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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEEPLY

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Glamour, 196:and used in order to dispel glamor and render a deeply esoteric service to the world. It might beGlamour, 207:of several glamors, engendered over many lives, deeply rooted in his past history, and to which heGlamour, 226:not attempt to tackle the more widely spread and deeply centered glamors of the race as a whole.Healing, 121:Organic disease of the heart arises in more deeply seated causes. Those which are a direct effectHealing, 156:of group awareness and of group interplay of a deeply spiritual kind, and new forms were requiredHealing, 225:fact little recognized or considered), for it is deeply impregnated with the germs and the residueHealing, 360:you will find these answers suggestive. Ponder deeply upon the implications. Healing, 361:His forces and attention could penetrate more deeply and be predominantly on etheric levels withHealing, 441:tell you that, before so very long, this will be deeply so for the intelligent of the race, andHealing, 493:If those who are closest to him and whom he deeply loves or hates are still in physicalHealing, 500:soul and form is so real that the soul is deeply and profoundly identified with its manifestingHealing, 508:A "Hitler" or an ambitious person with a deeply selfish or cruelly directed life is a personality,Healing, 547:I have here given you. If these laws are studied deeply by those who seek to learn to healHealing, 671:are all fused into one dynamic energy of a deeply spiritual nature. This energy is the epitome ofHealing, 673:or quality of poise connotes - if you will think deeply - an abstract state of mind; nothing whichHealing, 712:life, driving it forth or anchoring it yet more deeply in the place of destiny. All seven must beHercules, 73:truly scientific investigations of those who go deeply into this research, and who are equipped soHercules, 92:problem of finding that elusive, sensitive, and deeply occult, or hidden, spiritual intuition whichHercules, 101:the number five is the most occult and the most deeply significant of the numbers. It claims thatHercules, 143:and mud of unlit mental recesses, it flourishes. Deeply lodged within the subterranean regions ofHercules, 221:indications can be given to show how widely and deeply the Zodiac has affected our religiousInitiation, 76:not for it, and loves steadily, quietly, and deeply through all apparent divergences, knowing thatIntellect, 12:school of psychologists have placed us deeply in their debt [13] with their discoveries about theIntellect, 28:by 'education'; and if he ponders the question deeply he will discover that in order to answer itIntellect, 37:Being. Even the word "supernatural" has become deeply and profoundly respectable, and it seemsIntellect, 104:aware of ideas and concepts which emanate from a deeply spiritual realm and which are communicatedIntellect, 178:to arrive at its origin and its cause. More deeply seated still can be found the feeling,Magic, 121:the work from going forward. The man breathes deeply. He concentrates his forces, and drives theMagic, 128:this I would suggest [128] that any who are deeply concerned in the work should study and answerMagic, 149:significant words in Rule IV. "The man breathes deeply." This is a phrase covering many aspects ofMagic, 149:the aspect of Inhalation. "The man breathes deeply." From the very depths of his being he draws theMagic, 152:said here. Thus, in this science of "breathing deeply" we have the whole process of creative workMagic, 159:as egos, preparing to take human bodies, are deeply engaged in meditation work, it is highlyMagic, 399:desire for the mystical vision, and who loved deeply and were devoted to the spiritual ideal. TheyMagic, 400:group they seek to serve, and humanity whom they deeply love. They have no barriers set up aroundMagic, 435:or sign in which a man is born is more deeply significant than has ever yet been suggested. ItMagic, 500:tell you, that before so very long this will be deeply so for the intelligent of the race, andMagic, 518:left unsaid to make it impossible for any but a deeply learned student to arrive at the necessaryMagic, 594:second point I would touch upon is that all this deeply esoteric work must only proceed under theMagic, 629:in full awareness. Students need to realize more deeply that the whole process is a divine one, andMeditation, 54:the attractive medium. Sound, in an occult and deeply metaphysical sense, stands for that which weProblems, 20:long before other nations did so. They are deeply paternalistic in their handling of smaller andProblems, 21:into one of knowledge and sufficiency. Russia is deeply distrusted by the rest of the world,Problems, 22:giant, aware of great possibility, animated by a deeply religious, though unorthodox spirit,Problems, 25:people think. The reason lies in a deeply spiritual, innate idealism, enormous humanitarianProblems, 27:It is a danger of which the best minds are deeply aware. Like all young people, Americans feelProblems, 34:their youth for total living. Education is a deeply spiritual enterprise. It concerns the whole manProblems, 95:the case of the Jews, the sin of separateness is deeply inherent in the race itself, as well asProblems, 99:are Jews in every nation and locality who are deeply loved by all who know them whether Jew orProblems, 103:Racial Minorities The problem of the Jews goes deeply into the entire question of right humanProblems, 