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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEEPLY

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Discipleship1, 571:which is your real contribution lies as yet deeply hidden; only a close attention to my impartedDiscipleship1, 575:and your problem. Please study them and ponder deeply on their implications. When the task isDiscipleship1, 606:will give you facility in remembrance. Ponder deeply on these words and, later, write an article inDiscipleship1, 612:with no evasion whatever. Your true friends are deeply distressed and seek to shield you and toDiscipleship1, 626:with you. It is this inner "isolation," deeply loved by you and fostered by early training andDiscipleship1, 628:of disciples because of your much cherished and deeply rooted sense of isolation. This wasDiscipleship1, 668:and the world saviors. I have given you here a deeply esoteric hint. Stability or steadfastness,Discipleship1, 693:better health) ; you will think and not live so deeply in the world of feeling; you will sanely andDiscipleship1, 720:is the will-to-fire. It would be well to reflect deeply on these ideas. To bring about and renderDiscipleship1, 736:The true way to love is to reflect and meditate deeply and constantly upon the significance and theDiscipleship2, 59:in process of settlement. On the other hand, a deeply spiritual division is also taking place. In aDiscipleship2, 97:heart and a single eye for the helping of a deeply suffering and overburdened humanity. The sixDiscipleship2, 97:six questions are intended to summarize and make deeply personal and significant in yourDiscipleship2, 100:- that you could give? This last question goes deeply into your ability to react to impression fromDiscipleship2, 101:will (within the Ashram) enable K.H. to do more deeply spiritual work in collaboration with theDiscipleship2, 144:your theme word under consideration and ponder deeply upon it for at least five minutes. EndeavorDiscipleship2, 151:the Master K.H. and the Master M. are likewise deeply committed to participation in this work. IDiscipleship2, 156:you to penetrate, through meditation, more deeply into the vital meaning of these words, theseDiscipleship2, 170:registered as illumination and goodwill. It is a deeply scientific work but fundamentally simple.Discipleship2, 183:III - Alignment - Mode of Contact This deeply esoteric alignment exercise is preparatory for aDiscipleship2, 217:moon, all members of all the Ashrams meditate deeply in an invocative and evocative manner; theirDiscipleship2, 238:for all men lies. This necessarily involves a deeply spiritual presentation of essential facts. TheDiscipleship2, 249:In this esoteric negation of death are the deeply hidden and impressive causes of the two stages ofDiscipleship2, 287:activated by "fixed determination" to meet the deeply hidden divinity within these seeds. What heDiscipleship2, 297:understood. What does this mean? One of the most deeply spiritual qualities which would-beDiscipleship2, 319:his use. He has to seek for the - to him - most deeply esoteric statement he encounters in theDiscipleship2, 338:terms of that which lies ahead, of that which is deeply desired; the concept is often prostitutedDiscipleship2, 348:brought it into being. I would ask you to ponder deeply upon this section which we have called theDiscipleship2, 349:that holds the clue or the key to all these deeply spiritual events. It is these ideas which mustDiscipleship2, 370:can never be broken, and that relationship is deeply involved in these five points of revelation.Discipleship2, 371:offsetting the radiation but preserving the deeply seated magnetism. Thus is there symbolized theDiscipleship2, 396:occult information begins to assume a new and deeply esoteric importance. They can be studied inDiscipleship2, 411:any apparent simplicity is the veil of deeply hidden truth, and it is for this that the discipleDiscipleship2, 418:implications, is more than a hint, though two deeply significant hints are contained therein. It isDiscipleship2, 418:becoming subservient to a higher and a much more deeply spiritual law. Some of the more obviousDiscipleship2, 432:new areas of divine awareness and penetrating deeply into the Mind of God, or he is learning toDiscipleship2, 437:extra-planetary. The above elucidation is of a deeply instructive, though symbolic, nature and canDiscipleship2, 444:as to your form of service and ponder deeply on the thought of "service by radiation." As youDiscipleship2, 462:the soul) exoterically in the brain. Then inhale deeply, drawing the breath up from the solarDiscipleship2, 464:that complete freedom and liberation which you deeply desire. Only those who have achieved freedomDiscipleship2, 469:hint. It is a subject which you will do well deeply to consider, and to discuss with A.A.B. who -Discipleship2, 514:misled sometimes by personality pride; you love deeply and sincerely but are apt to express thisDiscipleship2, 525:itself would indicate that it does. Your deeply seated sense of spiritual superiority to your groupDiscipleship2, 525:most difficult of them all. The astral nature is deeply self-centered, and this the inflow of soulDiscipleship2, 531:of the soul still persisting - the disciple is deeply dissatisfied. The crystallization eventuallyDiscipleship2, 541:activities. Love more, my brother. You only deeply love two or three people; let that limited loveDiscipleship2, 549:understanding of the Master, as he enters more deeply into the life of the Ashram and into the auraDiscipleship2, 565:you to take the third statement and ponder it deeply, relating it to the sixth statement andDiscipleship2, 568:full preparation. I would have you ponder deeply upon these conceptions. You have not in this lifeDiscipleship2, 583:of all disciples; it