36:through the ages, and his quest leads him far deeper than the concrete externals of the world inIntellect, 39:and so reveal [39] and make possible those deeper potentialities towards which all humanity tends.Intellect, 59:the emergence into manifestation of that "Deeper Being" about which Keyserling speaks. ConsciousIntellect, 94:worlds on worlds of light And pierce some deeper depth of God." - Earle, John Charles, Onward andIntellect, 103:and disciplined, is capable of wider and deeper responses; that it can become [104] aware of ideasIntellect, 112:At the same time there has been an ever deeper concentration, and a more intense meditation. TheIntellect, 179:that aspect of his nature and penetrates deeper until he arrives at a third factor, the mind. AtMagic, 257:is there given but perhaps a few of the deeper meanings can be imparted. It is interesting to noteMagic, 366:that developed idealism, he must progress even deeper still, until he enters the realm of pureMagic, 408:dimly sense reality and though They are aware of deeper underlying purposes than are Their chelas,Magic, 489:of one of the Great Ones, and thus swing him deeper into the world of illusion and of astralism.Meditation, 190:incite him to greater effort, closer study, and deeper investigation. Only that which is understoodMeditation, 348:see the end from the beginning; that insight, deeper and more loving than his, is weighing up thePatanjali, 92:better he knows himself and his own soul, the deeper will be his knowledge of his brother. Finally,Problems, 54:to view human happenings [54] in terms of the deeper spiritual and universal values. EducationProblems, 115:the bloodshed in Palestine. The problem goes far deeper than is often estimated; it is inherent inPsychology1, xxiv:in the soul, may be intrigued and won to a deeper consideration of what is as yet a veiled surmise.Psychology1, 37:than the fifth, reveal a purpose wider and deeper than that which is working out within our solarPsychology1, 72:their Answers This instruction on the rays is of deeper significance than can as yet bePsychology1, 93:world, man's concepts of reality grew richer and deeper, so that today we are faced with thePsychology1, 101:shall find ourselves seeing more and penetrating deeper into that which we see today. One of thePsychology1, 181:the race towards its destiny, towards those deeper realizations which mould the racial types, andPsychology1, 185:upon as the dark ages. Science will penetrate deeper into the realm of the intangible, and work inPsychology1, 189:now get busy. I challenge you above all to a deeper life, and I implore you for the sake of yourPsychology1, 255:animal to love his master, but it is something deeper and more fundamental than the satisfying ofPsychology1, 285:mankind in a condition where the response to the deeper spiritual energies and to the newPsychology1, 302:in will come into life equipped with a much deeper sense of the group, and with their groupPsychology1, 385:and India is largely a family affair in the deeper sense of the term, and hence its bitterness -Psychology2, 18:and undying love") should gain fuller and deeper control over each of us, and this, at any personalPsychology2, 63:This will lead to a wiser, fuller direction, a deeper realization of the purpose, and an effort toPsychology2, 91:if these ideas are but the expression of still deeper and more beautiful cosmic purposes, may notPsychology2, 107:to the race, preserving at the same time a deeper inner love for those with whom you are destinedPsychology2, 141:select, and train those who can "carry" the idea deeper into the mass of humanity. We should notPsychology2, 155:from one's own needs and satisfaction to the deeper demands of the race itself. Until a man standsPsychology2, 176:we have a simple summary of some of the deeper significances of the simple injunction: "Learn toPsychology2, 181:clearer vision, finer purity of motive, and deeper love, and yet avoid the danger of vitalizing hisPsychology2, 191:the members will at first work. They will make a deeper and different study than has heretoforePsychology2, 326:of experiencing, that they remain unaware of the deeper objectives. Those who are dimly awakeningPsychology2, 355:to penetrate. This is the first step towards a deeper search. The word goes forth from soul toPsychology2, 402:no easy way of escape which would only lead us deeper into the gloomy forest of human error andPsychology2, 579:the lower psychic powers seems able to reach no deeper into matter and form than the ethericPsychology2, 712:reactions for the majority. If there is nothing deeper in your reaction than those I haveRays, 10:they drive the tiny lives in their little system deeper into the darkness of ignorance, they mightRays, 16:worlds. They are themselves set in motion by far deeper seated factors latent in the relationshipRays, 82:satisfactory. The meaning must be broader and deeper. The words "outward from the desert" haveRays, 133:entire mass of human thinking in a far wider and deeper manner than perhaps the most optimisticRays, 169:love, understands "that." It is something far deeper, involving the idea of identification, ofRays, 346:knows, and with those who have penetrated deeper into the Mysteries than he has. [347] Rays, 350:one treads the broad way which leads ever deeper into matter and materialism, into darkness andRays, 396:I will now endeavor to convey some of the deeper meanings, writing as I do for advanced disciplesRays, 438:The Masters know, however, that a higher, deeper and more intensive manifestation of divinity isRays, 540:thus enabling the initiate to see further, deeper and more inclusively. As one of the Masters hasRays, 687:more universal sense. It now has a fuller and deeper meaning to humanity. Rays, 747:of Light do not triumph) they can drive mankind deeper into the pit or prison of materialism. TheReappearance, 33:and spiritually minded people will have a deeper and more understanding approach. To them it willReappearance, 34:out from the general average as possessing a deeper insight and understanding; they occupy aReappearance, 70:and His apprehension of the Will of God is deeper and His fulfilment of that Will is more in lineReappearance, 86:prepare to undergo initiation or to enter into deeper phases of spiritual awareness. The result ofReappearance, 99:begin. His recognition that He Himself needed a deeper relation with that center which He alwaysSoul, 10:[10] has the significance of a research into the deeper problems of existence. It is notSoul, 70:Thus will emerge what Keyserling calls the "deeper Being," He says: "The next question is whetherSoul, 70:is whether and how it is possible to develop deeper Being. When we speak of the Being of a man inSoul, 136:of the soul, and can know himself to be "the deeper [137] Being," able to use his mechanism withTelepathy, 37 To:brother should only produce the evocation of a deeper love; the discovery that you have made aTelepathy, 47:evoking man's aspiration to penetrate deeper into the arcana of all wisdom, for which knowledge isTelepathy, 92:he reach those he must aid towards a wider and deeper insight. This registering of his ownTelepathy, 104:above. The problem with which I now deal is far deeper and concerns the interpretation and theTelepathy, 131:and it is entirely inadequate. A new and deeper esoteric terminology is badly needed. If you will
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