132:earth - had nowhere to lay His head. There are deeply spiritual men whose lot is cast within theProblems, 146:science, dedicated to human betterment, are all deeply spiritual and in their aggregated usefulnessProblems, 151:Christ also brought to human attention three deeply necessary concepts: The extreme value of theProblems, 152:be sure, this fifth Approach will in some war - deeply spiritual, yet wholly factual - prove theProblems, 155:and ceremonies take form? A new presentation is deeply desired and hopefully anticipated by thoseProblems, 160:used the method of prayer with important and deeply spiritual results, in spite of its frequentPsychology1, 68:his ray energy and aspects of his latent and deeply desired spiritual nature, then thesePsychology1, 92:hopes and dim unuttered longings of his deeply hidden thought life. Belief in God and Heaven and inPsychology1, 106:The closer a disciple is to a Master, the more deeply he realizes this fact, and the more hePsychology1, 176:do the peoples of the Occident, for ignorance is deeply prevalent among the masses of Asia as toPsychology1, 245:the creation of forms. With this aspect of this deeply esoteric truth I cannot here deal, for it isPsychology1, See pa:with their seven ray vibrations, have been more deeply studied, it will be found that through aPsychology1, 267:with this subject of sex, which is to be so deeply and widely considered, and more wiselyPsychology1, 299:motive and right action. Man has to learn and deeply grasp the fact that the main purpose of sex isPsychology1, 388:too nationalistic in their viewpoint, and too deeply engrossed with the prime importance of theirPsychology2, 24:indwelling and animating soul becomes ever more deeply hidden, the prisoner of the form nature. ThePsychology2, 36:way by which he might return. He grounds himself deeply in the depths of form. He asserts: 'I willPsychology2, 36:it, and floated upon the bosom of the waters. Deeply he hid himself, and his light was no morePsychology2, 37:a veil. He rolled himself within that veil, and deeply hid his face. Naught could be seen but thatPsychology2, 56:as one studies this subject and ponders deeply upon its implications, that as a man advances on thePsychology2, 126:philanthropic effort. All of it is, however, deeply colored by personality, and it often producesPsychology2, 143:new world in which men will work and live a more deeply conscious, spiritual life. DisciplesPsychology2, 175:outer and veiled reactions of his mind to some deeply esoteric cosmic truths. This statementPsychology2, 254:Whether it is the power of the tiny seed, deeply hidden in the dark earth, to penetrate through itsPsychology2, 323:except in the case of the highly intelligent and deeply spiritual people, those who are definitelyPsychology2, 376:portion of the task. This, if really grasped and deeply considered will have the effect ofPsychology2, 377:as he stands in the [377] midway place. Ponder deeply upon this truth, for it is this fact whichPsychology2, 396:first of all, and then the light of Life. Ponder deeply on this distinction. Psychology2, 401:I have given enough information on which deeply to think and reflect. I have pointed out a goalPsychology2, 414:largely an animal, and the conscious man is deeply hidden and imprisoned. It is the life principlePsychology2, 450:of money. Such indications are unusual and of a deeply spiritual nature. Psychology2, 460:remain mentally introverted, and profoundly and deeply preoccupied with their self-created thoughtPsychology2, 488:coming from a previous life or lives. These are deeply hidden in his nature but can be brought toPsychology2, 506:come. The symbols which are already evolved are deeply ingrained in the human consciousness, andPsychology2, 516:of view - is the bringing to the surface of the deeply hidden and submerged mass consciousness, aPsychology2, 569:over a space of time and are usually of some one deeply loved or as deeply disliked. They are oftenPsychology2, 569:and are usually of some one deeply loved or as deeply disliked. They are often so real inPsychology2, 605:to reach out towards divinity are now so deeply rooted in the racial consciousness that thePsychology2, 618:and how to deflect them and - when they are not deeply spiritual people - they can return them toPsychology2, 629:for Those guiding human evolution have been deeply concerned to preserve the balance needed in thePsychology2, 654:and sound, and which, will usher in the deeply desired era of peace and plenty. That the problemPsychology2, 663:these ideas is immeasurable and that humanity is deeply in their debt is undoubtedly true. ThatRays, 30:its distorted reflection, the individual will, deeply deserve consideration. For long, aspirantsRays, 31:symbolism. This highest of all the fires, this deeply spiritual and hitherto seldom recognizedRays, 59:and the wisdom of the Plan? Do you realize more deeply that beauty, goodness and wisdom are notRays, 77:The use of the words, "clear cold light," is deeply symbolical. The clarity of that light indicatesRays, 253:(with the exception of four astrologers who have deeply appreciated it but who wish I would be moreRays, 273:manifestation. The Buddhas Themselves form a deeply esoteric Triangle. The two types of trianglesRays, 274:minds responsible for the initial steps in this deeply esoteric enterprise. It is different to theRays, 285:We have studied the rules and have penetrated deeply into the world of significances. Most of you
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