will lead to a more deeply conscious and intelligent use of ray energy. It isDiscipleship2, 598:will (within the Ashram) enable K.H. to do more deeply spiritual work in collaboration with theDiscipleship2, 618:attempt to provide. This is one of the most, deeply esoteric arts. In the Groups of Nine and in theDiscipleship2, 618:communicating with P.G.C. who has always been deeply interested and concerned with the causes ofDiscipleship2, 625:[625] to it all, and this we call emotion. In a deeply and truly esoteric sense, it is theDiscipleship2, 672:and you gave that impression to A.A.B. She was deeply concerned over this, for she has for [673]Discipleship2, 675:1948 MY BROTHER AND MY FELLOW WORKER: I am deeply concerned in this communication to say somethingDiscipleship2, 702:upon gratitude. It - with service - is [702] deeply scientific in nature and closely related to theDiscipleship2, 705:intent in the world; but you need to love more deeply and more understandingly. The hindrance hereDiscipleship2, 730:and its implications which disturbs you so deeply; you are an integral part of a group, affiliatedDiscipleship2, 739:The need for you at this time is to study deeply and to do work which is practically entirely alongEducation, 62:(the Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara) remain deeply esoteric. It is a higher realm of energies -Education, 66:he uses it as an invitation to penetrate more deeply into the newly revealed world of meaning; heEducation, 108:angle of education. I would have you consider it deeply from the point of view of the existingEducation, 110:consciousness; as one who has studied somewhat deeply into the records of the past and into theEducation, 111:new education. Ponder on this last phrase and deeply consider my meaning. I would have you achieveExternalisation, 49:with its apparent materialism and yet its deeply spiritual subjective program and purpose. ThisExternalisation, 61:Task September 28, 1938 The Hierarchy is deeply concerned over world events. I am asked to requestExternalisation, 69:of a group of people who have pondered deeply on the theme. What is our theme? A study and anExternalisation, 114:the potent, inner, spiritual life; humanity is deeply spiritual and innately religious but needsExternalisation, 181:of the higher values to the lower have been deeply rooted human habits for ages. Of these ancientExternalisation, 197:offers the opportunity to effect drastic and deeply needed changes and the establishing [198] of aExternalisation, 299:an extra-planetary sense - could stimulate the deeply hidden and latent corresponding principle inExternalisation, 337:Hierarchy stands. Go forward with assurance. A deeply rooted subjective process is taking place inExternalisation, 375:nationalistic bias) knows well the facts and is deeply concerned today with the processes whichExternalisation, 400:the time you receive this communication) think deeply on what I have said, to walk silently in theExternalisation, 432:this battle between evil and good which are so deeply esoteric and hidden from the understanding ofExternalisation, 459:activity is most intimately synchronized. In a deeply occult sense, they are all working together,Externalisation, 490:the Master K.H. and the Master M. are likewise deeply committed to participation in this work.Externalisation, 536:the planes in the three worlds. This was the deeply esoteric and unrecognized cause of the war -Externalisation, 542:that a consideration of that mission is deeply needed and should be revolutionary in its effects.Externalisation, 546:responsible; the Triangles, which constitutes a deeply esoteric mode of working, yet one of extremeExternalisation, 568:and develops, will have a potent subjective and deeply spiritual effect upon every kingdom inExternalisation, 572:of the public, with an internal awareness, a deeply religious and inclusive consciousness, and aExternalisation, 587:downward and bear fruit upward" has for him a deeply occult significance. I am not here touchingExternalisation, 644:Regent of Europe. Another Ashram is also very deeply concerned in this work; I have, at times,Externalisation, 666:as non-spiritual, yet all of them are in reality deeply spiritual in the correct sense, but theyFire, VII:present teaching, when she found better and more deeply esoteric teaching available. Clear andFire, 57:of the divine Flame were so remote and deeply hidden as to be scarcely recognizable, though dimlyFire, 228:At present that light is "under the bushel," or deeply hidden by a veil of matter, but in dueFire, 367:of the Lords of Flame to the planet Earth is deeply involved (as stated above) in the relationshipFire, 593:unexhausted. Much light comes if we can ponder deeply on the three expressions of Love: Love in theFire, 1002:the work from going forward. The man breathes deeply. He concentrates his forces, and drives theGlamour, 3:personality. It is the first indication of a deeply subjective unification which will find itsGlamour, 52:the kingdom of souls and loving all beings more deeply, he begins to call attention to himself, toGlamour, 79:consciousness aspect or the soul aspect. Ponder deeply on this thought. The triplicity of the pairsGlamour, 81:day. You would find it of real value to ponder deeply upon the purposes for which the intuitionGlamour, 126:later, in the final great experience which is so deeply coloring his inner life. He has prolongedGlamour, 137:so achieved and he achieved because he loved so deeply, so wisely and so inclusively. His intuitionGlamour, 138:and the brother of all and, because he loves deeply, wisdom is his and (if he is of a mental typeGlamour, 147:is a problem which [147] is so very ancient and deeply rooted in the consciousness of the race that
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